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  1. Hey there stranger!! Good to see you again. You still in school? Lifes been crazy. I've struggled with complications this past year. I've been in the hospital twice since Jan. They found an ulcer plus my bowel was telescoping on itself. My oldest got married a week ago and then came home to find a good friend died from her cancer. So emotions have been all over the place. So life has been crazy but I'm doing ok. Still pushing for that job in my surgeon's office. It hasn't happened yet but we've talked and I really feel it will happen. They just need to wait for the money to be there. In the meantime I've kind of become their poster child. They have used me in ads in the newspaper and magazines plus I'm being featured in a wls brochure from the hospital. I'm tired of not feeling well but I'm still thrilled with life. :)

  2. Bettthhhhh I have missed you so so much!!!! WOW you look amazing!!! how is life these days???

  3. Hey.... ok so better late than never I know lol... I'm not to sauvve on this thing so what thread of "what would you do" ? ummm so what do you think I needed greek and hebrew for? honestly I NEVER thought I neeeded it lol but sure enough the university did. All I can say is grrrr wasn't my piece of cake or slice of pie or what ever. lol

  4. Ok so I am 4 years post-op, but I feel like a newbie here cause I don't think I have been online in the past year. So anyway for those who dont know me I'm Susie and I have really missed hanging out here. I have had plenty of laughs and tears here on this site. And many of my friends here sure helped me through those trying painful days and nights when I had my RNY. So anyway I just wanted to say hey and re-introduce myself to old friends and say hello to new friends.
  5. Well I know it seems like eons since I have been around ttville. Over the past year I have been struggling with the fact that I haven't been able to enjoy the gym like I would like to of. A work injury had left me at the mercies of my doctors and physical therapy. I am not progressing like I want and I am at a loss on rebuilding my strength. I dont even know where to begin anymore. My muscles in my right hip and lower back have deteriorated and it is so frustrating cause I want to do more and I want to work on my balance that I dont seem to have. There for awhile my PT wanted to order me a cane and I stood my ground, I dont want a cane I am only 39... I am still young, therefore I should be able to rebuild the loss muscle tissue right???? Soooo with all this said... HOW??? I obviously am not getting anywhere with PT and I dont want to go against my doc orders, but isnt there excercises I can do at home that will increase the healing and rebuilding of muscle???? Any one with wisdom and knowledge know how to guide me???
  6. Yes I did face many rough roads and bumps, but I know God had seen me through. I now know I made it through that I can do anything. Who ever said WLS is the easy way out obviously hadn't talked to some of the folks on here.

  7. Thank you so much... I do miss her and Val though. They moved to Georgia with Rickeys family. Absents make the heart grow fonder!

  8. Yea your right she did. Thanks anyways lol

  9. Susie, I'm so sorry I never got back to you on this post. Wow lady! Your life sure has taken a 360! I'm excited for you. Life is changing a bit for me too. Right now it is health concerns. I've been having gallbladder pain minus the gallbladder. Looks like my bile ducts aren't draining like they are supposed to so I'm headed to the hospital tomorrow to try to balloon them open. I also have won a drain for the next 6 weeks. On the job front? I'm picking up a lot of hours on the bariatric unit. It's been a very enlightening experience. My surgeon and his practice just went independent and he has told me that once they figure out what their needs are he'll be contacting me. So good to hear from you. Please keep in touch. Life sounds so good for you right now and I couldn't be happier for you!

  10. :eek: greek .... hebrew.... who knew lol, actually in reality... that all starts NEXT semester. :eek: I think you just read my mail lol
  11. Hej Susie! Eric and I are still guessing your need for Greek and Hebrew! I bet you though that Eric has the answer! Look below your post in my thread "What would you do?"! Cheers, Vim

  12. Hey, hope all is well with you and the family.. many blessing to you

  13. Since I have last talked to you MANY things have transpired. My daughter had her baby in March. Alexis is a red headed beauty, and for some reason she doesn't like that word lol. Seriously ever since she was born if you tell her she is beautiful she gets mad mad mad... lol its really the funniest thing. I graduated with my undergraduate and just when I thought I was going on to University of Illinois, God changed my plans, but hey thats alright. I am currently attending Lincoln Christian College and Seminary, yes you read that right... I am going to school for Youth and Preaching with an emphasis on Pastoral Counsoling. I always knew I was to work in the social work field and I also knew I was to work in the church, but never did I dream I would be going this rout. So anyway, my last child home is a Senior this year. fun fun let me tell ya.... so anyway How have you been??? I miss talking with ya, I am so loaded with home work I never have time to play on the computer.

  14. WOW 7 languages... I know this isn't the response you asked for but wow! I just learned some VERY basic Spanish last semester, and in the next couple of years I will have to learn Hebrew and Greek.... can you guess my profession??? and no I'm not a translater lol