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  1. Hi I really want to get alower bodylift with an anchor cut up the toward the breast bone. I hear it is not recommended due to where the cuts would meet could hav difficulties healing. I have lost 172lbs and most of my weight was in my midsection and I know just having a lower body lift with the horizontel cut will not give me a decent result (as i have researched on internet I know the desired result I want). I dont want an open wound the months but I dont want to spends thousands to be unhappy. Patti
  2. patypal

    Would you do it again?

    I know this surgery was the absolute right thing for me! Yes i would do this again. I am almost 9 years out and it saved my life....I am one of the ones who had NO complications alot of people do have some sort of trouble, my friend who is 10 years out cannot eat pasta or rice makes her vomit. You can read stories all day, i did the months waiting for my surgery I read good and bad stories then one day I stopped, why? Because I made a decsion I had to save my own life. This surgery was right for ME. I can only speak for me I was willing to die on that table to get this weight off. I went in with that exact mentality I had to. I needed to do this, I did not have the willpower to save myself I needed help. Your resoning and belief should be your willing to take the chance that may cause you pain complications, maybe even death(im not trying to scare just being realistic) if you are not ready for that then go back and diet again exercise find the willpower to lose the weight...I knew i couldnt i gave up trying i gave myself over to Dr. Callery and god and hoped to live but decided Id rather die then live a life of pain and fatness forever. I survived and have thrived. Just remember though, what got you fat is still there our issues our families that cheesecake is still there and wont go away because you lose weight. So many change one addiction for another, destructive one, alcohol, drugs, sex. That is what you should be preparing for. When food stops being your comfort, what will replace it?
  3. patypal

    Has anyone kept their weight off?

    Just thought I'd add my 2 sense. I am 9 years out of sugery with Dr. Callery and maintained a 170lb weight loss. I am 5'1 and 160lb. (I have 20+ lbs of skin that needs to be removed) I eat most of what i want my portions are almost normal I just made certain changes that i have stuck with. No drinking with meals, no soda, 40-100oz of water a day. I count calories somewaht. I estimate what ive taken in and decide from there what i can and cannot have. I exercise 3-6 times a week. It is not easy I havea friend who had surgery 10 years ago and she gained almost every lb back. She never exercise, she drank soda and ate out alot. She drank alot of alchol and partied. She has never been very motivated she starts something then gives up. She started weight waters a year ago, lost 35lbs then gave up and gained it back. I dont know why I have been successful, maybe luck maybe not but I know this is agift and if I didnt do this I wouldnt be alive today and i wouldnt have my 4 year old son.
  4. patypal

    Any 5 yrs out or longer????

    I am 6 years post op today and am very sad to hear of all the problems and complications people have had. I had surgery to save my life and personally sat down and and decided I was willing to die on the table to have a shot at a normal life. I did not have one ounce of willpower to stop my myself from eating anything and everything in sight. I made a very difficult decision but I went online, spoke to several people and weighed out the possible consequences. I thank god daily I am alive and finally healthy. I have lost about 170 lbs and I had no real complications. I am every doctor wants but rarely ever gets. I am not blind to the possiblity of future problems but I have a handsome 2 yr old son to show from this surgery. It has NEVER been easy, I struggled with hunger from day one, but the surgery finally gave me what I needed most, WILLPOWER. I stopped feeling like a fat failure and started feeling in control. I contnue you to struggle with food issues, I love it too much!!! Now I feel like a normal person I choose what I put in my mouth and I make the choice to go to the gym. I am far from perfect, Mocha Frap Lites are the devils on my shoulder but I choose it. My friend who is 7 years out has gained back alot of weight back, I cant bring myself to ask how much but shes getting close to her original weight. She made the choice not to exercise very much, she chosen to drink in excess and started smoking months after her surgery. She eats junk and and drinks when she eats. She said to me " I failed my surgery!" Atleast she sees her own errors but she no longer has the willpower to help herself. We have to empower ourselves and take blame for our weigh gains. Yes there are some instances that the surgery fails us or our bodies choose to fail from the surgeries those are out of our control. Im sure there will be people who won't agree with me and thats ok, this not an attack against anyone just my own personal thoughs and feelings about this surgery. I wish you all the best and I hope that the people who are suffering after this surgery can find a fix for all your pain and discomfort. Patti 9/17/02 332/165/132 Dr. Callery, San Diego, Ca.
  5. patypal

    Long term WLS roll call!

    Hi everyone wanted to introduce myself my name is Patti and I am 6 years out from RNY. I have never hit my goal weight but have gotten close right after my pregnancy. I have for the most part stayed between 160-170 as a low since my surgery. Made it down to 138lbs after pregnancy but gained it back within 1.5 yrs. Oh well I am doing well and I am happy. No real complications or problems. Patti 9/17/02 332/165/132 Dr. Callery, San Diego, Ca.
  6. patypal

    Checking in

    Hi all I see very few names I recognize (dale, Woody) just thought I'd stop in and say Hi! My name is Patti and I had my surgery sept. 2002 I started out at 332lbs and have lost 172lbs I weigh 160lbs today. Im not at my own goal yet but my life has so changed for the better....all I need now is plastic surgery. I hope all of you are doing well and I wish you all the best. I wish I had time to hang round here but with 2 jobs the gym and a Patti 9/17/02 332/160/132
  7. patypal

    Question of the week!

    Them: dependable, funny, talks alot Me: Caring, shy, moody
  8. patypal

    Questions for the Post-op 18+ Months

    Hi Im almost 2 years post op and have not hit goal yet. My food cravings were back 2 days home from surgery! I have my ups and downs daily. I can eat chocolate but like Woody I cannot sit down and eat an entire bag or I will feel like crap for a little while. The "dumping" I had at the beginning of surgery was severe now its like feelings under the weather (crap) for anywhere from 10-30 mins. The difference for me is this, I now have control! I could not find the control over my eating beofre surgery i have it now This is what this surgery has given me. I choose daily to drink water, not soda I choose to eat protein first then carbs. I choose to exercise because I can easily and I like the way I feel afterwards. I love the way I look in chlothes now. These things I can control now and I can continue to cntrol them with the tool given to me by Dr. Callery. Do I push my limits? Yes alot more than I should, but I am still in control and I make the decisions and I dont want to be that heavy ever again. Patti 332/160/132
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    You're not doing anything wrong! I was hungry 2 days after I returned home! it was not head hunger for me, the broth didnt fill me up either. I did do better on the creamed soups when I could eat them. You will get passed this its part of the process. Just keep drinking your water and youll be on your next food stage before you know it! Good luck
  10. Well I am about 20 months out and I was not hungry at all for the first 3 days then BOOM! I was starving I know it wasnt head hunger cuz my stomach was growling at the smell off foods around me... and my hunger has been there ever since. Its not so bad its like before surgery but i fill up so much faster now that it dont really matter. I am not controlled by my hunger I choose what will fill me up and am ok with it. Patti 332/162/132