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  1. Thinking of you!  Miss you around thinner times!


  2. Hey there! You and I had a conversation back in July 2014.  Wow, I can't believe it's been that long.  I've been wanting the surgery since then and FINALLY this year I have insurance that covers the surgery.  I'm still debating between GB and sleeve but leaning heavily toward the sleeve.  I would love to conversate and ping questions and concerns off of you.  I see you haven't been on here in a while but I'm hoping you get some kind of alert with this message.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    1. WendyH


      Try sending a personal message to Jenny. When someone PMs me, a copy goes to my email as well.

    2. Christmaspenquins
  3. Just a note of caution, if you are diabetic, gestational or otherwise, and you have a prolonged amount of time with an IV, eventually your baby will need the sugar. Twenty three years ago my water was broken during an exam so I got put up on the labor ward to await the beginnings of labor. I was given a saline IV, and no food during the day. Eventually my baby was so sluggish they considered a c-section, luckily the the doctor realized what had happened and a glucose IV righted the situation. Immediately after my sleeve surgery, the stress caused me to need insulin. Once I left the hospital I have never had insulin or diabetes medicine again.
  4. Knowing the rules is 1/2 the battle, post-op the rules are easier to follow because you are forced to start from scratch with your tiny new tummy. To this day I eat off a tiny plate, don't drink during meals or for a while afterwards. I used to take a short walk after meals to keep me from drinking. The farther out I got, the longer the walks got. By the time I got home it was time for some water! Best wishes! Jen
  5. I cut down significantly before surgery, I got down to one a day or every few days. I figured at least my caffeine headache post-op would be minimal or non-existent with the pain killers. Post-op it wasn't even a temptation, just trying to get in my liquids was consuming my thoughts! I am so glad to no longer be hounded by this terrible soda habit. Trying to change some habits pre-op is just impossible. Drinking with meals was another one I attempted to ditch pre-op and for me, it was impossible. Post-op it was a breeze. Even now, 22 months out, I can't eat and drink at the same time. On the TT cruise last week I would order a cocktail with dinner and three hours later I would finish it.
  6. Starting from the back of the table on the left: Aviator, Njjenny62, Grayghost, Bondkat starting from the back of the table on the right: aviator's wife aka "Bones", Purplemist, Princess Blog, and Princess Blogs guest
  7. The cruise was amazing! The night before some of us got together with Julie and had dinner. Was a good opportunity to meet her and others going on the cruise. Every night we all dined together and rehashed what we had all done during the day. Usually some fun and naps! Port calls were Key West, Florida, Freeport, Bahamas, and Nassau, Bahamas. In Key West Purplemist and I did a Ghost Tour, and a rum tour in Nassau. Both were outstanding. Thanks Kim for pulling this trip together! Now, back to reality. Doing some shakes today, lots of water and walked four miles with my hubby! Never thought I would be tired of eating, but, it happened! Missing my bestie, Purplemist. :-(
  8. Purplemist and I will both be there!
  9. Unfortunately, food will taste good again. Embrace your distaste and avoid foods you couldn't eat enough of pre-op. I used to love salty things. In two years I have had a handful of chips.....it is a good thing!
  10. Hey cruise buddies, just want to remind everyone to contact the credit card companies of the cards you are bringing on the trip to let them know you are going out of the country! Nothing worse then trying to use a card and getting it denied!
  11. I am going to jump in! Seven years ago I had a really bad foot problem and was on 800 Motin 3 X's a day. The foot got better but three weeks after stopping I had a tummy ache one morning. Had a little clear soda and laid down. Woke up with that urgent need to puke and didn't make it far, I puked all over my kitchen, projectile like and it was brown. I was breaking out in a sweat, it was awful. After gathering my thoughts, I was like oh crap, that must be blood! We live in the middle of nowhere so I had my daughter take me to the hospital. My blood pressure was 70/40 when I got there. I went unconscious and had emergency surgery for an ulster that just happened where the artery was. It was a tough recovery because of the blood loss and weakness caused. I have taken protonix every day since then because I take an aspirin everyday because of a stroke history and open heart surgery to fix the reason I had the stroke. I worried some about having the sleeve two years ago. I still take an aspirin every night and protonix is every morning and have a yearly endoscope. No problems. Occasionally I take a dose or two of Motrin. No mega doses for me! I have probably taken 10 doses in the last three years of Motrin. My doctor prescribes narcotics for any ongoing pain issues. Almost dying is not fun. My Dad says I am a cat with nine lives, but I have used several up!
  12. I had a hysterectomy at 40 and didn't gain a bunch of weight afterward. If anything I felt better and was more active because I wasn't battling a non-stop cycle anymore. Good luck. Best thing I ever did.
  13. Grapey he is beautiful! So proud of you, I can't imagine how hard all that time in the hospital was and now your complication. I am very happy for you, motherhood is amazing. Best wishes for years of love and laughter with him! Jen
  14. I just signed Purplemist and myself up for a rum tour in Nassau. It is some walking, cocktails and chocolate. I signed up for the 11 am tour, it lasts two hours. Didn't sign up through the ship. I will paste a link if anyone else is interested. Thursday the 17th! http://www.getyourguide.com/nassau-l326/nassau-rum-runner-s-historical-culinary-walking-tour-t33597/
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