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  1. Initially I went into my surgeon's office wanting a RNY. After, a brief overview of my history he said that wasn't something he would do. He recommended gastric banding with plication( folding my stomach much like a VSG) to me. I heard band and froze. I have heard so many horror stories about bands that I walked out of that appointment discouraged and unhappy. I have relaxed a bit and continued researching and it seems people love them or hate them, with little wiggle room. I guess the questions I have are these: 1 How long does a band last before having to be replaced? 2. Did you lose the weight faster with the plication ( more than an ave. bander)? 3. How uncomfortable are refills? 4. What side effects, if any, are commonly experienced? I know these questions probely sound rudimentary but I feel like I'm starting all over again, research wise. Thanks for any help!!!
  2. I went into my appt wanting a RNY. The Dr wasn't willing to do that kind of surgery and wants me to try a gastric band with placation ( folding my stomach in half like a VSG). I have read so many discouraging and downright, scary things about banding that I'm scared to even venture down that road. I am grateful for your inspiring story! I have so many questions about this procedure and am trying to find answers
  3. I was originally slotted to have a gastric sleeve done at a MTF ( on Knox in Kentucky) because of my history they opted to send me out to civilian site in Louisville. I chose Nortons Hospital because I was told they are THE go-to hospital for high risk patients. As I began my relationship there, I had a few hiccups (things like missed call backs and next steps guidance) but attributed this to maybe anxious anxiety on my part and us all being human. Well, Friday I was called by the head shrink and was asked to call them back on Monday. Silly me got excited and figured it was to schedule my last eval before surgery bc there isn't much else left to do. I called her and was immediately confused bc this lady was not only, totally not making sense ( not my info, not my history) but had this very evident superior, your a lowly, anxious, depressed woman who was so bad off you needed hospitalization ( again NOT my information...and was totally pissed at this point bc who is she to treat anyone like that?!) I again told her that I didn't appreciate her tone and that this was not my information and I wanted HER name and title. She is the Behavioral THERAPIST ! I was floored, totally knocked off my nut!! I asked for the Director's number and spoke with her and we are figuring out why MY information is not in my chart but also...I don't want anything to do with this opinionated, self-righteous woman, let alone have to have her approve me for surgery!! I am now five months out from my original appt to discuss WLS with my PCM, frustrated beyond belief, and wondering if I made the right choice! We are active military and we have to be ready to move on a dime if need be ( we have been here almost three years so it can happen anytime). I'm just getting very nervous about timing and now highly irritated with this facilities lack of professionalism. *big deep breath* Thx for listening Rant done~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. Prayers, well wishes, and positive vibes being sent ur way Congratulations of your surg~birthday !!!!!!
  5. My PCM was amazing! She actually brought WLS to me. I am 5'6" and 234 at the time. I have multiple herniated and floating discs in my back along with Spinal Stenous through out. I have high cholesterol since I was 24 and High BP now. I am diabetic and have had issue with IBS and IC since I was a teenager. I was actually slated for surgery on post until they found out about the IBS. I told them I hadn't had a flare up in years.....Guess, I was "hands off" at that point. They said I was too high risk and had to be sent out. I am now playing the Tricare game, SIGH!.....If the MTF would've done it I would be in and healing already. I guess everything happens for a reason. I am so nervous that Tricare isn't gonna see the issues I hsve as being "enough" or being not over weight "enough". My father had his first heart attack at 40 and he actually died twice. His uncles didn't make it past forty. He is now 56 with an EF of 26%. I don't want that for me or for my babies
  6. Thanks everyone I have an appt to see the surgeon again in two weeks, they said I should have my surgery date then. I'm excited and scared outta my mind all at the same time!
  7. We are both originally from Michigan, I'm from Saginaw and My hubby is from Harrison! Go State
  8. My name is Michele! I am a mother of four (three boys and a little girl). I am now 32 ( I can finally say that without thinking bad thoughts lol ). I am 5'6" and 5'5" ( the Dr cant agree *giggle*) and about 240lbs. I am a military wife to the love of my life! We are active duty and currently in Kentucky. I am pre-op'ing for gastric bypass with Dr Allen through Nortons (in Louisville) and dealing with Tricare Prime. I am a rollercoaster of emotions and probabely will be until the actual surgery is done. I am here looking for friends and support from people who know what this journey is like and to vent these mixed up,unsettling emotions that seem to be invading my space! Here's to the next few months!
  9. GreenShelly


    I'm at 240 now...this is the biggest I have been (even pregnant :/ ) and am hoping to have your kinda luck!!! You look incredible ! Congrats!!!!