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  1. Thank you! I will check those out
  2. Thank you for your replies everyone!!! I didn't get notification that anyone had replied so I'm sorry for my lateness here! I have started taking vitamins regularly again and I'm looking into the protein issues, hair still falling out but I realize it may take awhile to fix itself...seeing Doc this week so hopeful that he will have some ideas for me Really appreciate your input! Thank you much!!!
  3. Hi everyone - I am almost 3 years post op - lost about 130 pounds and now have put on about 15 pounds in the last year but I'm still pretty comfortable, having trouble taking the chewable vitamins, really fell off of taking them regularly, well now my hair has been falling out for at least 4 months, just like after surgery so it is now noticeable and I will probably have to cut it short again, the hair is growing back in like it did before but I'm pretty discouraged with it, I think it's maybe from not taking the vitamins daily? My regular doctor did blood work checking my iron and vitamin b levels and also my thyroid and he said all looked fine, I see my surgeon in two weeks for a 3 year follow up, he won't be thrilled that I have put on a few pounds and hel'll be even more upset that I haven't been taking my Bariatric fusions...I do take iron, calcium, vit d and b1 and b12 daily - I'm confused and lost on this subject and getting sick of losing handfuls of hair everyday - ANY suggestions would be welcome! (Sorry this was all about ME) I hope everyone here is doing well and feeling wonderful! Carolyn
  4. Hi everyone! I haven't posted in awhile as I've been a busy Mommy and just had a hysterectomy last week (abdominal ugh!) But my friend MrJ up there got me back online with thinner times! I'm the "co worker's wife"! hehehe....Jeff it's been a pleasure giving you all my tips and info! Sooo very excited for you! This is a very hard time for you right now - just days before your surgery...a very scary and unsure time for you - I know all too well, I was a mess before my surgery too - so afraid to have things change - but boy oh boy was it worth it! You are going to feel so amazing!!!!!!
  5. Hi everyone! Wow we all seem to be doing so great! What a journey this has been! I've gone from a size 26/28 to a 16 in jeans and from a 4X top to an Extra Large! I feel great! Yes..I too feel like I've won the lottery - what a great feeling. It IS SO FUN to shop for clothes now - I even need new shoes! They are all too big! Only thing I've noticed - other than sagging skin is that my weight loss has slowed to about 1 to 2 pounds a week, a few times I lost nothing in a week..when in the beginning it was 3 to 4 pounds. I probably should be ramping up the exercise and that would speed things up? I have "only" about 40 pounds to go! It's been a LONG time since I could say that! It was always...well I'm about 140 pounds over what I should be. Best wishes to everyone for the next few months as we approach our one year surgiversary! My next big goal is to get under 200 - can't wait to see that scale say 199! haha!
  6. Wow! You are doing great! OMG! Shrimp cocktail sounds sooooo good! I hadn't thought of that yet...I've gotten a little bored with foods and don't really "want" anything lately which is okay sometimes, I still get all my protein in but I'm bored with everything I'm eating....shrimp cocktail is now on my list! Keep up the good work...isn't it exciting to be down to a weight you haven't been in years? I LOVE it! Take care! Hugs, Carolyn
  7. Yes...roast beef may never grace my lips again! LOL...I"m glad it's over and we must all remember to listen to our bodies...if something is hurting and doesn't seem's probably not. Sending good wishes to everyone for speedy recovers and lots of great weight loss! Hugs, Carolyn
  8. Hi! Yes in the end the told me that roast beef (even the really thin sliced stuff) would be a bit too hard for me...I've such good luck with ground beef I thought it would be okay...I don't know if I can ever face the stuff again! LOL....Live and learn....that lesson SUCKED! Glad it's over. I'm just taking it really easy on my stomach for the next few days...protein shakes and cottage cheese! Have a great day! Carolyn
  9. Should have been a liquid! to quote him..."that was a big mistake for him to prescribe that to you" the end it was roast beef that was stuck in there but maybe the capsules had something to do with it? not sure but I won't be taking anymore of them that is for sure....have to call tomorrow and request a liquid. I think I still have the strep throat, it feels okay but you have to treat it anyway...left untreated it can damage other things in your body. Nasty stuff! Carolyn
  10. Thanks! Me toooooo! I will be taking it easy on the poor stomach for a few days for sure!
  11. Hi everyone - had a terrible happening!!!! I am 7 weeks out...trying a few new foods but also came down with Strep Throat - regular doc prescribed amoxycillan capsules - I questioned whether I should take them or not and they felt it would be okay. SHOULD HAVE CALLED MY SURGEON HERE! Went ahead and took 3 on Tuesday and 2 more Wednesday....some foods have been giving me some pain under the sternum lately but I just thought it was normal. Well after some deli roast beef slices for lunch the pain began and didn't stop! I was sick as a dog for hours, threw up a couple times but no food came up...just "other stuff" gross! Finally called my surgeon he told me to get to the ER right away as he felt the capsules may be stuck! Off I went to ER - 3 morphine shots later I felt a bit better...they did upper GI which I promptly threw up while standing there....they couldn't see much other than irritation. They sent me home with liquid vicoden and anti nausea sub linguals. Next morning I went and had an endoscopy....NOT FUN! I gagged the whole time (or so it seemed) even though I was sedated....they found a piece of balled up roast beef stuck in the outgoing hole! They got that out of there and also "ballooned" my hole from an 8mm to 12mm? something like that...I feel 100% better - what a sick ordeal!!!! I pray no one else has to go through that! Just wanted to share my lovely 2 days with all of you! They said it wasn't a stricture though..maybe it would have become one? OH least I'm better now! Hugs Everyone! Carolyn
  12. Might be worth a try! Thanks...I think I've seen the ad for those...have to check it out! Have a great day! Carolyn
  13. Hi everyone - sounds like we're doing all about the same..pretty good with a few challenges here and biggest complaint has been no coffee! I have been drinking coffee every morning for like 20 years so it's been hard...I know they say coffee stimulates the appetite but it never did for me today I had a cup! It tasted great, I sipped slowly and it was fine, no stomach troubles or anything! I am happy! Decaf herbal tea just isn't the same. I need that little help waking up in the morning...even though I did 9 weeks with no coffee and I was fine, I just really missed it more than anything else. Moderation is the key right? I only need 1 cup! So now I just need to figure out the best way to make only one cup! I hate dragging out my big old coffee pot only to brew one cup...hubby doesn't drink coffee, any ideas? and I love good coffee, not really a coffee snob but close! haha! Thanks for any ideas! Hugs, Carolyn
  14. Hi everyone! I am 7 weeks out and down 39 pounds. I have been pretty successful with foods but on and off. They mushy food stage was that I'm adding in more regular foods I've had some trouble with meats...mostly chicken, pork or beef. Hamburger goes down like a dream, dark meat chicken is great but the rest I've had that pain with in the know the one! I have had great luck with tilapia though. I've had a few bites of veggies and fruits - all good and I've had a couple salads and those worked great! Just don't make a BIG salad! hahaha....Hope everyone else is doing great! Hugs, Carolyn
  15. Thank you!!! I feel better about it now...have a great day everyone! hugs, Carolyn