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  1. Good day

    Hi @BurgundyBoy I am doing good just been really tired out so I am doing a lot of resting. Was having chest pains the other day but things checked out ok will know more on the 25th about the results of all the new tests. Just a waiting game nothing to do but take it easy and pray
  2. Good day

    Today I seen the neurologist and though I have some issues they are not threatening to my health. I have to go back in 6 months just to make sure no issues have come up or gotten worse. Blood pressure and my diabetes is such an issue that I have to keep watching on them. But all and all it was a good Dr visit. Big one on the 25th but I a confident it will be ok. Should be just something to watch to make sure it doesn't get bigger, they don't operate until the anerysm is 5 cm or bigger. Staying positive is the only way to be and so I am going to stay that way. Hope everyone is doing well.
  3. Surprised

    Thank you also @CJireh
  4. Surprised

    Awww thank you @BurgundyBoy
  5. Surprised

    @BurgundyBoy things are going good just taking it slow. Walked .7 of a mile yesterday felt good but not sure about doing much more still going down on the scale so I'm happy about that arm and leg still good .....thank you for asking hope you are having a great day
  6. Set backs

    Thank you all
  7. Set backs

    Thanks @cinwa took me a long time to get the mindset I have and positive thoughts is positive actions we are all fighting a fight if it's weight, addictions abuse whatever someone is going through a fight we have to have positive thinking to get us through the battlefield.
  8. Surprised

    Today I have no tingling in anything. I have my arm and leg back. Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes....they mean the world to me
  9. Set backs

    When is a set back a real set back? When you sit and do nothing to make a come back. Since the 19th of September I have had major surgery, a stroke and found out I have even bigger problems coming up, all in all I took a day to sit and cry and said the second day enough of this crap time to get up and do something. I was 327 day of surgery and this morning I weighed in and I was 311. I in 20+ years have not been this low on the scales. All this from fighting a fight I want to win- living. To me that's what is important to me today living because you never know when you stop living. My goal now is to get through heart surgery and work towards my WLS once I healed up from that. But today I am taking it one minute at a time because I am not even promised tomorrow....have a wonderful week everyone keep fighting your fights heads up and smiles on because we should all be smiling because today we have the gift of life.
  10. Surprised

    Tingling in right hand slow right eye movement and weakness in right leg, vaginally done and because of stroke they ran all the tests and found the anerysm....
  11. Surprised

    News update..... Dr visit went bad. I am pretty sure the WLS is going to be canceled. They found something even bigger....the hospital stay and multiple test have found an ascending aortic aneurysm....looks like the next surgery is to fix that issue I am about sick of Dr and tests and findings I want to cry 4 years had work and doesn't look like I get to even have the surgery now.....feeling defeated badly
  12. Surprised

    I have officially made it past the first week since my hysterectomy surgery. I have not had the results I thought I was going to be having. I am now officially down (yes that's correct ) 14 pounds since surgery. I never expected this result but since removing my faulty equipment I have lost 14 pounds. Shocked doesn't even cover how I feel because it's a collage of feelings at this time. I have my nutritionist appointment on Tuesday morning to get the results from their scale to see how things are really going. I got my feeling back in my leg but not my arm and hand but I am sure I will have that return as well. Just wanted to share the updated information with you all. Have a very blessed day
  13. Worried

    Thank you both I appreciate it this is so new to me now to have to go slow and things I can't do but I'm taking this all in and using every day as a blessing ....:)
  14. Worried

    Well things have turned for the worst. Had surgery on Tuesday the 19th, my hysterectomy, and during surgery I had a stroke. Now I am questioning the choice for WLS. Is this a thing I should do will I have another stroke and why me? I have to wait 6 months to do the WLS since the complications from the hysterectomy and now I am having to rethink the whole thing. Frustrating at the least because I came so far and now the set backs I have had this last week.....makes me cry to think about it
  15. Nervous

    Thank you all.....I am so glad thinner times is here because I truly feel I have a great support system when I come here..... I also told a friend about this forum and referred her to come here and join she's starting her journey in September at the same office as I am going to and now I will also have a surgery buddy close by me.....only people going through been through this journey will really ever truly know what we are going through.....that's why I have chosen to keep my surgery from people now because the support is fake and I can't deal with fake people you know the ones that just what ya to talk about it so they have something to talk about behind your back.....yeah I'm over THEM KIND OF PEOPLE.....positive ONLY FOR ME