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  1. Good luck!!! Hope you're all done and resting comfortably by now. Can't wait to hear all about it!
  2. Got a call back from the hospital yesterday. I do have insurance benefits so I've been given the green light for pre-op testing to see insurance will approve me. My first pre-op appt is next Thursday (June 27th). She said they pack in a lot in each appt so you don't have to come several times. In this appointment I will meet the head of the program, insurance coordinator, the dietician, and exercise specialist. She said to expect to be there about 4 hours. And before I leave we'll schedule my medical tests. Ahh!!! So excited!!!
  3. Thank you! I definitely will update when I talk to the hospital tomorrow. So excited to hear what they have to say. And NERVOUS!
  4. I **think** my insurance requires a 3 month medically supervised diet with documentation. I'm interested to see how that requirement will play out. I saw a bariatric doctor for 18 months from June '10 to December '11 so I'm not sure if they'll count that or make me start now and do a new three months. If they'll count it then I would assume my surgery could be much sooner. I'm ok either way but of course I'll be super excited if they'll count my previous medically supervised diet and I can skip ahead. I'm going to call back again tomorrow and talk with the lady about what insurance will need. Good luck with your 6 month diet!!
  5. Amen! It stinks your insurance won't pay. GOOD LUCK paying up the cc! At this point I know that my insurance *does* cover WLS so now it's just a matter of getting their requirements and getting them to approve me. The phone call from the hospital was to discuss my insurance so I'm thinking that's what it was about, letting me know what they'll require. It sounds like if things go smoothly on my path you and I might be on similar schedules. Just adding up the timelines the hospital gave last night I'm guessing I could have surgery as early as Sept-Oct. AHHH!!! I could scream! I am so excited. I feel like every 10 minutes that goes by I get more excited!
  6. My seminar was last night! It was so amazing and SO informative. I went in with the attitude "unless something in this seminar scares me to death I'm moving forward!". Well, not only was I not scared by anything I heard but my mind was actually set at ease about some of my concerns. At the end of the seminar I signed some paperwork to officially begin the process and came home and did a lengthy registration process online. I guess I'm officially heading down this path! I know these are just the first few baby steps but it does feel amazing to finally be doing something. I had a call from the office this morning regarding insurance but missed it because of a meeting so I called back and left a voicemail. My stomach has been in a knot waiting for that call back! So excited, scared, anxious, and READY! Thanks so much to everyone for the support! Did you start today? How's it going so far? GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
  7. Thanks so much everyone! It's funny that it's taken me almost a year and a half to get to this point in my head but now that I have this last 2 days is going sooooo slow!! I am just so ready to finally meet with the surgeon and get some specific info. I am so excited! Thanks for your support and advice. I am just so so happy to have found this forum!
  8. Hi everyone! I haven't posted on this board but I've been reading it like CRAZY this last few weeks. I've been thinking about WLS for over a year and researching it for months. I've finally decided to go to a seminar at the hospital to take the first step. My seminar is in a couple days. I'm a little worried. I think for so long in the back of my mind I really wanted to explore WLS but I was just too scared and thought it was way too risky. But when I started really researching and reading so many of your stories I realized that I was just afraid of the unknown. I have gotten so excited in the last few weeks and I just feel so READY. I guess my worry/fear now is that I've already committed to this in my mind before ever finding out if I'd be approved for surgery. I feel like if I get denied I'll be crushed. I realize all hospitals, insurance companies, and surgeons are going to differ but I was wondering if anyone had any similar circumstances who'd been approved. I'm 33 years old. My bmi is 41.6. I tried medically supervised weight loss for 18 months (from June 2010 - December 2011) and lost 30 lbs but then gained all of it back plus 20 more. At that time (as recently as Dec '11) I had no other health issues. My blood pressure, blood sugar, etc were all fine. So that may still be the case. We have BCBS Federal Employee Program health insurance. I suppose I'll know for sure soon anyway but I'm just wondering if I'll hit any road blocks. Thanks for reading! It's nice to finally "meet" you all.
  9. THANK YOU for the warm welcome!! I am so glad I've found this group! Glad to hear that you had to "build up" too. When I first started thinking about it it would enter my mind and then I'd instantly think "that is CRAZY. There's no way I could go through with this". If you don't mind my asking, why were you denied originally? Congratulations on your weight loss!!! I have been reading constantly and I just love being able to hear from people who have *personally* experienced the surgery and their pre and post op experiences. SO SO SO glad I found you guys! Thanks again everyone!!
  10. Hi everyone. I have been reading this forum constantly for weeks and finally decided to join and actually introduce myself. It seems like such a supportive place with tons of great info! I have tried medically supervised weight loss in the past and of course dieted lots on my own but started to consider looking into WLS about a year ago. Since then I've researched off and on. About 6 months ago I started thinking about it more and more and about 2 months ago I actually started researching it in depth. Last week I finally told my husband that it'd been on my mind and that I had been researching it and was considering attending a seminar at the hospital. He was surprised but very supportive and has offered to come along. I know it's ultimately my decision but it's such a big one I welcome his advice! I'm very nervous. I never thought this was something I would have the guts to go through with but the more research I do the more comfortable I feel and think maybe I can do it. I think if I come away from the seminar with that same feeling I'll probably move forward and begin the process. I look forward to getting to know everyone here. Thanks!