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  1. so got my surgury on june 10 2013 thought i was doing ok started at 280lbs got down to 247 then out of nowhere went to the doctor i gained 14lbs #%$!!! NOW IM AT 261WHATS GOING ON?
  2. ok i had my surgery on june 10 but im still not doing good at all im so weak and the only thing going down now is water most of the time. everything i eat feels like i wanna vomit so its hard to get anything down. i was feeling so bad today that i started crying at work bc i was hungr and couldn't keep anything down i was also upset at me getting VSG bc im having such a rough and hard time.i dont know wht to do
  3. my nut gave me a food plan she said i can eat chicken and fish as long as it is soft and very small. and also eggs i can eat fruit wise she said banana strawberries bc its the easiest im having a very hard time with the protein shakes bc they all make me nauseous and sick im getting my water in the best i can. so my big problem right now is really trying to find food(protein) that i can eat but wont give me a hard time. im going to try some baked fish or tuna with out the mayo tomorrow and see how that goes. @Dees not harsh at all any information or advise i can get is helpful and appreciated
  4. so do you think i could eat a spinish salad
  5. i also hiccup to its been rough but i cant really get any protein down i tryed a turkey burger half a turkey burger with salsa to keep it moist and i got half of the half of burger down. but i couldn't get to much else. i started eatting fruits the only one that goes down the best is strawberries (love them)lol my sweet treat. getting my water down has to hard very hard bc im sipping it and it takes so long i get tired of drinking lol.
  6. im 3 weeks out and i have the same problem for me the water has to be very very cold and i drink or sip it really slow i use the smart water bottles and it really helps. i still have a problem not knowing how fast to drink or how slow to sip
  7. thanks dees i will definitely try that
  8. im not spitting up anything im just spitting period lol every 5mins my mouth get watery and i have to spit.
  9. hay everyone i have a little question/problem. i had my VSG on june 10,2013 its been really hard for me but ive been taking it one day at a time. i went to my follow up appointment today but forgot to ask my doctor, why am i always spitting now. lol i feel like a horse or donkey spitting every 5mins i have no idea why or whats going on? does anyone else know or been through this
  10. what is the case of going swimming?
  11. thanks everyone im trying to take it one day at a time, thanks for the support
  12. im almost 2weeks out and today im feeling the worst i felt since my surgury. non of these protein shakes go down to well water is making me nauseous now and i feel so week and tired i tried to take a walk today to walgreens and i stopped twice and once in the store bc i felt like i was going to pass out. im really not feeling happy right now and asking myself why i put my body through this? my taste buds are all out of wack evrrything smells great but taste horrible i dont know what to do.
  13. can you mix coffee with your protein shakes?
  14. i guess all that all does make sense now that i think about it lol thanks alot guys for your help