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  1. Seriously so happy for you. Congratulations!
  2. Congratulations! Looking forward to pictures to see the healed you!!! I am heading in for my tummy tuck and breast lift/aug in a week and a half and your courage (can you tell I am anxious LOL) is awesome to read! Congrats again you rock!
  3. Good for you! You've earned this! I am in the same boat as you are, my surgery is scheduled for 5/16. We got this sista!
  4. Hey lady haven't seen you on here in forever!!!

  5. Welcome and congratulations on your new journey!!!
  6. Hi there! I remember when I learned I had to lost 24 lbs in 3 months...I thought no freakin' way was that going to happen but I gave it my best shot. I really found to be really super helpful to track what I was eating and the dietitian we were working (I was in a 3 month required class with other who wanted WLS too) with had us all on a 1200 calorie per day diet. I do remember 1 woman in our group who was only eating twice a day vs three times was struggling to get the pounds off. The 1200 calorie diet has everyone losing about 2 pound per week. Once I cut out most carbs (not ALL) - switched to rye bread to enjoy with my egg every morning it was much easier. I also walked every night but started out three times per week and it was only 1 block. After a week I went up to 2 blocks....and then 3 and so on. The first week you do this, even with less exercise, you will notice the weight will come off faster than the remaining weeks. I know it seems daunting but I lost 28 lbs before I met with the surgeon (2 weeks after my referral where I weighed in at 24 lbs) and i was a total neigh sayer. You CAN do this I PROMISE!
  7. It's right around the corner! So awesome for you!
  8. That's so crazy how different Kaiser can be too....Kaiser here in So Cal requires 3 months of classes (where they have you on a strict 1200 calorie diet and mandate 10% weight loss before surgery referral is sent) and we were never required to have any milk of magnesia. So crazy how different it can all be right?
  9. Has anyone else had a bad reaction to the Bariatric Advantage multi? I was fine when I was still on my anti nausea medication right after surgery but a week later I started throwing up immediately after taking the multi. It took me a few days to narrow it down to the multi. I have to blend it up in a shake and sip at it now. I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if they have had better luck with other brands?
  10. I was going to chime in on the prilosec too. My surgeon requires his patients take the prescription one (not the OTC one) for 6 months after surgery to assist with that. That must have been really scary for you. I hope it stops for you soon
  11. Sending hugs your way and hoping this week is a fresh new one for you chica
  12. Hi and welcome from another 37 year old who regrets not doing this when it first occurred to me 7 years ago. I agree...YOU GOT THIS! And your day will be here before you know it!
  13. Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! Exciting that it's just next week too! Welcome, this forum is fantastic (as I recently learned myself)
  14. Inspirational! Thanks for posting