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  1. What Did You Eat Yesterday (or today)?

    Ginger, is there a recipe for the crockpot BB chicken? Rose
  2. What Did You Eat Yesterday (or today)?

    TWO QUESTIONS: "Army Wife" - Did you eat the fiesta Greek yogurt (I made some and yum!) ON your boiled egg? Or did you mash the egg up in it? Wick: what is this? 6 oz grilled carne asada w/ cheese and salsa. And All: (esp MistyME) Have you tried the Athenos Greek yogurt at Wal-Mart? Wow! 23 grams of protein. I add 8 oz whole milk and blueberries or something to the "shake" and have 31 GR of protein. I like it better than Fage - and it's a whole lot cheaper and more available. Love you all, Grandma Rose
  3. Actually, they'll notice when your hair starts falling out! That's what showed first on me. It usually shows first in your face, but if you have a lot of extra skin hanging around, the weight loss isn't as noticeable at first. But, you will see your clothing sizes change - and the inches go away - that's your first tip-off. Good luck - and if that boyfriend doesn't start noticing - maybe he'd better be told that you'd like more support than that! I wanted my husband to notice, that's for sure!
  4. 5 Year Mark!

    So glad you are doing so well! I lost "all" my weight, then put about 10-14 pounds back on as I didn't like the long lines in my face. I have lost one inch in height, however, (in the last 6 months) and now my BMI is too high! My pc wants me to lose 10 pounds. I've lost 4 since she told me (two weeks ago) and will start back on the treadmill tomorrow. I love my new look - am so HAPPY for the surgery. Now I am trying to qualify for the tummy tuck, as I have lots of ugly skin hanging all over.
  5. Afraid: Aches & pains

    Thanks everyone! Somehow some "nutrition" posts landed in my email - all mentioning the effects of diet soda. Ding! Bingo! I was drinking 4-5 diet Cokes per day. I stopped cold turkey. THE NEXT DAY - all pain gone! I was poisoning myself! I "sneaked" a couple ounces late last night - this a.m. my thumbs hurt a little. Now I know. I also ordered the liquid magnesium from vitalady to add for awhile. I AM AMAZED! In fact, a woman at church even asked about my soda consumption and then my mom mentioned it, too. I guess God wanted to be SURE I was listening! Love you all, Rose
  6. Afraid: Aches & pains

    It seems to me that someone talked about this problem last year sometime. I don't remember who it was. I would like some help. I chalked this up to arthritis at first, but now I'm not so sure because of the sudden onset, and the spread of it. It started in my neck and upper back. BAD pain, centered in the spinal column bones itself. Then my shoulders. Next my thumbs, to the point where I can't use them to push or pull or lift. Next my hips and knees. Some day I can hardly walk - oh, and my feet hurt too - the bones in the feet. I am wracked with pain all the time. I get up that way in the morning - it progressively gets worse throughout the day. I take Tramadol because it's the only non-narcotic pain-reliever I can tolerate. It helps a little for about 30 minutes, then wears off. By the time I go to bed at night, I am relying on a heating pad - but have gotten a couple burns from falling sleep on it. Someone please help me. Rose
  7. Mumsy: I have gained back 11 pounds and eat too much, and some carbs. Recently I found out that the diabetes is BACK! Not as bad as before. A1C of 6.7. But I still have to control it with DIET. Added to that, my mother has moved in with us - she is nearly totally blind (macular degeneration), uses a walker (broke both hips over the years), is poop and pee incontinent, forgetful, and just can't manage by herself. We have sort of reverted back to mother-daughter relationship, with her criticizing everything I do, telling me what to do and when to do it! I LOVE HER TO BITSIES - and I just laugh to myself and ignore it. I'm 65 years old and she is still telling me to watch what I eat! Well, a couple nights ago I was vomiting up food I had OVER-EATEN, and I told her, "Here I had this expensive and life-threatening surgery, and I'm STILL a pig!" DON'T DESPAIR. We feel your angst (not your pain, tho)! You are not a failure until you quit trying! Just take this a day at a time. I had to get off the carbs too - and it's difficult. I found some good bread that a lot of diabetics in our town use - it has nuts in it. I eat a slice regularly with peanutbutter on it. It controls my hypoglycemic drops and fills me up. (I think it is like Health Nut Bread) I will pray for you tonight - that God will comfort, encourage and strengthen you. Love, Rose
  8. Oldie but Goody

    Thank you so much for your post. I have gained back about 10 pounds and I still also had about 10 pounds yet to lose - so I am a total of 20 pounds overweight yet! I felt like such a failure. Tell me, does your pouch still work? Can you feel SATISFIED after a protein meal? What do you think the best thing you did was? Did you eliminate carbs? Or just sugar.... It looks like I am looking for an easy way out - maybe I am. I am busier than I ever was in my life. My Mom moved in with us because she can't take care of herself. My daughter is going thru a divorce right now and so she and her daughter live here now too. DH and I are ready to move out and just let them take over! Some days I only have time for a protein shake for breakfast and then I pig out on melon all day! I'm just being honest, here. Am I eating because I'm frustrated? I don't know. Love you guys, Rose
  9. Amandazon247 - HOW ABOUT THAT LIST?

    Yes, I surely would! Almonds are crunchy - but, there again, too many of them are deadly.
  10. Before and after - don't laugh!

    I found these and put one on my refrigerator door!
  11. Holy cow was i really :(

    Zebra is my VERY, VERY FAVORITE PRINT. I don't have a top like that - please get me one and mail it RIGHT NOW! Okay? You look great in it, by the way. You were real cute BEFORE your surgery, tho.
  12. I'm having some very serious problems here...

    Sweetie: Please call me if you actually make it to Mayo in Rochester. I live about 45 minutes away and will be there in a flash to hold your hand - to pray, to encourage.
  13. 300 pound challenge

    Add 13 pounds for me! I regained 5, but lost 2 of those already. I upped my protein, cut out the crackers (oh yeah - I was naughty for months). Added almonds. The temperature here averages about 20 degrees every day. It just snowed some more. I can't go outside. I hate the treadmill, so I don't do anything! (well, I shop) As soon as the weather gets warmer, I'll walk. DH and even my doggie use the treadmill, tho! I just might start it up tomorrow when no one is looking.
  14. I have died and gone to heaven!

    Do you just layer everything in a 9 x 13 pan? Or do you mix the eggs and all the cheese together? Put the seasoning on the meat? Or the cheese? I'm sorry, but I'm not that great in the kitchen. Please help me.
  15. Snack Ideas!!!!

    I broke one of my new teeth on the Kashi's - eating it dry. I now snack on almonds. Sam's Club has some that are chocolate powder covered - almost no sugar. I also like Aldi's dry roasted. I eat at least one apple a day. If you keep taco soup (need a recipe?) or chilli in the freezer in single servings - they come in handy. Cheese sticks are good, too. Hopefully others have something more yummy. I love the Adkins protein bar called carmel nut - it looks like a Salted Nut Roll.