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  1. I sincerely hope this is ok to post this here.
  2. I'm upset and angry

    No sweetheart, the hospital hasnt agreed to fix the problem, they said they would give me a discount (wow!!) they havent confirmed an amount though. It was the manufacturer that has agreed to give me a new band. Incidently I was wondering if they would confirm that in writing, or if MVDB would forward me the mail (or hard copy) where they offer this. He doesnt think I should expect a whole new operation, funded by anyone except me I would have expected more from a top surgeon (in his field). Seems to me... once that money was handed over then I was on my own which to my mind is totally wrong. But then I would feel that way after parting with
  3. I'm upset and angry

    Thank you Dianne and Duckie. MVDB mailed me last night confirming that Allergan will provide 'free of charge' a new band. While this is good news, how do thy expect me to take out the faulty one and put a new one in???? Today I had to have a Cystoscopy done by a surgeon on the NHS, I had seen this guy previously for the consultation and (x-rays, scans) he had asked me what were the tubes inside my tum, that showed up on the xrays:D I told him the story. Today I told him the latest. He told me to get that in writing and to see a solicitor, same as you guys. He said the manufacturer should be footing the bill. Tomorrow I am going to phone Allergan ( a huge worldwide company, btw) and ask who I should speak to to discuss this matter and could they put the offer in writing. Then I shall seek legal advice. Thank you all for your support,I will continue when I have more news.
  4. Brooke Born 6-17-08

    Many congratulations on the birth of your little bundle of joy, Holly
  5. I'm upset and angry

    I mailed MVDB again last weekend, asking for the batch number, he said he would get Leslie his secretary to mail the info early the following week. By Friday of last week, still nothing, so I called her. She said the number I needed was in my notes and these had been put away in their closed files, she has requested my notes and will mail me next Tuesday probably. . I asked my GP if he could refer me to the NHS for a new band op, and he said they wouldnt even give me the time of day, because there were heavier ladies than me who cant get help. Cheshire, he says is a very bad place to live if you want this help?? However he did say make an appointment with the Practise nurse and she'll try to help you. No more to tell you, just getting fatter and more depressed
  6. Thank you Nicole for your sweet messages xxx Patsy

  7. How sweet you are Nicole, many thanx xxxx

  8. I have my date woo hoo

    Great news Sassy, congratulations. Fun countdown now for the 3 of you:D
  9. I'm upset and angry

    Thank you Ann for your post. As the situation stands now, my surgeon, was contacting the manufacturer yesterday and said he would let me know what they say. I wont take this laying down ...I will fight, I'm sure I'm not the only person on earth this has happened to and I think I have spent enough already. I have noted your comments and agree with what you suggest. My plight will go on, and i will keep you posted as soon as Michael Van den Bossche replies, which will hopefully be this weekend. I'm not too sure about him giving me a reduction though because when I went for the fill when he told me I had a leak, he still took my
  10. I'm upset and angry

    Thanks for your replies girls...the make is 'Lapband' manufactured by Allergan. MVDB has advised me that they may just give me a new band, though its not confirmed as yet. But the Bupa (now Spire) hospital say they will give me a discount for the surgery, they're not saying how much at this time. But I really cant afford the surgery, even if I get the band. Seems to me that nobody really wants to take responsibilty for this mishap. I'm stuck with a non-functioning band inside me and no way of getting it out or a new one in!!
  11. Advice on band sizes and fills

    Yes Berry thats just it I believe. The thing is, each time I had a fill, some time later the restriction I felt at first would go and I really think that it was because of the 'slow puncture' thing I had...I may be wrong. But my surgeon always used to take out whatever was in my band before he refilled just to check how much was actually in there. Always... some had i dont know if that happens to everyone or not, he did say that it sometimes happens, the fluid just disappears into the body. What I'm trying to say is may have had a fill of say 2mls for example but next time you had a fill there may only be 1.5 mls left. I'm sure someone will correct me if this is wrong, but I have read similar on another weight loss forum.
  12. Had To Call 911 Today

    Geez, you must have been scared $h* glad you're ok. I had a few severe chest pains just above my band about 4 times in the middle of the night last year, scared the hell out of me. Got tests done and they dont know what it was. Thats the worst bit, when they dont know:mad: btw what is Zanax??
  13. Internet dating is so much fun... NOT!

    You poor girl, dont think that all men are the same dear cos they're not. Just dont go for the same type again.