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  1. Hi, I know your question is from a while ago, but fat cells hold estrogen as well as fat, and when you rapidly lose weight, they release extra estrogen into your system. This is why surgeons tell you to use extra birth control. Unfortunately extra estrogen means breakouts and PMS too Hope you're feeling better at this point!
  2. I use Bariatric Fusion protein powder...usually get the tubs, but the variety pack on Amazon is a great way to try out flavors before getting a big tub http://amzn.to/29wvE6y
  3. I had my second son 4 years after RNY. Honestly it was soooo hard watching the scale climb even though I knew it had to LOL. I ended up gaining 40lbs with him, he was a big boy, 9lb 13oz, so lost about half that just delivering him, and he breast feed which really helped the rest of the weight come back off. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Enjoy it!!
  4. When I was getting ready for my gastric bypass surgery, I read whatever I could about it. Back then, blogs and online support groups were pretty new, and few and far between, so I read a few books on the topic. Now, there are tons of online resources, but I still really like a "all info in one place" book. Here is a list of 7 of the most popular and helpful out there! The Sleeved Life by Pennie Nicola is about her journey getting the vertical sleeve gasterectomy. The cool thing about this book is she combines her personal story with lots of the most recent research on this type of WLS. The Big Book on the Gastric Bypass has everything about gastric bypass, from how to pick a surgeon, what to expect pre-op, how the surgery is performed, recovery, etc. It has lots of info about afterwards as well, how much you can expect to lose, the diet, & exercising after. Weight Loss Surgery: The Real Skinny is a great one that talks about all the "bad" parts of WLS. It goes over the mental aspects, how to change your relationship with food, and how to handle when you don't get the results you were hoping for. The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients (3rd addition) has stories from patients that have had all different bariatric surgeries. Patients interviewed are long term success stories, from 5, 10, 15 years ago, some from 30 years ago! Back On Track After Weight Loss Surgery is great for any of us struggling with weight regain, with slipping into bad eating habits, not making time to work out, etc. Weight Loss Surgery for DummiesWeight Loss Surgery for Dummies I absolutely love the "Dummies" books so of course this one had to make the list! As all the other "Dummies" books, this one is written in clear, easy to understand language, tons of tips and tricks, and fun to read. Al Roker: Never Goin' Back I had to include Al Roker from NBC on this list. He is such an inspiration, and this open and honest story of his life, his struggles as a child with his weight, and what finally led him to getting bariatric surgery, is a must read Most of these are available hardcopy or on your kindle, which is personally my favorite way to read
  5. I had my bypass 8 years ago, and it was liquids for two weeks, purees for three weeks, then soft solids for a couple of months. It was VERY slow moving, but I remember I tried to jump faster between liquids and purees and oh boy did I regret it! It made me dump and get the worst stomach pain ever. Proceed with caution when moving between food stages, and just try one or two bites at first!
  6. I'm 8 years out and never regretted it. I also cannot drink milk (but can put it in my coffee) and cannot eat a bowl of cereal. I can do some sugar, but never push the limits, because I know myself, I'd get back into bad habits.
  7. I'm 8 years out and was just recently diagnosed with under active thyroid. i'm on thyroid meds now and it's back to normal range.
  8. Lots of times, people stop the protein supplements before they should, and this can cause stalls and other issues, like hair not coming back, etc. If you can't get 80-100g of protein a day, try supplementing still. You should also be around 1100 or so calories a day. Good idea about trying to switch up the exercise as well, that can get your body to jump start. Good luck!
  9. I'm almost 8 years out and still take acid reflux meds
  10. Making up recipes is one of my favorite things! Here's some smoothie recipes. http://www.betterbariatric.net/protein-shakes/
  11. Not sure if it's okay to put this on here, if not I will remove. You can enter to win a Protein Sampler kit great for pre-op's/new post-op's here http://tinyurl.com/jvoah2t
  12. My surgeon had me taking Senna like 3 in the morning and 3 at night until things got back on track when I was a newbie. Also, I agree you should take something daily like a softener from now on. Iron binds a lot of people up.
  13. *I am NOT a mental health professional and I urge you to seek appropriate counseling for any relationship problems* For many of us who have weight loss surgery, we have had weight issues most of our lives. I for one battled with my weight since the age of 12. So when we hear the words “you’re approved” it’s a mix of feelings; relief, happiness, nervousness, excitement…I’m sure you can fill in many others you felt when you heard the news for yourself. We all imagine our spouse/significant other will be behind us 100% in our decision to change our life for the better and put an end to our obesity struggles. But what happens when you’re partner doesn’t support your decision to go under the knife? Why would he/she react this way? More and more I’m hearing of couples having relationship issues either during the approval process or soon after the surgery is done. There are many reasons that your partner might not support your decision for weight loss surgery. For many, couples met and fell in love while at their current weight. Basically who you are (and are trying to change with your WLS) is who your partner fell in love with. The new you will take some getting used to. Some lack of support may be due to worry that you will now be more attractive to other people and leave him/her for someone else. If your partners is also heavy and unhappy with their weight, good ‘ole fashioned jealousy can be at play that you are able to change for the better and they are not. Sometimes, without realizing it, our surgery becomes our sole focus, and that can wear on the other person (and honestly our other friends and family, not just our partners). It’s a big deal to us, and even if our loved ones are happy for us, and supportive, it doesn’t mean they want to hear about it during ever conversation…that’s when support groups come in handy, so we can talk about it to our hearts content! If your partner is truly disrespecting you, insulting you, or hurting you in anyway, do NOT tolerate that! But if it seems to be simply they are having a rough time with the changes your surgery brought on, try talking honestly about them, and meet him/her halfway, and see if attitudes can shift to make both of you happy again. One of the biggest changes in your life doesn’t have to mean an end to your relationship! Better Bariatric
  14. I always pack snacks. I bring a protein bar, some nuts, a string cheese, or a fill and go protein shake. Then I by a bottle of water once I get through security. That way I'm set. Plane food is crap or nonexistent anymore LOL so I'm always set.