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  1. I am doing good. no weird tara reid results. I did the 360 and there is No excess skin on my butt. I did get a BBL also since lipo comes automatically with a mommy makeover.
  2. I am having my surgery through Dr. Daniel Camacho Melo. Okay, so I should be good with my harem pants and t'shirts. So glad to hear you took crochet, that is what I plan on taking along with my sudoku. They did tell me to bring a list of binge shows for netflix...hopefully something new will come out before then? They are requesting that I bring a certain lotion or I guess it is a gel called Arnica gel and pellets? I do have some really good lotion that is made for eczema...I don't have eczema, but I have very itchy skin and it works on the itching. Thanks for the tip with the antibacterial soap. Did you tip at the recovery center? I will probably do the same thing with my debit card. What kind of pain pills did they give you? I am allergic to so many of them. I kind of think my primary here would prescribe me something before I leave as she knows I am going for my surgery and is all ready for my after care for when I return. Maybe I will talk to her since I have to go see her anyway?
  3. You look amazing Kristin! Did you exercise at all before your surgery? I hate exercise. lol What all did you take with you? Did you take just jammies and a set of clothes for the plane home and the ones you wore down? Also, did you take anything to keep yourself busy like puzzle books, cards, etc? I am also not sure how much $ to take? I am staying for a week afterwards in a recovery center. It will be over thanksgiving though, so not sure if many people will be there?
  4. Hey Kristen, how are you doing now? I have my date for Nov. 19th with Dr. Daniel Camacho Melo with one week at a recovery center. Would love to see how your scars, etc. are doing since the surgery if you don't mind? If not, I understand. Just curious how you are doing now.
  5. circular tummy tuck, breast augmentation and brazilian butt lift. November 19th. Will miss thanksgiving with my family, but got a great price with a great doctor and a recovery spa for the first week afterwards. I also got my plane tickets for hella cheap with flying first class nonstop. A little nervous about going by myself, but I know I will have great care and others will be there also.
  6. the price in america for a tummy tuck is over $8000, in mexico it is around $2000. I totally wish they would allow swimming immediately after, but from what I am hearing, it is 6-8 weeks healing time. I can do an all inclusive that includes tummy tuck, 4 places of lipo, butt augmentation lift, breast lift and augmentation for $9900.
  7. I definitely want a tummy tuck with lipo and a butt lift, but it is super spendy. I have been dong lots of research and have found that a lot off these plastic surgeons have done their schooling in mexico and have chosen to reduce my costs by going to mexico also. Would love to have any recommendations anyone has and suggestions of places to have it done. I am hoping for an all inclusive place that will allow a caregiver/friend to come with me. I know I can't be the only one checking into this, but never get any replys for this, so if you would like to reply privately, please contact me at with a private message. Thanks. Diane
  8. Can anyone suggest a dr or hospital in mexico for skin removal? Thank you.
  9. I'm not sure what a complexity class is either, so I am anxious to find out. The gastric bypass program is really kind of annoying at kaiser in the PNW. They won't let you move on or even make your next appt. until you finish the preceding thing on the list. there is only 1 person running the whole program for the portland area and vicinity which is from Chehalis/Centralia area all the way to Salem, OR. It takes an average of 14 months for people to get their surgery through Kaiser here in the portland area. I also found out why there are so few of us on this forum and that is because they have their own pre op and post op pages on facebook. They also only have 2 physicians doing the surgery's and they are surgeons for other things, so they are very booked up. At this time, they are scheduling surgeries for Dec. It is very discouraging to say the least, but I am still sticking with it and doing what needs to be done.
  10. I finished my classes a couple weeks ago. Did my sleep study with no sleep apnea...I know I am lucky on that one. lol, I have complexity class at the end of Oct., then will see the social worker and dietition after that, then on to the surgeon if everything is a go! I am getting closer. Thanks for thinking of me Julie. It is nice to have friends to support me.
  11. I am so excited for you! Good job on the weight loss! I was really hoping to hear more about your gentleman friend from 38 years ago. Anything new with you two? lol, enquiring minds want to know. hehehehe
  12. Anyone know of anyone that was bulimic and then had gastric bypass? My friend had bulimia and was wondering about getting the surgery now? Any advice or information would be great. Thanks.