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  1. Hi All, It's been quite some time since I have last posted. I need help from anyone who has had gastric bypass, lost a lot of weight and then put nearly all of it back on. I am so out of control and have no idea where to begin to get things back under control. It has become a vicious cycle where I feel so upset that I let myself gain back almost all the weight I lost so I eat more. I just eat and eat and eat. And it is basically a completely all carb diet I am back to. Can anyone in this position give me their tips to getting back to the approved gastric bypass way of eating? I just want to eat normal and feel healthy again, like I did when I was in the beginning of the journey. I want to enjoy shopping, get my energy back, spend quality time with my family, etc.. Thank you in advance! Amy
  2. Hi All, How are you eating the peanut butter? With anything or on anything or just off a spoon? When you say you eat it every night or all the time are you measuring out a portion?
  3. Does anyone feel like they can't taste foods unless they are ridiculously spiced or sugared up? Lately I add so much salt and pepper to my savory foods and a ton of splenda to my sweet foods to make them feel like they have taste. Anyone know why that would be? I feel like I have no taste buds left. So odd.
  4. Hi all, I am really struggling the past three weeks. I am 1 yr post op GB today I am so proud of where I am but the past three weeks I am finding myself one night a week binge eating. And I mean BINGE eating... to the point of questioning how on earth I could possibly fit all that food (after looking at the list most of them are very soft and almost slider foods). Last night after my planned and portioned snack I preceded to eat: 2 full boards of graham crackers loaded with peanut butter and some with jelly 2 chips ahoy brownie cookies Slices of cheddar cheese Slices of salami Rice crackers Nuts A glass of milk I was SO SICK afterwards I could barely walk. It is as if something in my brain snaps and I wait until my family goes to bed and I just want to consume EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I can in my cupboards. It's as if I can't control myself. My logical mind knows I should just go to bed to avoid this but its like I want to be with my old habits and lose myself in the foods. Am I just destined to gain all this weight back? I think going forward I might try and make sure I have grilled chicken in Tupperware in my fridge and when I feel that urge come on get some chicken and cut up veggies or fruits. At least if it is not on my planned day and I overeat it is protein and good for me foods... Also I am hoping that will fill up my poach quicker and lessen how much I eat. Lately I feel like I am overeating/ over using artificial sweeteners. I am wondering if this is causing the binges... it's like I can't get enough sweets. I have heard that can happen. I may have to just throw out all my sugar free products that use splenda and see if that helps. I almost can not longer taste the real food. I just add so much sweetener that it all tastes really sweet and fake, but so good. Anyone else have an experience with fake sugar where it caused you to binge or overeat on other sweets (like chocolates and cookies)? I just don't want to let go of the sweet taste the artificial sweeteners give me. I love them in my coffee, my yogurt, etc... I may need to go completely cold turkey for at least a week or two and see if the cravings for sweets go away... Thanks for letting me vent. In my logical mind I want to say I have learnt from this experience but I fear that the binges will happen more and more until it becomes almost nightly... Any one else struggling with binge eating? ~Amy
  5. Hello, I just met with my Dr and she recommended that I always carry around a protein drink in my car for the times when maybe my schedule changes and I need to get in my protein. I normally use the body fortress whey protein powder mixed with milk but I don't want to waste that as it would only last a day maybe two in my car. Does anyone use a premade protein shake made from the whey protein? One that is already sealed and has a good shelf life? If so please share Thank you, Amy
  6. Oh My Gosh, I think I would die to only eat two meals a day My typical day has three meals and two snack. Plus 64oz of water and prob about 24- 32 oz of coffee I eat what feels like all day long and a lot of food some times. But I have always been a person who likes to eat a lot and many meals. I could never skip a meal or stick to only 2. I guess that is what is so nice about this tool. We can work it to fit out lifestyle and what we can handle. I was just talking with someone in the gym who never had an issue with her weight and we were talking about being obsessive over things and she said well at least my obsession is a healthy one now . Which is so true I probably was always obsessed with thinking about my next meal and like Tegan it was always about getting MORE of the unhealthy foods... now I obsess over protein, water and exercise. I recently read a book about "thin" people and they said in it that you are sorely mistaken if you think a thin person does not restrict themselves and needs to be conscious of making healthy choices when they eat. They said that it is all about balance which is what we are trying to learn. So if we have a bite or two of a sweet or higher calorie/ fat food we modify the rest of our day to be lower in calories/ better choices and maybe we keep those food options for one day a week or month depending on the treat/ food. Boy just writing down in this forum really helps to see more clearer. Thank you to all!! I so appreciate everyone on this site!
