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  1. March 7, 2013 - 4 years post-op

    Now, I realize I was eating wrong, before my appointment. I was snacking too much, and on the wrong things. I was not in line with what recommended portion sizes. I now am measuring my portions with both a scale, and a set of measuring cups. I am bumping up the protein too, wherever possible. When I left the bariatric center on Monday, I stopped at the hospital pharmacy and picked up a container of Unjury Unflavored protein powder, to all to whatever food I can. I am eating healthier, too, and fresher. I am incorporating more fresh veggies into my diet, both with meals, and as snacks. I'm adding both more fruit and more dairy too, to up the protein. My calorie intake has come down. this week, too, to a low of only 985 yesterday. I am trying to maintain an average of 60 g protein per day, and am succeeding at that. I am also being honest in logging my food intake too. If it doesn't hit the SparkPeople app, it doesn't hit my mouth. So far, so good. Will document more as the month goes on.
  2. Diabetes :-(

    Usually, it is a BMI of 40, with no comorbidities. But, you mentioned he is diabetic, and has sleep apnea. That will most likely qualify him for WLS. His surgeon or bariatric center will require him to get a sleep study, to verify he has it, if he hasn't been formally tested for it before.
  3. Greetings from Rochester, NY

    Its been a long time since I posted, so I figured it was time. I am now 4 years out, as of this past Saturday (3/2). Had my annual post-op visit Monday. I am now 260 pounds, which is up 8 pounds from last year. And THAT was 7 pounds up from 2011. So the PA I see every year is a bit concerned. She is having me see one of the bariatric center's nutritionists, in hopes of stemming the tide of weight gain. So, I am now keeping a food journal, to show the nutritionist. Too bad I couldn't see my original nutritionist, but she was promoted to bariatric center coordinator. But, at least I know the one I have the appointment with. I also need to start exercising more. I already go for walks in the halls at work on lunch time, but I need to get more in. Good thing I now have a Wii and a Wii Fit. That will help me out SO much! I will follow up after the appointment with how it went.
  4. March 7, 2013 - 4 years post-op

    4 years ago this past Saturday (March 2, 2009), I had RNY gastric bypass surgery. I don't regret for one single minute doing it. I am struggling with a bit of weight regain, however. The bariatric center says I am now 260 pounds. That is up 8 pounds from last year, which was, in turn, up 7 pounds from 2011. I am being proactive about it, because I want to stop the weight gain, and initiate more weight loss. I am going to exercise more, avoid my trigger foods (snacks and sweets), keep a closer eye on my portions, start keeping a food journal using the SparkPeople app for Android, and I even have an appointment for next month with a different nutritionist at my bariatric center (my original one no longer sees patients, since she was promoted to the coordinator of the Bariatric Center). Maybe keeping updates on here will also help get me back on track. For my first day of using SparkPeople Diet and Food Tracker, it says I took in 1341 calories today. My bariatric center recommends we stay between 1000 and 1500 calories a day. So 1341 isn't too bad.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow - hope you have something special planned.

  6. I'm good thanks how are you?

  7. I'm good thanks how are you?

  8. Hey Bob how are you doing today?

  9. Bob.... I want my scale!!!!!!

  10. Coming Back To Tt

    Thank you, Time. I can't say why she doesn't like it. She refuses to talk to me about it. And, we are going through couples counseling, but that really hasn't seemed to help. I have changed, and I am more confident and outgoing. I stand up for what I believe in, and that includes standing up to my wife.
  11. Coming Back To Tt

    Thanks Crystal!
  12. Coming Back To Tt

    I am just getting back into the TT forums, and chat room too. Used to come in as a pre-op, and kept going into another forum/chat room site. Now I am back! I'm Bob. I am currently 47 years old, and from Rochester, NY. I had my RNY here in Rochester on March 2, 2009. I went under weighing 340 pounds, and now, almost 2 and a half years later, I weigh 240-245. My wife has been unsupportive in the past (see my previous old posts), and remains so. She has told me repeatedly, and often too, that she "prefers the old, fat me" and that she "liked (me) better when (I) was fat". She has also told me, again countless times, that my having WLS was "the biggest mistake of (my) life." Of course, I believe none of this. I made a life-altering decision to have my WLS, and never has even a faint trace of regret regarding surgery crossed my mind. I am very happy I did it, and would do it all again in a heartbeat.
  13. Greetings from Rochester, NY

    Today marks 18 months out from surgery for me. I am down to 238 now, sometimes as high as 243. And, Michele is still as unsupportive as ever. She came right out and told me, as recently as yesterday, that she "prefers the old, fat me." I came right out and told her she wont see THAT person again!
  14. HI Bob My daughter took your email address home to NJ with her by mistake! Could you send me a note at so we can touch base again? :) Thank you for coming to see me at the hospital when I had my surgery! Sincerely Helen