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  1. Beautiful family. I just love that skirt!
  2. Greer and just think you were worried about "fitting" your pre pregnancy jeans! Look at you!
  3. Size 6 skirt (I think from The Loft) XS shirt from The Limited.
  4. Animal print, size 6 jeans from Old Navy and Guess pumps. Happy Monday!
  5. Greer you and Eli are super cute!!! Don't sweat your weight. You literally just had a baby! You'll do just fine
  6. My hangers are pulling double duty! Each hanger has 2 sometimes 3 items on it. My husband shops just as much as I do so we fight over space lol. We both have things in the guest closet. Plus, I have bins in the basement. We had to get creative once we turned the other guest room into the nursery because we had clothes in there too!! You ever go shopping in your own closet like her I remember that!
  7. Super cute! I almost brought a similar dress yesterday! I kept telling myself to walk away...there's no more room in your closet
  8. Nice!! Love the shoes You look great! Love those shoes!!!
  9. I agree!! Her smile is contagious! Looking fantastic as usual!
  10. Happy almost Friday! I'm wearing a small hooded sweater from NY&Co and small no name pant like leggings from Marshall's.
  11. I agree with this statement 100%!
  12. Casual Friday! Small mossimo t-shirt from Target, XS puffer vest from NY&Co (it was on clearance glad it fit lol) size 6 Express jeans and pink Nikes!!
  13. You look amazing!! Love your positive attitude! And are a SUCCESS!
  14. Everyone looks amazing! TGIF.