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  1. hey girl how have ya been? it has been so long since we have talked... hows school going? I graduate in this semester, I am pretty excited over that. anyway get back withme, takeit easy Sue

  2. It has been a long time! missed everyone! I'm super busy with school. DH had major medical issues (if you want to read all about it look under a thread on divorce) and things have been nuts here, but it is starting to calm down-FINALLY!!!! knock on wood, cross my fingers, etc. Anyway, I'm about 2 1/2 yrs out now. Still having trouble keeping my weight where it needs to be (never did I think this would be an issue in my life). I get down around 99 and never over 103 anymore. I have no appetite and stress doesn't help much! I'm well on my way to my BA in Administration of Justice with a minor in Social Services. I got all A's last semester despite everything being so crazy with my hubby. We lost our jobs back in December-he got sick and spent 34 days in ICU (brain aneurysm-he is 100% back to normal-maybe better than before). I'm using my federal benefits (nafta) to complete my degree and Hubby just started a new job two weeks ago. He says he feels much better physically now than he has in over a year. However, the pay sucks, but we will have ins. in 60 days. Anywho, enough about me! All you "Lifers" here-Let me know how you are doing! Anyone new, tell me about you!
  3. Congrats! I hope all goes well for you! P.S. I absolutely ADORE Hello Kitty too!
  4. I am having big issues with forgetting to eat-I am never hungry! I get shaky and weak too-low blood sugar. I teeter back and forth between 103 and 99 lbs. I'm really trying to stay on top of this issue, but as you all know, it is hard to eat when you aren't hungry!
  5. Congrats! I hope you continue to heal well! Even though you feel great remember this is a MAJOR surgery-take it slow!
  6. Hey Everybody! My Hubby and I went through some pretty rough months and I was really considering ending it all. Two days after x-mas (after being bed ridden with major complication from a minor cyst removal), I got a call to meet him and the guys he worked with at the ER-"Don't freak out, he's awake and talking." We got there 20 minutes before he did in an amblulance and he was 1 block away. The minute I saw them wheel him in I knew something was terribly wrong. He had an anuerysm rupture in his brain. He was on a blood thinner from a clot and his blood was way too thin making the bled in his brain worse. He had to be flown to a hospital two hours away. I had to make the drive alone-my mother in law sucks and did everything she could to make this situation worse, my father in law was making an 9 hour drive from his house (he was absolutely wonderful to all of us), my sister in law was jacked up on meth so she and her mom made me miserable until they left 2 hours after my hubby's brain surgery. I was told he would never be the same man I knew and that it would take him months maybe even years to recover and he probably had a great deal of brain damage-I would have to care for him forever. I spent 6 days in the waiting room of ICU and then 30 days in a hospitality house right across the street. My father in law stayed 4 days and came back every week, my mother in law came back twice-once the nurse told us we needed to make her leave-she was upsetting him. Sister in law never showed back up. My grandparents are too old and in poor health (plus they had my girls) to make the drive. These are the times when you find out who your friends truly are and who loves you. My Dh had a rough 34 days in ICU, almost suffered a stroke, spent a few days not knowing who I was, developed a severe clot. He is almost 100% like his old self. There are some personality changes and some based on he almost died. He was being very angry over minor things and mellow over nothing. I called his Dad and we went to visit-He knew I was with him constantly (except the last week-I drove home went to school all day drove back visited went to my room repeat) but his Dad went on (according to DH) about how I was the only person he asked for and wanted, his mother almost costing him his life with her interference, how they treated me and my girls, and God knows what else. Well, I guess the years of me telling him they were nutso didn't work but this did. He no longer speaks to his sister at all (she is a lost cause-sadly) and only speaks to his mom when she calls about once a month or so. His attitude is great now, we get along much better than before. He got a new job two weeks ago (I lost mine 5 days before x-mas and he was to lose his 1-01-07) and says he feels better physically than he did all of last year and I think he is much better off emotionally with something to do. It pays half per hour what his old job did-ins is very expensive, but we can get it after 60 days and with us losing our jobs to a foreign country we have benefits to help with these costs. Sorry to ramble-I got side tracked! My Dr. says more than half of his patients get divorced after wls. However, the divorce rate is high everywhere anymore. The wls is a big life changer and it is easy to see getting off track in your relationship. However, I think we are all very different people pre op than we are post op-we finally feel as if we have some value in the world-a chance to live like we never had before. Thoughts and prayers with all of you!
  7. Sue-My Dear Friend! What in the world is going on with you dear? You have been through the mill with wls. Let us know where you are with all this! Big hugs and prayers coming your way!
