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  1. dxm2

    Want to talk Steps, Addiction and WLS?

    Just bumping this thread. No alcohol for over a year now. My weight is starting to come down again, slowly and I'm better at recognizing when I'm trying to cover up difficult times with food. I still attend 2 to 3 AA meetings a week, but I've become selective about what to take and what to leave behind in the rooms. The best thing AA provides, and this is only my opinion, is social connection. Having a group of people who share the same condition or shame or guilt is the most valuable aspect of AA.
  2. dxm2

    Want to talk Steps, Addiction and WLS?

    Just checking back. Although my weight gain has been depressing, I've been "sober", as in alcohol free, for about 170 days. I put "sober" in quotations because I've come to think that almost everyone will react to stress in different ways and some of those ways will involve diverting attention away or covering up pain. Some ways, like drugs and alcohol, are more dangerous and unhealthy, than others, like mountain biking or playing guitar. Ultimately, its best to face the causes and fear and deal with it, but I don't know anyone who does that with everything. I'm just trying to do it more often. I still attend 3 to 4 AA meetings a week and still find them helpful. I don't agree with everything in AA, but see many parallels with compulsive eating and dealing with fear and pain. This last six months has been about not drinking, and learning not to drink. The next six months will be about getting a better mindset around food and overall health. Happy New Year to everyone!
  3. dxm2

    Want to talk Steps, Addiction and WLS?

    Thanks SpunkyCat. The surgery made my food addiction(sugar) unsustainable, and alcohol was there to take over. Also, because GB patients have no valve between the pouch and the intestine, the alcohol hits the blood much faster and with more affect, and then wears off more quickly. So after 50 years of being a moderate drinker, I found myself drinking at least a bottle or more of hard alcohol a night. Going to AA has made all the difference and I feel much better about everything. Even though I have not had any alcohol, I have had some sugary snacks like candy bars etc.. But, as I have found with Alcohol that the way to stop is not to start, I'm trying to apply the same strategy to sugar. I've gained a little since stopping drinking, but I don't feel like progress is impossible with either substance and that is so much better than how I felt when I was drinking.
  4. dxm2

    Want to talk Steps, Addiction and WLS?

    I attend about 4 AA meetings a week and have found it very helpful. I was not an alcoholic until I had my Gastric Bypass and I'm convinced that both I was primed both emotionally, and then physically, for my alcoholism. I would still get the surgery, but I wish my doctor had warned me, or I had researched more myself. Sober 52 days today. Someday I'll update all my stats, I promise!
  5. These are all good ideas. If I can't ride my bike or play my guitar, the only other thing that works for me is to talk to someone about what I think I'm feeling. Eating in response to strong emotion is still so much a part my brain that I really just need to question what I'm feeling and how I'm responding to it.
  6. Great list. I just copied it to my phone.
  7. Great list. I agree with all of it, mostly from experience.
  8. dxm2

    New FitBit Models

    I would think the ChargeHR has a clock like the charge.
  9. I got a FitBit Charge for Christmas. I'm really enjoying it. Just upped my goal to 12,500.
  10. dxm2

    unfried pork chops. Zero carb, amazing! pics

    I'm trying this tonight! Looks and sounds fantastic!
  11. dxm2

    Lunch Ideas

    Tuna Salad was my favorite at that stage. Now, I make a half sandwich with 2 oz of Oscar Meyer Deli sliced ham, a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese and mustard. I also have Progresso soup for lunch sometimes. Not very imaginative, I'm afraid...........
  12. dxm2

    WLS, Alcohol, and Rehab

    Great post! ^^^^^^ I agree completely!
  13. dxm2

    Disclosing that you had surgery post op?

    A co-worker of mine asked me very timidly if I was, "Ok" when I started to look less heavy. She thought I was sick and it never occurred to me that people may think that. I've been loud and proud about it, perhaps too much from the beginning to today.
  14. That is a funny story. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I am amazed at how much food is part of our society as a whole. For so many events, food is central to the day or celebration.
  15. dxm2

    kid's meals

    Wow, I'm very impressed with anyone who can do a buffet, let alone a restaurant. Eating out is very, very hard for me and its one of the things my family really enjoy. But, I did something the last time that really helped me. I found the menu for the restaurant online and decided what I would get before I got there. It took a lot of the stress out of the equation for me. I had a cup of Turkey Chili and a side of sauteed spinach (I had about half cup, couldn't finish it.) A buffet would just have too many choices and I can't imagine not eating too much and getting sick. And I'm about 18 months post surgery.