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  1. Today I would like to share the experience I just had. Stepped on the scale this morning and almost fell off....I have officially lost 94 pounds since I started my journey...I'm so excited
  2. My loss is now 49 pounds, bmi is 47.8 and I feel great at 287..... 116 more till I see goal weight and I'm confident I will one day see it . all and all health, energy levels and life is up!!!!!
  3. Today I went against my rule I seen the scale and used it.  I am officially under the 300 mark think I almost fainted seeing a 2 instead of the 3 but I smiled and now onto the day with great thoughts in my head.  Have a great day and may you all be blessed with wonderful blessings

    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Welcome to "twoville" - now you are on to "onederland"!!

  4. robin0418


    Follow up today relaxed and so far so good my face and neck are showing results also my arms can't wait for the belly to start but all and all I am happy with the whole thing
  5. I am for the first time in a long time not nervous about the weigh in.... I know I'm down today I find out how much I am down....once I find out I will update my profile and let y'all know..have a blessed day
  6. I can't eat eggs!!!! Makes me I'll for hours. Protein shakes rough, putting protein in fruit smoothies works great . just 20 pounds and I'm feeling so much better I can't believe it
  7. robin0418

    One month

    My one month weigh in is down 20 pounds I am doing great getting more active and loving life
  8. I'm so excited the scales are going slow but things are shrinking I can deal with that
  9. Hair up before surgery hair down is after two weeks ....difference not sure
  10. robin0418

    down 10

    Is it normal for it to be coming off like this? I have not been out a week and already down 10 pounds....am I doing something wrong
  11. Thank you I am going home to try this out
  12. What can I do to get this gas out of me? Walking only helps a little bit and I need to get it out of me ....on a good note 7 pounds since Monday
  13. Home now onto the new life
  14. I went through it all very well no complications at all, sipping my water and protein shake tonight only two pain shots so far and walking is a breeze so glad I made it this far now for the journey to begin ...
  15. On my way to hospital.....excited nervous and ready so ready
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