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  1. Welcome CelticGirl, To start with you could not have picked a better surgeon! Doctor Callery and his staff are absolutely fabulous! I had my RNY in May of 2013. Was done at Pomerado Hospital. I had no problems to speak of! Sometimes you do have to go outside of family for positive support, family will come around if you stay positive, work the program, and lean on the positive people. Good Luck!
  2. Welcome Heather. My starting waist was a very tight 48 and now can get into a comfortably tight 36, comfortably loose 38. I was 65 when I had my RNY in May of 2013 and I have never regretted a day since then when I started at 272 and was 5'6". I dropped to 173 within the first year after my RNY. I got back about 20 and have stayed at this level now for 4 years. I am now a 70 year old man. I am going to do a 5 Day Pouch Reset and hope to get back to 170 or so. . I was always in constant fear of falling or tripping prior to my surgery. I had several very bad falls prior to my surgery that landed me in the ER. Luckily no broken bones! I very happy with my decision to have WLS and know that recovery is always "One Day at a Time". So welcome aboard to TT and enjoy your journey!
  3. You are on track. Study your materials and make sure you follow them to the tee, don't try to get ahead, stay away from carbonated beverages (they will give you the most miserable feeling in the world when they try to expand in your pouch). Baby steps keep you safe, gulping gives you misery.
  4. I can't speak to the VS, I had an RNY. After the first week for me it got a lot better. Everyone has a rough 1st or 2nd week to their changed world. You just need to find your comfort zone and rely heavily on this site, your Dr. and your Nut! Go over your literature, and your rules with a fine toothed comb. Go to the support meetings religiously. Do walk as much as possible, take in fluids, sip, sip sip, DO NOT GULP (you will regret it very quickly if you gulp). Always continue to read your literature, handbook and perhaps invest in a copy of "Weight Loss for Dummies". Keep a diary of your daily life, if something hurts, write it down, if something feels good, write it down. If you have a significant other sit down with them and talk about it with them. If something feels really wrong talk with your Dr.
  5. Make sure you do your research! Books such as "Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies" (Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com) give excellent information. Depending on who your surgeon is most offer support groups and have excellent resources. Make sure you do your pre-surgery shopping so you have everything available from the get-go. Pay very close attention to what you are allowed and when you are allowed to have it. If your surgeon gives you guidelines to follow, which they do, follow them to the letter. Start a diary of your daily life, food choices, protein choices and other items. Walk, walk, walk, so your recovery will go much better. Suck on ice if sipping water makes you feel bad, it is a good way to get the water you need and without any discomfort. Include all the exercise you do in your diary. You have chosen an excellent surgeon, Dr Callery and his staff are the best.
  6. Try Dr Callery in Poway. He is very good and has an excellent NUT! i had a GB in early May @ Pomerado Hospital. Pomerado has an excellent staff as well.
  7. I had my GP done on May 6 this year. I started @ 272 and am now @ 187. I have had few problems of any note other than dehydration. I believe my case is typical however atypical cases do occur. Do your research and get the book "Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies" (Barnes & Noble, Amazon) and any other book you can get your hands on. Check out Mayo Clinic on line, Google Weight Loss Surgery Pros and Cons. Get as much information as possible. I believe my decision to do this has been a very good one, had an excellent surgeon, excellent hospital staff, and have an excellent support system. My surgeon is behind this site.
  8. Welcome! I am coming up on my 6th month post-op and doing fairly well. I started @ 272 on May 6th and my current weight as of this morning is 187.
  9. I am a patient of Dr. Callery and had my RNY on May 6, 2013. Dr Callery & Kelly are so positive in their approach I don't believe you could have a better team. Pomerado was great, and Florence, in the Bariatric Office, is awesome. I have just passed the 4th month post-op and have dropped from 272 lbs pre-op down to 200 lbs as of this morning. By the end of the week I should be below 200 for the first time in over 30 years.