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  1. Nice pictures, you look great...
  2. She is beautiful..... I did it for the same reason my 8 year old soon, we'll soon to be 8 and hopefully for another one in due time....
  3. Heart I have PSVT or SVT they burned this area in my heart that is suppose to help stop it. My doctor just walked in after I posted it. He assured me everything will be ok and he did his best to separate the two arteries by burning a lil deeper. I just have to work on the weight with my diabetes which is what I am doing now. At least he noticed that I dropped about 50 pounds since the last time I saw him. It's funny he walked in and I was sitting here crying I think he was shocked and wasn't sure what to say.
  4. Well here it is the next day after my surgery in which should have been in out is a night so they can monitor me since I haven't felt very well since. Second time I had this procedure done in last then a year. When I finally was alert enough my husband told me that the dr almost put a pacemaker in but because I was so young and my heart was healthy he decided not too at this time. Apparently I have to arteries that are very close together. What does that mean? I won't find out till my follow up but I guess there is no for sure way of knowing if this is going to work this time. Suppose to be 95% cure and I ended up in this small azz 5%. I am just feeling so hopeless right now with my my gastric surgery I felt this is it my time to change but now I just have more problems. Wanted one more baby but with my heart who knows...
  5. Praying everything goes well for you....
  6. Thank you, I finally figured out how to resize in photo bucket and it worked....
  7. I didn't say it wasn't that bad, i got tired of liquid real fast and would try to eat something i wasn't suppose to, but you learn real quick to follow instructions...
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