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  1. My youngest is 5, I have plenty of years of her sales. I dread cookie time. Samoas are my weakness.
  2. I've been doing very well with my snacks. High protein.... my kid is a girl scout and they just got done with their nut sale
  3. That's sort of what I've been doing. If I get "hungry" I drink a hot drink and give it 30 minutes. If I still am hungry, I eat something small. I guess its working, I've lost around 5 pounds Back on track.
  4. Not bad at all. I get one done every other year or so to readjust my bipap (still have to use it ) They hook you up to an EKG machine, a monitor on your face for things such as snoring and teeth grinding, a cpap or bipap, and basically you just go to sleep. They watch you throughout the night.
  5. Man, It is still hard to figure out the difference. Anyone have tips so I stop snacking? I usually try to drink some water and see if it goes away in 30 minutes or so.
  6. I completely stalled weight loss wise because I fell into the same mindset that I had before surgery. I'm getting back on track now, but don't give in. Luckily I watched enough to stay at the same weight and not go up, but remember this is a tool. Like all other tools, you are only as effective with it as how effectively you use it.
  7. I'll second chicken broth. Protein shakes of course. I tried the chicken flavored protein drinks but thought they were totally gross.
  8. If you are feeling that way, get help sooner rather than later. I'm two years out, and I still get waves of "what did I do to myself". Mostly when I can see my family enjoying something really sweet or such, and i decline. Or when I am in compunet getting labs done, and the 8 or so vials get drawn. I still get waves of what I could call depression. They are rare but when they hit, its like a truck. Luckily my wife is supportive, and helps when it happens. Your best bet is definitely get someone to talk to
  9. I hit the jackpot. I developed a hernia, my doctor takes care of the skin when he fixes the hernia as a bonus I am in weight loss mode, I need to get to onderland before I go through with the hernia repair.
  10. I lost track of myself and have been hovering around 235-240 for the passed 6 months. I'm tired of it. I'm jump starting by taking two days of liquids (protein and the such, just like after surgery). Then I'll move on to small portions of soft protein, then finally add hard protein. Pretty much the exact diet I followed after operation. I've also committed to 10 minutes on my elliptical and 10 minutes of weight training nightly. I have a hernia, so I have a big incentive to get to my goal of 200 ish, when the hernia gets fixed, so does the skin.
  11. I wish I was one of the lucky ones that dumps when I get out of control, it would be a good kick in the @*# when I screw up.
  12. I'll work on it. I just changed my picture of my pre surgery to this one taken last month. My mom has been documenting me with a monthly picture since surgery. I'll see if I can get her to email them to me.
  13. My first frothing incident was after trying a bit of mashed potatoes. Never again /shakes fist
  14. So we are coming up on my 1 year surgery anniversary, I thought I'd check in and tell you all how I am doing. I went from 350 down to 230. I am exercising on my eliptical machine nightly (never thought I'd be able to do that) I am completely off of all of my meds. Diabetes in remission A1C went from 13 down to 6.5. I never wanted to believe the prejudice against big people before, but after losing my weight, I have been promoted twice within my company. (part of the reason I haven't checked in, I am super crazy busy). I still have 30 pounds I want to lose to get to where I set my goal a year ago. My wife will be buying me some free weights so I can start redeveloping my muscle mass, as I have kind of let the weight lifting slide. I did have problems with Vitamin D defficiency, but took care of that with super vitimins. Proteins were not a problem, everything else is great. And YAY ME, I didn't lose my hair! Oh, and I had to buy new clothes twice, lol. I have given my old clothes to my wife's brothers, who are now larger than I am. I treated myself after surgery by getting Lasik, and my teeth fixed, so I basically transformed into a whole new person. I am loving it. EDIT: Yikes, time to edit my profile.
  15. Get a small pack of the Unjury at first, to make sure you like it. Everyone told me how excellent it was, so I got to try it in the hospital before I went home. It was the most vile thing I had ever tasted.