  8. Thanks so much all of you! I've missed you all a bunch! Holly-Is that a baby Westie? I'm saving for one and I'm soooo jealous! I need details about that lil cutie! My Cairn terrier (like Toto) died about 6 mo ago. He was 18 yrs old. So tough losing one especially after that many years but he was so sick and old. The best dog I have ever or will evr own! We have had 3 Westies. Excellent people oriented dogs. Very social lil guys! tell me all about him/her! I'll try the PB and Jelly crackers. I do an occasional PB and All Fruit spread sandwich on toast, but I do much better with crackers. I really need to get back to 6 meals instead of 3 also. The MRI is to check for plaque. I don't know a great deal about MS, but I'm learning a ton of a great guy at work who has been living with it for about 15 years now. He is doing well. He spent 3 mo in a wheelchair and now gets around great. he has some bad days but more good ones here lately. he went from a partying guy with little physical activity to eating right, laying off the drinking, and working out as often as possible. He really feels like those choices help even more than any of his many medications. So even if that is the case, I feel like it is not the worst thing that could happen to me. My Dh has really had it emotionally. I got home last night and he was sobbing. He thinks we all hate him because he is sick. Which isn't try. However, this has been very tough on the kids and I. He requires constant care and since I work, the kids take over at 4 pm everyday. They have been great and haven't complained (well, not too much), but they are only 14 and 12 and have had to do way more than they should. My grandparents have been wonderful as well. His family has been pretty absent. His grandpa has been stopping by once a week for the past month and i really appreciate that. Gives him someone to see other than us. However, his Mother, brother, and sister haven't been to see him at all. he went to a family reunion back in July for a couple hours and talks to them on the phone every few days.I really could use their help, but we get by with them. His Dad lives 3 states away, but did come over Labor day weekend and visited with him. Other than his 80 yr old Grandpa no one has bothered to ask us if we need help financially or other wise. My family has helped and we ran through all of our savings over this, but we are getting by just fine. Just doing without the extras. My oldest is doing cheerleading this year and loving school. The youngest is planning on starting volleyball and really loving her 1st year of Spanish. Sorry, again, to ramble, but this is really helping me to get back on track emotionally and hopefully the physical part will follow! HUGE HUGS TO ALL!!!
  9. It's Quaker Weight Control oatmeal. I really like it! The kids and I have it occasionally for dinner. Really satisfying! I couldn't do oatmeal early out.
  10. I knew you were expecting! She is adorable! Those 4D things are unreal! Have you decided on a name I know you were thinking of something egyptian. I was just thinking of you the other day too! Wondering how much longer until the baby arrives. I weigh 103.5! I've lost 175 lbs. I'd like to be about 115 to 120. My goal was 145 then 135 and then 130. My Grandmother says I wouldn't make a good soup bone lol!
  11. Sorry it's been so long computer issues, moving, and very sick DH have had me too busy to take care of myself and check in on you all. It has been a rough few months! DH had a minor procedure to remove a cyst from his foot. He was suppose to be off 3 weeks it has been almost 4 mos. It wouldn't heal then infection. He is on IV antibotics at home and treating everyone like crap to boot! My oldest broke her foot in July and is still in a cast. And as I posted back in may DH and I are without jobs as of 12-22-06. We have gone through all of our savings with this illness of his and we would have been in great shape when we lost our jobs but now we are just screwed. good news is that i am eligible for TAA benefits from the Fed gov. I can draw my unemployment (about $50 less than my usual take home pay) and go to school and finish my BA and the feds will pay 100% of tuition, books, and pay mileage to and from school. I think this may be a blessing in disguise! However, right now things just keep going from bad to worse. I'm down to 103.5 lbs, a size 0 pants, xs tops. very hard to find clothes in that size that are long enough (pants) when you're 5'5". Never thought I'd have this problem. also started having muscle spasms so bad I can't hardly walk somedays so I go Fri for an MRI to chack for MS. I've already had a bunch of labs to make sure it wasn't nutrition based-it wasn't. Maybe it's just stress but I don't think I could be in this much constant pain from stress. I'm happy with our new home-it's a project house but it is coming along nicely and I got it for a song. I have cleaned, painted, rewired, refinished the hard wood floors with very little help. I never knew I was this handy. With DH on crutches for 4 mos you learn quickly! We just aren't getting along at all anymore. Haven't been for quite sometime and I really want to end things but I know he will never leave me alone. Plus, according to him it's all my fault not his constant drinking and bizarre family that is the problem. Sorry to vent and ramble, but I'm in a pretty bad place right now! I've missed you all a bunch and PLEASE when you post-Let me know what has been going on with you and yours! Big hugs to all!
  12. I'm having trouble stopping losing too. I have got it to slow some with the introduction of some carbs-whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread. Right now I bounce between 102-107-currently I'm at 103 1/2. I agree a GOOD nutritionist is the right way to go. The one at my surgeons office is a HAG!!! The last time I went (weighed 114) the doc said no more losing weight. I spoke with her and all she did was terrify me about gaining and how much green beans I could eat instead of say baked potato (which I hate anymore). I really enjoy this as a snack sea salted soy crisps and lite garden veggie cream cheese (about twice a week). She said when I come back in and weigh 278 again she won't even bother with the I told you so's.
  13. I still can't eat early in the day. I just have moved my meals around to the times when my pouch will allow. Trial and error!
  14. Congrats! i just sold my old house and bought a new one (well, built in 1935) back in July. it is so stressful! I hope it all works out and you will be happy in your new place!
  15. Sorry it has been so long! Lots going on at home with hubby and kids health and moving and losing our jobs in Dec. Have a wiring issue to correct and then I'll be back up on line at home. Sue- I can't check my private messages at the library! Hugs to you, Val, and Jayden! I have missed you all a bunch! Really need to get back in for support! I'm down to about 103-107 lbs. Size 2 to 0. Really having a tough time with having any appetite. Hope you are all well and I promise to get back ASAP! I don't even have time now to read any posts! Have we got any new babies yet? Everybody healthy? I need details! Lots of Love to you all!