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    I am a mom of 2 girls one 6 the other 3 1/2 so one would think I am up to my arm pits in Barbies and Princesses. nope not my chickies they love lizards and dinosaurs and sciency stuff. Well at least my 6 yr old does and rubs off on our little one!!! So needless to say I have no real hobbies. My time is taken by working 9 hr days and hangin out with my girls 5-6 hours a night.
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    Vertical Sleeve
  1. Hey, another St. Charles girl!! Thank you!!! Yes LET'S GO CARDINALS LET'S GO
  2. Thank you everyone. definitely the best decision I have made I went on a 3mile hike today I can honestly say I would of not even imagined doing this a yer ago
  3. I am in St. Peter's but I guess my profile says that duh :/
  4. Those are awesome I have seen quite a few of those cakes also I am a fellow Missourian
  5. Started at 369 now 256 113lbs loss Still more to go but I just keep truckin
  6. My one year anniversary was yesterday. I started my journey at 369 I am now 256. My doc told me the sleeve would probably take me to about 240, I hoped he wasn't right, it seemed like people on here have lost a lot more than that from the sleeve so it sorta confused me. I am still loosing approx 10 lbs every month and half or so but I am nervous that it is going to come to a screeching hault!! I really really need to get my butt moving but still can seem to find the energy to motivate myself more than walking a few miles a couple times a week after working a desk job for 10 hours a day :/ don'
  7. Well I am almost 100lbs down! I got myself my Jeep Wrangler!!!!
  8. My daughter found a play dress that looked like a wedding dress so I decided to pull my dress from 9 yrs ago out and it was actually big on me I thank God for the vertical sleeve!!!
  9. Mylifemyjourney


    I cannot wait to be able to do this!! Your such an inspiration!!!
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