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  1. That's great! Never feel guilty for doing what makes you happy. Additionally, it's not as if these surgeries are "quick fixes". They still take some effort on our part, so be proud of yourself.
  2. Hi there. I had both surgeries last year. To answer your questions: I would suggest doing whatever exercise you can to strengthen your stomach and arm muscles in advance. It isn't mandatory but will improve your experience and results. Also, if you do the surgery and then gain too much weight while you recover you will be disappointed with the stomach results.. just a warning. And it will take time and effort to really get a bikini stomach if that is your dream. It is definitely not a "quick fix". I was out of work for 3 weeks due to the recovery of the stomach incisions and muscles, but did not have any complications at all. I was actually surprised at how fast I recovered from such a large incision. And by the way, you can use your arm right away after surgery, but it is just uncomfortable for a while. Once annoyance was wearing a girdle for quite a long time, but I highly recommended not ditching it too soon and possibly buying one or two in advance of the surgery. Keep in mind that you will lose some feeling in the pelvic area for a long time, or even forever. It doesn't bother me now, but for a while it was a strange sensation. Last suggestion, make sure you fully understand where the incisions will be made (my arm incisions and remaining scar are quite hidden from view which was nice) and listen to the after care directions from the doctor to ensure you have less scarring. Good luck!!
  3. Good luck! It will depend on the surgeon you choose and how in demand they are. Mine was 3 months after the appointments (I also was sent to a therapist first, which is mandatory in Switzerland). Be prepared for the doctor to ask you to undress and they will definitely put their hands on you in places (feeling the excess skin and stretching it). And the worst part for me, but certainly worth the embarrassment, were all the pictures they take of you half or fully-naked for insurance purposes. Of course, this is only based on my one experience.
  4. Hi there, I had the same experience and also after about 2 years from my surgery. I thought something was very very wrong as it was so painful. I went to the emergency room and I had tons of tests and scans. Nothing was wrong. It was just gas. I had to watch what I ate for the next few days and my doctor prescribed something for the gas (gas-X wasn't strong enough). Within a few days I was back to normal. I would definitely still see your doctor to rule out anything serious though!
  5. Both my doctor and dietician refused to give me a goal weight and just said they would tell me when I reached a "healthy weight". I gave myself a goal of 65kg. It took me exactly two years and one day to reach "normal" BMI and I've since lost approx. 1 kg a month. I would like to lose about 3-5 more kg (to reach 63kg or 140lbs) but I'm not stressed about it much and would be fine if it took a few months.
  6. Some may disagree, but I think forbidding yourself from food that will satisfy you or give you a moment of pleasure is horrible psychologically, and can just lead to binging in a very weak moment. And I know this from experience! I don't forbid myself from anything... if there is something brought into work that is high fat and tasty, I will try it. But the key is only having a little... Trickier said than done, but this is my tip for you. When you crave something, first drink a glass/bottle of water. Give it a half hour and if you're still craving, then have one taste/one bite/one nibble and walk away from it. If the food is amazingly tasty, to be honest, that should satisfy you and perhaps train your brain to understand that you can really have it whenever you want, but you don't NEED it! But careful not to misjudge that kind of craving with hunger. This won't work for everyone, but it was a revelation for me.
  7. staraflur


  8. For anyone new to this thread... don't give up! 2 years ago I was a poster worried about stalls, even after I read the reassuring posts. I was stubborn, but now I know that they were all absolutely right. So if you are feeling defeated, just keep going, change things up a bit or don't (I've done both). Either way, if you trust you are doing what you should to continue losing, the stall will break. My longest stall was 5 weeks! Horrible, but in hindsight, my body was just taking care of itself as it should.
  9. Congratulations for how far you've come! And I know exactly what you mean. My saving grace was really exercise, having low calorie meals that are filling, and keeping the treats out of sight (but still available). When I get a craving, I jump on my elliptical for 20 minutes or take a walk and then drink water. If I'm still craving afterwards (which is rare), then I treat myself to something that is at least equivalent to the calories I burned. I'm sure there are tons of ways to deal with cravings, but that is just mine. Good luck!!
  10. You have done great, and from my experience I had the same feelings but I got there in the end (still a work in progress though). Please listen to what the others are saying above and don't be hard on yourself. You especially need to be prepared for the stalls and possible small weight increases which will happen to you. I went through it all and it was hard... but I was always rewarded in the end. As long as you continue on your plan, you will see the results and just maybe you'll realise you're fitting size 18 jeans suddenly! good luck with everything!
  11. I made it to One-derland. I can't believe it. :)

  12. When you had the roast beef, tuna, etc, was it too dry by any chance and did you chew thoroughly? I went through the same thing and I just had to make sure they were not so dry. Good luck!
  13. Only slightly? You should be more proud of yourself than that.
  14. It will pass! I went through the same thing and it was a horrible feeling. But in the end, you will start losing again!
  15. I can only tell you that I have never met my protein requirement either, but I have still lost 50 lbs since my surgery in May. Do the best you can to meet the requirement, but don't get discouraged. Also, stalls are very common. I had a 3 weeks stall a month after my surgery where I lost absolutely nothing, and then started to lose 2 to 5 lbs a week again. Don't get down on yourself... you're only a month out and your body needs to adapt to these major changes.