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  1. Trish, I haven't posted in a really long time, but this...your walking to the end of your driveway...this is what it's all about. I am moved to tears, and must congratulate you. This is only the beginning, the first steps in so many ways. A huge victory. Good for you.
  2. I'm convinced it is more than just the weight loss, too. I started freezing right after the surgery, without having dropped a pound, and haven't stopped since. I would guess that it has something to do with hormones, or with "brown fat' being lost. It is a total mystery, and the surgeon just shrugs it off.
  3. Yes, that and also that we really do have to concentrate on habits and attitudes. The honeymoon gives us the luxury to do that, but it also can give us a false sense of confidence.
  4. Thanks, blameitonthegenes! And thanks for highlighting the pertinent parts. When I first looked at the article I was on my tablet, and the highlighting didn't come through. I didn't have a shot at reading and understanding until I looked at it on the laptop. About a year in, I increased calories to avoid losing more than I wanted to, but now have to be super vigilant. That's why I shudder when I read some of the posts by those still in the honeymoon period. As we've said, this surgery is not magic, and I still have to work it.
  5. For me, the weight loss stopped, BUT, more important and more distressing, the exact way I was eating and losing now results in weight gain. I did not change what I ate, but about a year ago I realized I had to cut back in order not to gain. And I exercise like a fiend. So the emphasis on establishing good habits AND changing how I think about food is vital to maintaining a healthy weight.
  6. good for you, Mark! Let me tell you (and this is from a woman who just completed a marathon just a few weeks shy of her three surgiversary) don't worry about speed. In fact, however slow you are going, go slower. You will cover more territory and last longer; you can work on speed later! Running is a blast!
  7. I'm going in! Three years ago I was still pre-op! Tomorrow--running the OBX marathon! Unbelievable no matter if I finish or not. What a difference three years make! Wish me luck!
  8. Just by reading the original post, I know that at the info session re: WLS my surgeon hit those points that take all the shame out of obesity, all of it. I also know, and I wrote about this in a thread called "is my body just waiting to get fat again?", that indeed my body is just waiting to get fat again. My surgeon said constant vigilance is necessary, but not obsession. The tool is still a tool, but I must remain vigilant or I know I will indeed let my disease of obesity become apparent again.
  9. Wendy, I used to know when it was time for new shoes when my shins told me. One thing I don't economize on is shoes. Now I probably get a new pair every three months and put them in rotation.
  10. Yay on all accounts! What great news!
  11. there's always a chance. They woke me up in recovery and I was in my room a few hours after surgery. My surgeon told my husband that I was the best prepared patient he had ever operated on, but I was not able to walk until at least 36 hours later due to dizziness. I don't react to general anaesthesia well. Everyone is different!
  12. I have a slightly different take here. If my nutritionist and plan said it was okay, then I went for it. Consequently, for me, nothing is off limits (except refined sugar, and that's my choice) and nothing holds that "glamour" of being "bad." I learned how to incorporate flat bread, rice, and pasta into my diet. I don't eat them every day, but I did eat them when my plan said I could. The honeymoon is for learning what works, and what works for one doesn't work for another. Three years out in November, btw.
  13. Most of the time I can't even get on! I don't get it. But I'm old and feeling cranky today!
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