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  1. Mission Accomplished!

    July 16, 2013 I walked in the hospital weighing a frightening 329 lbs. Walking was a hard thing to do then. I panted and panted and panted everywhere I went. Too much darn fat on me. July 27, 2016 Here I am weighing 144 lbs less and feeling oh so wonderful. Weight loss gave me a new attitude. I love me now!!!!!
  2. vitamin deficiency

    8 months post op and I found out through labwork that I was vitamin deficient in A and D so the NUT emailed me what I needed: VITAMIN A Repletion Regimen 100,000 IU Dry Vitamin A X 3 days, then 50,000 IU Dry Vitamin A X 2 days, then 20,000 IU Dry Vitamin A daily thereafter VITAMIN D 20,000 IU Dry Vitamin D daily This is in addition to the: 600mg Calcium Citrate w/Vitamin D B complex 50 Vitamin B12 500 mcg Multivitamin They will repeat labs in 8 weeks.
  3. July Surgeries! Where is everyone?

    I'm down 121 lbs. RNY was on 7/16/13. Blood pressure is fine. Heart problems came back so I'm back on heart medication but half a dose from before. I'm feeling better now. 9 pounds to Onederland (now weigh 208). I have not been exercising since the surgery. I walk but no gym work. Need to start that.
  4. Is eating Rice a No No?

    I'm 8 months post op. Have lost 107 lbs. I think I'm getting sick after eating rice dishes. Can you get a terrible upset stomach with diarrhea from eating cooked rice?
  5. I Need Consequences!

    If I eat too fast or too much, I get sick (nauseus, feeling of food being stuck in chest, then I'm forced to curl up in the bed and call for my mama sick!) I need the consequences of what will happen if I do that. If I eat too many sweets or fatty foods, I will "dump" (severe stomach pains and violent diarrhea). I need the consequences of what will happen if I do that. Being "food addicted" created lots of health issues which culminated in weight loss surgery and the surgery is working out well for me. I'm down 96 lbs. (I missed my short term goal of losing 100 lbs by the end of January!!!!!), my clothing size has gone from size 26 to a 16. I'm taking no more medications. The only pills I take are vitamins. After all of this, I really need some nasty consequences to force me to do right. Being sick will teach you really good!!!!!
  6. July Surgeries! Where is everyone?

    Its now 6 months and I'm down 91 lbs. January 2014 I'm now wearing size 16. Still only taking vitamins everyday. Drink Isopure everyday. Feeling good.
  7. I get the "foamies" whenever I eat too fast, eat too much or didnt chew my food well.
  8. Mucus and Gagging After Meals

    They call that "the foamies" right? I get that if I eat too much and/or too fast. Throwing up mucus and no food. I'm a little over 4 months post op so I'm a relative "newbie". But, after 10 years post op, I cant imagine why thats happening to her now.
  9. How long before you are/were authorized to return to work?

    I was granted 6 weeks. The Doctor said I can return after 2 weeks if I felt like it. I went back after week 4. I felt perfectly fine at week 2 but my brother had RNY several months before me and I remembered he went back after 2 weeks and regretted it because he hadnt gotten the food eating down real good and ate wrong and spent many days in the bathroom throwing up. The usual, he either ate too fast or too much. So I spent my 4 weeks learning how to eat. I made all my eating mistakes at home for privacy! By the time I came back to work, I had very few incidences of the "foamies".
  10. Obsessed with this forum and my surgery

    I'm 4 months post op (July 16 surgery date) and I've been on this site daily starting in April. By July 16 I was well versed at what I was getting myself into. I still come on this site for guidance because I'm only human and not a computer so some things didnt stick in my little head. I never would have known all what I know if I had not been on this weight loss site. This is such a great idea!!!!!
  11. Isopure

    The milkshake type protein drinks was making me gag!!!!!! I just couldnt do it anymore and was not eating enough protein from regular foods to give me 60+ g of protein each day. I bought Isopure Grape and absolutely love it! Love the taste but it gets bunched up in the back of my tongue and I need a tongue scraper to get rid of that phlem that seems to congregate in the back of my throat. Once I clear that away, I'm all good and can finish drinking my 20 ounce, 40 g of protein drink.
  12. Meat?

    Pork chops or tenderloin does NOT work for me at all. Gets stuck! I can do deli meats, a very rare steak, boiled chicken from homemade soup or chicken baked in gravy. I am a former and hardcore fried food eater. The good news for me is that I "dump" viciously everytime I eat fried foods and I'm glad because it keeps me away from it!!!!!! Fried foods and Pepsi was my calorie intake problem and now I can get sick eating it. Wonderful for me!!!!!
  13. How long did you guys use protein shakes?

    16 weeks post op. I DRINK a 20 ounce Isopure Grape Protein Drink (40 g protein) every morning. I EAT 20 g or more a day in protein.
  14. Holidays are a coming...

    I'm concentrating on a protein rich Thanksgiving Dinner consisting of a turkey, baked ham, pot roast, dressing/gravy, mac n cheese, sweet potatoes, butter beans, turnip/mustard greens, sugar free peach cobbler. I will get a bite or two of dressing/gravy and eat butter beans and the greens but my main meal will be the turkey and baked ham. It will take all day to eat my food because I have NO INTENTION OF GETTING THE FOAMIES ON THE HOLIDAY!!!!!
  15. July Surgeries! Where is everyone?

    I'm 16 weeks post op, 57 years old, and have lost 66 lbs (265). My starting weight was 329. As long as I eat slow and not a lot I am fine. Pork chops, pork tenderloin gets stuck so I took them off my "mental menu". I drink a 20 ounce Isopure Grape Protein drink (40 g protein!!!!!) everday and let the other foods I eat make up for the rest of the required protein. I take my vitamins everyday. I have been taken off all high blood pressure, GERD, high cholestrol and heart medications. Vitamins are the only thing I take each day. The only thing my RNY did NOT fix was the prior damage to my knees and hips from arthritis. I had a left total knee replacement in 2009 and now the right knee is bone on bone but I knew before the RNY that weight loss was not going to fix that problem. I dont care, RNY fixed all my other problems. I am happy and cant believe I waited this long in my life to do this. Wish I had done it 10 years ago. In July 2013, I was wearing size 26 clothes. Today I'm at work in a size 20 pants that I had folded up in my closet for the past 3 years!!!!!