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  1. Wow your correct, you know your Italian cities in addition to Vino!
  2. Its been a while, here are a few pics from vacation, I took, my youngest to Italy for two weeks. My dress on the left is a Michael Kors medium and the one on the right I'm not sure about. We had a blast.
  3. Then we will be stuck with Pence, that's why he picked him!
  4. While I understand being attracted to a certain type I think the wording of this is pretty callous considering there are many beloved members of this forum that could be hurt by this. While we are not PC I certainly hope we care about each other enough to try not to hurt each others feelings, we are all already sensitive about our weight issues we don't need to be put down even more regarding our skin color. If a black guy said he wanted to move away there were too many white women and prefers black women honestly it would hurt my feelings, like Kim said we are all the same people our skin hasn't a damn thing to do with who we are and what is important about us. I understand being physically attracted to a "type" but you never know you could be missing out on somebody wonderful and a sole mate because you are limiting your options. When my daughter was about 5 our neighbors were black and her little friend was black, one day she innocently asked me if she was different I sternly told her if she gets cut she bleeds like you, if she doesn't eat she feels hunger like you, if she is sad she cries like you. Sorry I will get off my soap box I am feeling extra sensitive there was some racist lady on facebook in Kentucky in a jcp store and it went viral and I am still so upset about how she spoke to two latina women and not one person came to their defense.
  5. Your a very handsome guy, trust me my single friends would love to meet you but alas your far away. Get out there and join something there are plenty of single ladies that would enjoy your company.
  6. I love that vest Greer. I bought my sister that same cashmere cardigan last year for Christmas. I have a few myself, love them.
  7. Morning. Small brown Michael Kors equestrian skinny pants, small white Old Navy tee and small sequined, fur-trimmed Sundance vest. Brown leather/suede boots. See, I'm here. Well, in Phoenix for meetings this week. small black halogen dress, small charter club cashmere cardigan and black leather Coach pumps. Black leather Tory Burch bag.
  8. This is super cute! Where has Greer been?
  9. You are not too old for them! My daughter got me some over the knee suede boots with a 2 or 3 inch heal ( I prefer 2 inch) I am hoping the fit my calf, still have trouble with some boots.
  10. I am really wanting some over the knee suede boots. I bought some boot socks too, can't quite get them to look cute like yours but I will get my daughter to help me put it together, isn't it fun though???
  11. I like everything about it, the boots, the boot socks, the distressed jeans I may be stealing the look!
  12. I love those boots...tell me about them please!
  13. What a handsome young guy, hope they start feeding him better. My daughter lives in San Diego, went down for college and never came home, SD is her home now.
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