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  1. Why can't I get the skin removed from above my belly button without having the muscles tightened? My insurance is willing to pay for all the skin to be removed (upper, mid, lower) but, every surgeon they send me to refuses to. They insist on a tummy tuck, which then becomes cosmetic. The insurance won't pay for cosmetic. I am not understanding the reasoning why the skin can't be removed if the patient understands the results will not be the same?
  2. This is my current purse. I have 2. One for winter one for summer. summer:http://shop.guess.com/en/Catalog/View/women/handbags/satchels/cheating-heart-girlfriend-satchel/SG481223 winter:http://www.pinterest.com/pin/441845413415010943/ (mine is more of a satchel, like my guess one but, same design
  3. A sense of humor is a must for me. I am sarcastic... especially at inappropriate times. The first thing I notice is arms. I love arms. It is the second favorite part of my husbands body. I am sure there are other things but those are the main 2....I always say I am attracted to @ssholes. My husband is a major one HOWEVER it is in a good way. He stands his ground but still shows compassion, understanding and patience. He is an awesome father which is another sexy feature. I like manly men: I love feeling protected, not having to lift heavy things and watching him play sports (OMG!!!). I love the feeling that no matter what happens, we will be ok. HE will make it ok. Now, all that being said, my husband does understand 2 things about our marriage: 1) I am only with him for the sex (it is a joke...) and 2) If Ironman ever comes my way, he should consider himself dumped (no, seriously... ).
  4. I am interested if you go in the spring.
  5. Yeah, TriCare has been awesome for me every step of every surgery I have had (4 in the last year). I called them today when I got the approval letter because my plastic surgeons office said I would have $4,000 out of pocket. TriCare said I wouldn't (Prime) and I asked if it was for upper & lower and she said yes. Everything the surgeon asked for was approved. lol I think they just want me to stop having surgerys.
  6. I have had rashes, documented since last November. I also have had complications, back pain, etc from the skin. It helped that I had an internal hernia and then abrasions. lol 2014 is the year of surgeries. I was sooo excited to get back in the gym today after 3 months of restrictions! Just make sure you document. I also have a great PCM and Surgeon (bypass) who both advocated for me.
  7. TriCare approved my upper and lower tummy tuck and the little bit of lipo!!!! Just got the email! Super excited!!!!
  8. I wish I would have done a before picture with my husband then monthly ones standing next to him. As I went down, he has gone up (he is a gym rat and the amount of muscle he has put on in a year.....*sigh*). I have a few pictures of us before and one after but, none to show our progress. This has been a year of change for both of us.
  9. I also weigh myself everyday. Sometimes it goes down, sometimes up... others it just sits in one spot. I try not to freak out but, I am in maintenance, so when it goes up, I evaluate my eating (I grazed this weekend and it went up.) and get myself back in check. The scale can be good but can also be bad. I know in my stalls it could bring me to tears. Figuring out the best for you so you don't stress but at the same time keep yourself in line is hard. Just experiment until you get it right
  10. My husband was against my getting the surgery also. I actually had 2 "false starts." I had to do a 6 month pre op diet. He was against it so much, I would quit. He finally jumped on board when I started the 3rd time and was 3-4 months in. He was actually away in training for a year and only saw my progress through FB status's and when I would tell him. When he saw how hard I was working, he became more supportive. When I quit smoking and drinking Mt. Dew he became my biggest cheerleader. My husband is a lot like yours. He is buff for lack of better word. He lifts. Two a days at the gym 5 days a week (his whole shop does it...). He thought I was just too lazy to do it. Then he saw my struggle. I would voice your reasons to him. Try to take emotion out of it. *MY* opinion is you will need his support post op. I honestly would never have made it without mine. He has seen what I go through. He has been understanding, helpful, my rock. He does tough love when needed (and I HATES me some tough love). Maybe from now till the surgery, work out with him the best you can. Have him teach you exercises you can do at home... and do them with his help (avoid lunges. They are the devil's spawn). If he sees an effort that may help. It is really hard to get someone who has never been obese to see it from our perspective. As for the cheating.... let him know you are wanting this for BOTH of you. You want a long life with him and you are doing what you feel is best to make that happen. Make a dream list of things you can do together as you lose and have a few majors for goal (this was a great thing for my husband).... try to make some goals that are appealing to men. One of my major ones was to be able to do evening jogs with Darius. I included a bunch of things..here is my first list: 1) Not be embarrassed at the pool/beach in swimwear (or be the fat chick there...) 2) To actually wear swimwear that does NOT have a skirt (to hide thighs) 3) Be able to run 4) Run A Race for the Cure (at least once) 5) Be able to run/ jog with hubby in the evenings 6) Have Darius be able to pick me up (for sex and just because...) 7) Be able to ride a coaster comfortably again 8) Be a better mom and wife (no more depression) 9) Do pin up style photos for Darius (at goal...) 10) Walk up the stairs without being winded 11) Attend more outings/ be more social (self esteem sucks...) 12) Not feel ashamed for being the fat wife (Darius has not done this to me. It's again self esteem) 13) Wear jeans in the single digits again!!! 14) Not worry a booth at a restaurant is too small (or have boobs pretty much sit on the damn table!) 15) Not be the fat chick at the gym (not have the jiggles.....) 16) Not be socially awkward ( I am ALWAYS the biggest person) 17) Be able to shave my upper thighs without twisting myself into a stuffed pretzel pose. 18) Wear shorts again. 19) Thigh High Boots with Zippers!!! 20) Feel more confident sexually 21) Be comfortable at a water park 22) Be on top without being self conscious. 23) Go to a bar and dance. I LOVE to dance but am too embarrassed bc of my weight 24) Have a great vacation with Darius. I want to be able to enjoy exploring!!! 25) Be able to do a cartwheel and round off again. Darius enjoyed helping make the list with me I wish you luck. I hope I helped (I am tired so it may have came out jumbled... sorry!)
  11. I like the panties from JCPenney. Flirt-something has cute styles. Cosmopolitan also has cute ones. I used to do hi cut all the time. My undie drawer now has so many styles it is crazy! Kohls also has a good variety of styles.
  12. I bought a swimsuit today... Can't get away with a bikini until way after the tummy tuck BUT it is sideless and well, I didn't look like I would scare little children! Am super excited for vacation now!
  13. I did the super slide and didn't get stuck! Annnndddd I flew down it! Holy crap! I pink puffy heart it! lol
  14. I love to read, scrapbook, bake, cook, refurnish furniture (I actually started selling it!!) and play sand volleyball.