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  1. If you are interested in joining our monthly get-together please let me know. We meet at various locations each month in and around the metro area.
  2. jilliebeanmn

    St. Paul/Minneapolis meet up

    Will shoot for a Thursday next time. Roasted Pear sounds great, Julie. We are mixing things up a little bit each month.
  3. jilliebeanmn

    Calories During Maintenance

    I usually sit at around 1800 calories per day. I eat pretty normally, with no shakes.
  4. jilliebeanmn

    New clothes

    I saved one pair of pants, and one shirt. One of the best things ever was fitting me and a friend in my old pants.
  5. jilliebeanmn

    Trophy Clothes

    I bought a pair of size 10 levis at the thrift store. Those were my "goal" jeans. Funny thing is, I can wear size 10 jeans now, but not those. They are not even close to fitting, and I don't think they ever will. LOL
  6. I had plastics two months ago and was told I needed to be at MY goal, and my weight had to be steady for six months. I was within 10 of goal, and he was happy with that. He figured when I lost the skin I would be close to goal and he was right. I lost 7 pounds of skin. i am still adjusting to the new body. Hopefully my now bony hips will grow on me. Lol
  7. jilliebeanmn

    ok, check in time

    thank you so much. I think all the biking helped tone up my muscles under the skin. :)
  8. jilliebeanmn

    Plastics date moved up to tomorrow!!

    thanks, and a big congrats on the baby!!!
  9. jilliebeanmn

    ok, check in time

    I'm finally pretty much back to normal after the plastics. They took 7 pounds of skin, and I lost another 7 while recovering. I'm now less than 5 pounds to goal. Extended tummy tuck surgery is no joke. Holy cow, it was tough, but I am beyond thrilled with the results. I've settled quite nicely in a size 10, and I am guessing I might hit an 8 after all is said and done with the swelling. I have to reschedule my 2 year check up with the bariatric clinic as i had to cancel because my Mom had a stoke on November 7. Hopefully the anemia has resolved. Thinking it has as my hemoglobin level was normal last time I had it checked. hope everyone else is doing well and loving life. Happy thanksgiving. Here re is my after photo.
  10. jilliebeanmn

    Plastics date moved up to tomorrow!!

    Yep. Quite the drastic change, that's for sure!!!
  11. jilliebeanmn

    Plastics date moved up to tomorrow!!

    5 weeks post-op.
  12. jilliebeanmn

    Plastics date moved up to tomorrow!!

    Found out today they took 7 pounds of skin from my tummy. They pulled one drain, but one is left in place. Hoping I can pull that in the next couple days. Still sleeping in the recliner. Bored, but not able to do much. I keep hoping for enough focus to pick up some of the knitting projects I have in prorgress, but no luck so far. We we made a quick stop at Walmart after my appointment this morning to look for sports bras. I grabbed fourth try on, and was maybe in the store ten minutes, but by the time I got to the car I was completely wiped. I took a pain pill on the way home...stumbled into the house and promptly fell asleep for 2 hour
  13. jilliebeanmn

    Plastics date moved up to tomorrow!!

    Hoping to get the drains out tomorrow. I'm fairly confident they will pull one. The other is questionable....but I am crossing my fingers. I want these out BAD!!
  14. jilliebeanmn

    Plastics date moved up to tomorrow!!

    Quick before and after. 4 days post op