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  1. Back to accountability!

  2. And your name doesn't fit you at all, either! Just sayin'. ;-)
  3. I say buy those cute dresses at the thrift store now! They may not be there when you are ready for them, and betting on your own success starts to feel really good as you wiggle into the smaller sizes. Just don't forget to try them on about 10 pounds before you think they will fit! I know I was happily surprised many times.
  4. You look fabulous, Elaine!
  5. I went into a resale shop yesterday, and found myself disappointed that I couldn't fit into a very fitted dress in a size 10. Ha! It was only disappointing because it was so darn cute. I have been consistently in size 10 jeans since fall, but my wider back and shoulders keep me in at least a size 12 for stuff that is fitted on top. To some, this may sound like a non-victory, but it's a huge mental win for me. For me to EXPECT to fit into a size 10 is evidence of a huge mind shift. I'm really just amused, as if anyone had ever even suggested that I could wear a size 10 in the past, I would have thought them to be off their rocker.
  6. Went to an breast cancer risk assessment doctor today. My family breast cancer history is awful, and I'm a 20 year ovarian cancer survivor, so I wanted MRI screeening. Anyway, at that appointment, the doctor checked my blood pressure... it was 100/54, with a pulse of 69! And that was after breakfast and coffee and rushing to be on time. She checked it twice to make sure. Who knows, maybe all that exercise is doing something good for my heart, too! :-)
  7. I never did buy the shakes. I bought several "BlenderBottle" brand shaker bottles with the little wire whisk ball. I bought mine on Amazon. I use skim milk with Cytosport protein powder. It's sold in a bag at Costco. Same maker as Muscle Milk, but less carbs and less sugar. 27 grams of protein, and if I remember right, about 75 cents per serving. That does not count the protein or cost of the milk. I often freeze or partially freeze it after shaking (pop that top open, or the top will crack as the liquid expands!). Great to have in the car after the gym. I keep several of the GoStak containers full of protein powder in my car door. I use the smaller ones for vitamins and prescriptions, and the larger ones for protein powder. The biggest one holds about 1 1/2 scoops of protein powder.
  8. PDXaviatrix

    Need help

    I would echo Jenny's advice above. You've made a lot of progress, but you'll have to figure out if you want to hang onto it, and how to do that. Going back to the basics is a good start, and will give you a good reward for your efforts. For my own accountability, I use MyFitnessPal, a free program online. You can download the app if you have a smartphone. I had to create an account, but it's entirely free. Enter your current height/weight numbers, and what your goals are. I still log everything I eat with painstaking honesty, and credit myself with any exercise I do. It can be a little time consuming, but it lets me know just exactly where I stand for the day and/or week. When you enter a meal or snack, it will give you your nutritional info, including how many calories you have left for the day, and how close to target you are on protein and other nutrients. Good luck getting back on track!
  9. Hold your head high and keep up the great work! You are almost half way to your goal already. If you even lose 10 pounds a month, you'll be at goal by late winter!
  10. PDXaviatrix


    Good for you on walking every day! I usually exercise every other day, and would do well to pick up a walking habit on the other days!
  11. Still time for this year, Aviator! I arrive in Reno on September 7th this year and don't leave until the 15th. I started doing that back in 1997 when I first became part of the ground crew on a T-6. The early part of the week during qualifying and heat runs is the most fun for me, before the finals begin on Wednesday. It's like old home week with all my pilot buddies.
  12. I wish I could be in two places at once! The Reno Air Races call my name that particular week.
  13. It sounds like great fun, but I can't do those dates. I'll be in Reno for the National Championship Air Races. I hope to see photos!