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  1. 320 lbs to 245.4 lbs that's me in the blue shirt on the 4 wheeler.
  2. 2 months post op

    Thank you so much!!! And it was very fast, they say when you have the lap band and revise to RNY the weight comes off a little slower, not so.... My weight has been falling off ; I did fall into a little stall at about 3 weeks post op but after I up my protein and increased my exercise, my it seemed like I lost about ten pounds over night, unfortunately it has slowed again just a little but its ok I know what to do now protein, protein, water, water, exercise, exercise. What surgery are you having and have you gotten a date yet? What step are you in, in the process?
  3. 2 months post op

    51 pounds gone forever!!!!! Surgery July 21st 2014
  4. Eating one month post op Gastric Bypass

    Thanks you guys!!! Will be trying to do protein first and water before eating anything, and see how that work or will the scale move just a little.
  5. Hello you guys, I had my surgery July 21st 2014 and I'm one month post op today and I was concerned about a couple of things: 1. I'm able to eat just about anything but still only about 5 to 6 bites depend on the texture and what it is, I'm eating about 2 times a day with maybe one healthy snack. 2: not able to get all my protein and water in in a day unless I have to choose between a meal or snack example: if I drink water in the morning then I cant do breakfast I'm way to full. 3. My surgery weight was 297 and I'm now 280 and the scale is not moving at all, is all of this normal? will the weight come off at all? Oh and I was a lap-band patient, don't really know if that can have something to do with it or not. And I exercise about three times a week sometimes more not sure why the weight stopped need to just know if i'm the only one I see a lot of people losing the weight a lot longer.
  6. I'm finally on the losers bench!

    yeah that's me, I got a really bad infection 1 week post op and they had to open one of my incisions back up but I'm much better now thank God, but I'm eating the same was suppose to start pureed food today but I don't think I will be able to, I can hardly do the yogurts and soup. LOL it is really hard to eat when you're not hungry.
  7. I'm finally on the losers bench!

    Thanks!!! how are things for you?
  8. I'm finally on the losers bench!

    I'm so happy this is finally done and over, I had some good and bad days since my surgery but I'm prayer that things will get better soon, everything is new its really a new life, everything has change my way of thinking when it comes to food, life just everything. So today I'm 2 weeks post op surgery was July 21st 2014.
  9. headed to surgery

    Please pray
  10. pre op diet question?

    Has anyone cheated on the pre-op diet liquid, not horribly and still lost weight?
  11. surgery 2 days away!

    Feeling nervous and overwhelmed! !! Need your prayers.
  12. gastric bypass RNY

    My surgery is at 5:00 am
  13. Cindy's surgery

    GOOD LUCK CINDY!!!! MUCH PRAYERS COMING YOUR WAY LOVE!!!!! I pray for a speedy recovery my dear hope all is well, and update me when your able too!!!!