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  1. Lentil soup, split pea soup, any soup with your favourite kind of bean blended in.....( I like tomato and chickpeas) Natural, cheap, nutritious and delicious, FULL of protein and easy on the stomach.
  2. nezza

    Not able to concentrate

    Yep, was like that for me too. It'll settle down, don't worry. Your brain is too busy helping your body get over the trauma of major surgery and helping it function on very few calories to be bothered with that book you're trying to read.
  3. nezza

    Essex lady

    Heya Nessa, what's occuring?
  4. nezza

    Menstural Cycle gone loopy

    You lucky people. The opposite happened for me. More bleeding, more often.
  5. nezza

    Another "womanly" topic

    Yep, what they said, it's the estrogen. I went from a long cycle with light periods to a short cycle with heavy ones
  6. nezza

    Need advice, please!

    Only your surgeon can answer your question. I just wanted to state my admiration for the loving care that you and your mom are giving your grandmother.
  7. nezza

    Normal Stomach Vs VSG

    I would get the shakes and feel lightheaded when hungry before VSG because I was teetering on the edge of diabetes and was hypoglycemic. Hasn't happened since surgery. When you don't eat a load of carbs all day long, your insulin levels even out.
  8. nezza

    Looking for Advice

    Aviator, you are a refreshing voice of reason. Nezza.
  9. nezza

    Looking for Advice

    Basher, your mixed feelings are entirely understandable and something which many of us have been through in the past. No-one who has these surgeries does so because they woke up one morning, realised they were overweight and decided that they'd just book themselves in for WLS as an easy way to skinny. almost all of us have or have had actual and/or potentially serious health problems as a result of our continuing or recurring obesity. What WLS does, in a nutshell, is give you the ability to reprogram yourself from someone who lives to eat into someone who eats to live. While I admit that portion sizes are small, especially in the early days - it is by no means starvation. (And I get that the Auschwitz reference was nothing more than a somewhat ill advised metaphor.) The problem is that you are comparing them to the portions that you eat now and that we used to eat, which are far, far, far more than anyone needs to eat. Hope this helps. Good luck, whichever path you decide to take.
  10. nezza

    Hello - long time no talk to :))

    Your symptoms sound very much like a bleeding ulcer. Get that scope and get it NOW!
  11. nezza

    10 Most Common WLS Mistakes Patients Make

    Will print this. Thanks.
  12. nezza

    Throwing up dinner?

    I was told by my nutritionist that the one exeption to the liquid with food rule is that every so often I could have a few sips of wine with a meal, just never on an empty stomach, never more than half a glass and not more than twice a week. Having said that, she warned me that I would find that any alcohol would have a much quicker and stronger effect on me than before owing to the vastly reduced area of stomach lining it would be absorbed through. I follow her guidelines and use my common sense. Some foods allow me to slowly sip and enjoy my wine, others will react with the wine and cause an unpleasant acidic feeling. One sip is enough to know and stop. The one time that I attempted to drink a half glass on an empty stomach, I ended up with the delightful combination of an acidic fizzy tummy and a hypoglycemic episode. This forum is a wonderful resource but it is worth remembering that, while we all have WLS in common, we have different bodies, different recoveries, different medical advice and totally different lives. At 5 months out, I still puke occasionally. This is usually as the result of eating to fast or eating a new (post-op) food that my sleeve just can't handle. When that happens, I just go back to liquids for 1/2 day to a day, learn from my mistake (in theory) and carry on. I find mushrooms difficult to chew well because of their spongy texture.
  13. Sonya and me both..... I stuck to the 2 week pre-op diet, not liquid but very low carb, lost 14 pounds on it. Surgeon said my liver was still very large but thankfully they were still able to sleeve me.
  14. nezza

    I needed to share!

    Congrats! (And nice writing, btw)
  15. You are an amazing success story, how annoying to be misrepresented like that. Good luck with starting a family, you'll be great parents.