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  1. Before and after pics gave me so much encouragement before my surgery. I thought I'd finally share my own too. August 2013 vs November 2014
  2. I've listed my unused juice concentrates on EBay if anyone's interested. I have 10 sealed boxes (7 pouches each) of the ProtiDiet Tropical Fruit juice concentrates. http://www.ebay.com/itm/331217945778
  3. Thanks. I'm calling first thing tomorrow. My allergies are bothering me so I thought that night be playing into it but whatever the cause I have got to have some relief. I've forgotten what it feels like to be human!
  4. I was really hoping to turn a corner this week. The pain in my left side is nearly gone so that's great but I have had near debilitating nausea for 2 weeks now. Zofran isn't working anymore. *** This part's a little gross, feel free to skip*** The nausea is causing a TON of excess saliva and swallowing it makes me sicker so I literally lay on the couch with a bath towel under my face and drool all day. Did anyone else experience this? I'm calling my doctor again tomorrow. I am sure they are sick of hearing from me but I have a life to live and after 3 weeks its high time I get back to i
  5. I was cleared for mushy/soft foods as early as 5 days post op. I couldn't handle them that soon and started around 10 days post-op but at my first support group meeting (1 week post op) most of my group had started. Guess all programs vary. Thanks for sharing your lessons learned Snapdragon!! Adjusting to this new way of life is so tough and its wonderful to be able to lean from others!!
  6. I am 17 days post op and started getting really nauseas around the 2 week mark. The doctor prescribed zofran and it helps tremendously! Hope you're feeling better soon. This recovery business is for the birds!!
  7. I'm having a rough recovery but I was able to handle our stairs as soon as I came home. It was SLOW going at first but now I can manage them very well with no help. Good luck!
  8. Thank you all so much! It helps a lot just to hear that it's normal. I do have zofran. When I was taking the zofran tablets I was doing very well with it. When I got my refill the pharmacy substituted a dissolvable tab. It doesn't seem to be working as well. Is that possible? Same med, same dose just different forms. Also, today is particularly rough. Very very nauseas, even had some diarrhea earlier (a first). I happen to be having my every August allergy attack right now and have tons of drainage. I know that can cause nausea, could if cause the diarrhea also?
  9. ***sigh*** I'm 16 days post-op and still feeling horrible. Still lots of muscle pain on my left side and still nauseas all day. It just seems like by this point most people I've seen are back on their feet (literally and figuratively). I still need lots of rest because my side and back hurt so bad. I'm still not driving because its too hard with that muscle pain. Is something wrong with me or is this a normal part of the process? Am I ever going to rejoin the living? Sorry to be such a downer. Again.
  10. My NUT said a minimum of one hour after eating. I am so newly out from surgery that I don't get really hungry anyway but I know I'll have to keep this rule in place when my appetite returns.
  11. I had my surgery on 8/16. I put on a pair of jeans yesterday so excited to see how baggy they'd be. I've lost 26.8 lbs (20.8 since surgery) and they were just as snug as ever!! I was a little disappointed too but I'm trying to remember I'm still pretty bloated/swollen. Good luck to you!!
  12. You look amazing!! What a cute top too!
  13. Heating pad!! It has saved my back. They gave me one in the hospital and it was so soothing for the gas pain. I'm 9 days post op and still have mine plugged in by my bed. Hope you feel better soon!!
  14. I truly can't thank you all enough. Just to know its normal takes a huge load off. I called the after hours line and the on call surgeon called in some zofran. Praying that does the trick so I can get hydrated again!! Again, I am so grateful for all your replies and encouragement! <3
  15. Thanks Farsy!! I will get some today. I'll try anything! So is what I'm going through normal? I just so was not expecting this so not only is it hard but it's got me scared and worried to death about my health.
  16. The last two days have been rough. Rough to the point where I'm wondering if this surgery was a huge mistake. I'm such a positive person generally but this has just gotten to be too much. I'm 8 days post-op today. Days 1-4 were extremely hard due to pain. I was on higher doses of pain meds and sleeping all the time. Therefore wasn't getting nearly enough liquid. So I started taking half doses if meds and it did help. Day 6 was a great day and I thought I was finally coming back to life but day 7 was horrid. Went to my first post-op appt. incisions look great, surgeon says I'm on track, but
  17. Hope all went well! Can't wait for an update.
  18. I'm a little shocked by my weight loss. While I'm definitely not complaining, I am beginning to wonder if its normal and ok. Today I am 5 days post op. Starting weight- 288.6 Weight day is surgery (5 days ago) - 283 Weight today - 269.6 So 19 lbs total and 13.4 since surgery. I'm working really hard to get all my liquids in. I'm just sleeping a lot because of pain meds. I probably get 40oz of water and maybe 20-30g of protein (I really need to start getting this up!) Should I be concerned?
  19. I'm with your hubby. Only needing to lose 100 lbs really does put you on the lower (slower) end of the spectrum. I need to lose 118 and my NUT warned me not to compare since most people in my program would lose that much faster but then they'd also only be halfway there. You are doing AMAZING!! I bet you'll be rid of those extra 40 lbs in no time. Good luck!!
  20. By the way, if anyone's interested. The simethicone I took was those mylicon drops (for infants). They had me do two droppers (.6ml each) every four hours.
  21. I was given simethicone every four hours. Does work wonders for the gas pain. I still needed pain meds though as my drain site was causing me quite a bit of pain. But yeah, the simethicone was a huge help! Day 3 has been my best so far. Gas is almost totally gone and no longer causing pain. Drain is gone and I just have some soreness there. Still needing to stay on top of pain meds but SO grateful to be feeling so much better.
  22. My surgery was yesterday. The surgeon said it went perfectly. I woke up in more pain than I've ever had in my life but it got under control pretty quickly once I was in my room. it's very tolerable when I'm laying but when I have to get up to walk I almost vomit from the pain. I woke up feeling much better this morning so I'm hoping that also means easier walking. I took my first dose of oral pain meds this morning and my pouch did fine with it. How was everyone's day 2? When did the gas pain subside for you? When were you able to walk fully upright?
  23. How are you? Hope you're recovering beautifully!
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