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  1. Tiger is awesome! LOL Love it. Definite NSV!! Good for you! Keep up the good work. Everyday is one day towards feeling awesome.
  2. Hee! The names just keep getting better and better!
  3. Awww.... Love it! Good luck! Amazing things are headed your way!
  4. Most-definitely keep it going!! And Tawanda is awesome! Good luck! Life is just beginning!
  5. When one slips out and the husband gives me the "stink-eye", I shrug and say, "Medical condiction."
  6. Probably six months. One of my all time favorite snacks. Eat it all the time.
  7. Welcome! Carbs are crazy! They beckon to me from the cupboards in my kitchen! Thanks for the advice. Might be cold-turkey time.
  8. I'm glad! We're a truthworthy and experienced group that has a ton of helpful advice And we all need help sometimes. That's what makes this forum great. You'll be just fine and time will FLY by!
  9. It will get better! Blink and you'll be two weeks out. Blink again you'll be six months out. I'm just beyond a year and the pain is a glimmer of a memory (although I do recall at the time I thought it would never end!). You'll be 5x better at your week to ten day mark. Honest!
  10. Thank you so much. I almost didn't post. I didn't think I had anything to add! Guess I was wrong.