  7. Hi All, I am struggling lately with feeling like my whole day is consumed with thoughts of when I can eat next and when it is time to get in my liquids. I was off the past week from work and found myself staying at home because I did not want to disrupt the schedule I have. But I am beginning to feel obsessed and like a control freak. The problem is when I do get off schedule, say I go out and forget to bring my water I lose my mind. I just can't handle it, that it is not working out how I planned it. For those who just go with the flow... how do you do it? I feel like I have to plan out everything that goes in my mouth... coffee, water, protein, EVERYTHING! But its really become an obsession. I have to be careful that I eat at certain times so I can drink at certain times to get it all in... (I hope I am making sense). If I eat my snack to late in the day because my water got pushed back then I wont have room to eat my dinner. Ugh!! Ever since this surgery I feel such an obsession with control (deeper issue that I am trying to work on). I guess I am looking for any suggestions on how to relax with this whole process... or is this what I signed up for when I chose this surgery as the tool to lose my weight? Maybe I am at the stage of trying to fight against this. I mean in my old days about 1 yr from losing weight is when I would get so frustrated give up and eat myself 20+ from where I started before I lost the weight. Did anyone else go through this about 1 yr post op? I just want to get over this hump/ this feeling. Thank you for any advice!! Take Care, Amy
  8. That when you lose all your weight you will be HAPPY... not always the case. Unfortunately its that way for me. I am much more healthy now and very grateful I made this choice BUT I have a ton of emotional issues now to deal with. 2013 was my yr to get my physical body sorted out (lose the weight and tone up) and 2014 is the yr I fix my emotional being
  9. UPDATE... I went to my Mother-in laws house yesterday to visit and she was baking her (the best I have ever eaten) cheesecake for Tuesday. Apparently while I was in my drug dazed sugar high xmas eve I asked her to make it. LOL!! So now I am at a cross roads... Do I have a very small piece with a cup of coffee during dessert time or try and avoid it all together? It only comes around once a yr. I worry that having some will trigger me to continue on a downward spiral of eating more cookies, desserts or I wonder if avoiding it will cause me to overeat the next day bc I am so frustrated I did not have it... On a better note, I weighed myself this morning completely expecting a gain bc I thought I did SO BAD (ok, I really did do very bad xmas eve and xmas day with overeating on cookies and chocolates but have been solid back on program ever since) and my weight was exactly the same as it was right before the holiday Thanks to this surgery as bad as we think we have done it isn't as bad as it use to be pre GB. And for that I am grateful! I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!
  10. Hi All, So I went out yesterday for lunch with my husband on a date. Something we have not done in a REALLY long time (we have a 5yr old and have a hard time finding a babysitter). At the restaurant they put down the bread basket with a garlic infused butter right next to it. Immediately my husband dug right in. I order myself a nice cocktail and very respectfully cut a half a slice of the bread, buttered it and put it on my appetizer plate. I ate it slow and enjoyed every bit of it. I ordered a lunch and ate 1/2 of it. I was extremely satisfied and being it was sort of foods I would normally eat only once and while I ate very lite the rest of the day/ evening (Greek yogurt, 1/2 apple, salad with chicken and a lite snack at night time). While I was surfing the Internet last night I checked out the website theworldaccordingtoeggface which I love to follow and through reading I came across that she does not eat any bread, rice, pasta, etc... So it got me wondering what everyone else is doing? Is a slice of Italian or other bread going to harm us if we only have it once and a while? I wonder what she does when they put the bread down at the table. Me, I would get so annoyed and pissed off if everyone else was eating it and I did not even just have a little piece too and then what's the fun of going out to eat if I am just going to sit there annoyed until my food comes out. So I wonder does anyone who avoids the bread basket at a restaurant have any suggestions on how to resist? I know I can ask to have them not bring one to the table however that is not always an option when you go out with other people. I guess the way I look at it I will work out and sweat a little harder today at the gym to work off my delicious Mango Sangria and 1/2 slice of bread with butter.... any one else agree? LOL!! Thanks to anyone who replies BTW- I also eat a very small serving of rice or potatoes when I make them for dinner. I allow myself one meal a day where I have a starchy carb like that. Usually it is a measured 1/8th of a cup... And most times I don't finish that amount. I just need to know its there. There has to be some of that in my diet or else I probably lose my mind. I did this surgery to enjoy my life...
