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  1. Hi all, I would like to find a quick at home iron test. I seem to be at a loss finding any. I recall before giving blood they do a quick prick test, also at WIC they do that. Anyone know where I could find something like this? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I had gastric band revision to bypass June 2013 (crazy reflux due to the band even with no fluid in it). Around 1 year out, maybe a little less I hit 155ish (start was ~280) and have really stayed there since then. I am happy with my weight, but wouldn't mind dropping a bit more for a safety net. I was attacked by a dog in August and lost my appetite for a while while due to medications. . . got down to 150, but then gained back the extra 5 lbs. In November I had this horrible pain in my back. I wrote it off as gas or something like that, but it seemed odd. Then it happened again. This time in my chest and moving to my back. And one more time was the charm so I went to my PCP. After an MRI it was determined I needed my gallbladder out. My PCP was thinking kidney stones, I needed to bring up gallbladder since I knew it was common after GB (and I have a family history). So Thanksgiving week I got my gallbladder removed. I had a tough surgery with extra internal bleeding. The pain from the surgery was so much worse than the bypass! My surgeon (who did both the bypass and the gallbladder removal) said that is common after bypass. He wonders if the fat helps insulate us from pain, so when it is gone we don't just feel normal pain - but extra sensitive pain. I think this is the case, but the extra bleeding wasn't fun either. I was very much not interested in food right after surgery and dropped into the high 140s. I am happy to be maintaining around 150, but worried that 5 lbs will just come back. Around 6-8 months out I began seeing the symptoms of reactive hypoglycemia. My father who also had GB also has reactive hypoglycemia. I got a blood meter - I keep sugar pills around. I found that some peanut butter crackers can help me out if I find I am heading down that road or in conjunction with the glucose pills to help me climb out of it. I don't seem to have a very sensitive system for dumping (I dump), but my reactive hypoglycemia is much more of a deterrent. Overall things are good. After changing clothes size so much over a year it is hard to comprehend that I am not changing sizes anymore. I find when I exercise I eat way to much. So I am still working on finding a good middle ground to firm up some of my saggy bits. (my thoughts are coming in, in no order . . . just thinking about things pre-ops, or recent post ops might be interested in) My me my schedule of eating is this (it works for me): Coffee (black) in the morning, I usually just drink that till lunch time. I eat lunch (my 1st meal) and then I eat dinner (my 2nd meal) while leaves me a third meal if I get hungry later. I have never been an early day eater - so this works for me It also means I don't feel guilty for eating a snack or something if I want one during the day. A note: Some people with reactive hypoglycemia work well with eating a bunch of small meals or snacks. My nutritionist and my surgeon worried about chasing sugar levels throughout the day. And this works for me. My reactive hypoglycemia is 80% of the time due to poor food choices of a sweet variety.
  3. Cxc422

    ice cream sub

    Tom you are stronger than me! Even though I know it will make me be in pain, I still struggle to control myself. Though I can call it quits much sooner than before surgery . ..
  4. Cxc422

    ice cream sub

    This is not an every day food, but when you might have a craving and instead of doing something really bad. . . this is yummy freeze watermelon cut up Use a blender (or something like a blender) and mix the frozen watermelon, splenda, and 1/2 and 1/2 Splenda to taste And 1/2 and 1/2 to the consistency you like I just mixed this up on a whim and it tastes just like ice cream! So good. I am not a big fruit eater - so this is a small indulgence I might take from time to time.
  5. When asked how much I lost, my response is always "alot" and I just leave it at that
  6. From Cinwa's link above: "My niece is a manager at Ritas. They have changed their recipe for their SF ice this year and it is sweetened with both fruit juice and splenda - no more sugar alcohols. However, it does have fruit juice in it. If you are sensitive to sugars - even natural sugars - early out, you should probably avoid it. I am very sensitive - I dump easily at 9 months out - and have JUST been able to eat SF ice from Ritas. I stick to a kid's cup." Interesting, I am inclined to trust that it doesn't have the SA anymore. But still not certain about what is really in it. . . and trying to make at home versions.
  7. So confusing. The resource I found listed them as 100+ calories for a kid's small. But the other resource above lists them as much less for a kid's small but with almost 6 sugar alcohols. From my understanding sugar alcohols often carry more calories with them. I also find that much sugar alcohol as surprising because I had no issues from it, and 3 or 4 SA is usually enough for me to have issues. . . . .
  8. Cxc422


    My father (4+ years out) still struggles with lettuce. I eat Salads no problem and have for a few months. Throw in some lunch meat, nuts, cheese. . . yum! A nice soft goat cheese helps dressing go farther and become creamier :]
  9. So I have found that that Rita's around here generally have one flavor of sugar free made with splenda. It either does not have sugar alcohols or not much (because I am sensitive to them and I get no reaction). I found a website (http://www.nutritionix.com/ritas-ice/menu) suggesting they still have a good amount of calories.. . . . . what is in this water ice? Anyone know? I have experimented with making a water ice-ish watermelon in my ice cream maker. I use splenda, blended watermelon, squeeze of lemon and 1 tsp of vodka to help it from freezing solid. I am interested in trying other flavors. I tried bubblegum extract, splenda, water, 1 tsp of vodka tonight and it just made an ice cup around the edge of my ice cream maker. . . . . The sugar is what helps it become slushy - so a bit of alcohol does a similar thing. But moving away from fruit and trying to use extracts for flavor I need some help with this. . . .
  10. Black and full of caffeine every morning
  11. That is about what mine took. Sounds like if there is alot of scar tissue it can take longer.
  12. 5' 6" ~155 lbs Size 6,8,10 pants . . .. So does that mean an 8 really? probably. . . . mostly medium shirts I have most of my extra skin in my arms, thighs, calfs. . . and my drippy butt! Can't wear skinny pants at all - can't get them over my calfs. I do have extra skin on my tummy, but maybe not as much.
  13. Yeah. I agree with what everyone has said. I was body dimorphic before, in that I did not think I was as big as I actually was. When I would see pictures I would be surprised, it was not what I say in the mirror. Now that I am a size 6 or 8 (depending), I feel like I am not much different than I was at my highest weight. When I look in the mirror I don't see alot of difference. But pictures show me I look pretty different. On occasion I feel pretty small, but also the other day I just felt like I used to and felt very fat. Felt like my stomach was sticking out so much. But I was probably and HC said, bloated. I am not a year out yet, but I am sure things will change.
  14. I had lapband in 2008, and revision to RYN in June 2013. Done in one surgery, and it has been great ever since!
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