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  1. I found that simply changing my exercise routine helps. I decided i needed something to push me to get the most out of exercise and started doing triathlons this year. So i swim and run both of which i hadnt done in the past. Ive seen some great improvement in my body and have been losing weight left and right.
  2. wow! great info, at just over 3 years out I'm glade I read this, as I'm still struggling to wait to initial 30 minutes I was told I needed to wait before drinking after eating. I really need to pay more attention to drinking through out the day soIi don't feel the need to drink so soon after consuming a meal. Thanks Sherry, Great Find!
  3. keep ur chin up. I became mean & depressed about 3 months out and it finally passed at about 5 1/2 - 6 months out. u'll be ok, ur hormones will even out and I am sure things will start to look a lot beter for u. hang in there.
  4. wow. u look awesome. keep up the good work ur truly an inspiration.

  5. Hello Page52 Candice here. I too live in Sacramento ca. I am scheduled to have Gastric bypass on July 8th. I am very much interested in purchasing your bottles of Isopure. PLease email me @ if you have not already sold them.