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  1. Home now onto the new life
  2. robin0418

    Losers bench

    I went through it all very well no complications at all, sipping my water and protein shake tonight only two pain shots so far and walking is a breeze so glad I made it this far now for the journey to begin ...
  3. On my way to hospital.....excited nervous and ready so ready
  4. If I said I was not nervous that would be a lie, I am nervous about the whole thing but I know that this is the best decision I could ever make for my life. Looking forward to getting done with the surgery and onto the next and best part of my life....
  5. robin0418


    I am scheduled for surgery Monday morning June 17 woo hoo all pre surgery tests completed find out the time on Friday
  6. robin0418

    I did it

    Wow girl you look great !!!!!
  7. robin0418

    I did it

    13 days and counting I am so excited
  8. robin0418


    Thank you I can finally breath now I feel like I'm in the train station instead of trying to find
  9. robin0418


  10. robin0418

    I did it

    I am on no special diet at all UNTIL after surgery, didn't have a weight loss stipulation either just couldn't gain anything after my initial visit, had to have medical clearance due to heart condition and passed it so I really did make the right choice with this Dr
  11. robin0418

    I did it

    Thank you @cinwa
  12. robin0418

    I did it

    I got the date June 17 now my nerves are on edge.....and I lost another 4 pounds
  13. robin0418

    I'm back

    Not yet I'm waiting to see the surgeon this week or next to schedule it
  14. robin0418

    I'm back

    Its been a very long time since I have been on the sight. I have now been cleared for surgery. I finally see the end of the tunnel for me 5 long years of the journey and I'm at the stage of schedule the surgery. I am excited to say the least
  15. robin0418

    Good day

    Hi @BurgundyBoy I am doing good just been really tired out so I am doing a lot of resting. Was having chest pains the other day but things checked out ok will know more on the 25th about the results of all the new tests. Just a waiting game nothing to do but take it easy and pray