  11. Thank you to everyone who shared their story or gave me words of encouragement! There is something so cathartic about putting things down in writing... Sometimes just admitting to something helps me to realize that I am a work in progress and there is nothing wrong with that finding balance has always been my problem. I have always been really "on" or really "off". I like the idea or picking one or two items and taking just a little and sitting down and eat it with dignity and enjoying it. I am going to try that next time I have a special occasion. I am very happy to report that I have been back on my healthy GB plan since Dec 26th and feel so much better. I know I can mess up a little and get back on track. Thanks to my poach which after days of giving it bad choices of food tells me enough is enough I got my exercise in this morning which always helps boost my mood and keep my food day going good. Take care!
  12. Hi All, I hope everyone had a great holiday! I really did myself except for how I ate. I am so embarrassed and just need to vent to people who can hopefully understand. I am 11 months post GB and am prob at my goal weight (not sure if my body will continue to drop more weight but if it doesn't I am good with that). So this was my first Christmas season post op. All other holidays I was able to maintain my GB friendly diet and felt I made it through doing very well. I did have a plan going into Xmas eve/ day but totally lost my mind both days and ate foods that I never thought I would and consumed so much of it. It started Xmas eve when I had about 2- 3 glasses of wine and then ate so many cookies it was crazy. Oh and I also ate a couple pieces of chocolate. Honestly I did not think I was able to consume that much food at one time but i was... Don't get me wrong I was so sick by the end of the night (not literally but my stomach was in such pain). Then came Xmas morning and I made the family a nice holiday breakfast but totally over ate on potatoes, rolls, french toast, etc... Again foods I normally would not eat since surgery bc of how they make me feel. I made myself so sick that I had to lay in bed for about 2 hrs to recover. I have a 5yr old who just wanted mommy to play I swore to myself that was it and packed up healthy foods to bring to my mother-in laws and made it fine through appetizers and dinner. BUT the minute the desserts came out I LOST my MIND and ate what felt like a pound of cookies, chocolates, cannolis, sausage bread, cheeses, pretzels. I just shoveled and shoveled it into my mouth. I was so sick (again not literally although I wish I would have gotten rid of it) but I had to go home. I walked into my home went into my bed and woke up the next morning. My poor husband and kids had to unpack everything and do the nightly routine without me. Yesterday and today I have been back on my healthy GB diet and know that I will recover from this. My stomach is still so messed up though no one wants to be near me bc of the really bad gas I have bc of the foods I ate. I am just so upset with myself bc I feel like the fat girl inside was unleashed and I just could not restrain myself. I am reading everyone's posts on how good they did and how this yr the holiday post surgery was amazing but I feel like a failure. Anyone else not handle the holiday the way they thought they would? I guess I have to accept what I did and try to make better choices the next go round. I am not looking forward to new yrs eve bc those darn cookies will still be around. But maybe that is my chance to prove that I am better than a cookie Thank you for letting me tell my holiday food story... Off I go to journal my food and track my protein!! I refuse to get on the scale until next week to give myself a chance to lose whatever I may have gained.
  13. I am finding this season to be really difficult also. I baked gingerbread men the other day and have eaten so many that I am considering not baking any more sweets this season. I think it is too tempting for me. I eat the batter before I put them in the over to bake all the way up to the final product. I find being at work is easier for me too because I tend to be more scheduled with the times I eat and planning what I will eat during the day. This week will be a test for me. I have a many holiday lunches and dinners out at restaurants with work.... please send some good thoughts my way that I will handle myself with love and respect and provide friendly GB foods to my body! One thing I have learned through this process is that even if I mess up one day I can correct it the next or even by the next meal. It is no longer all or nothing for me! And that alone is a HUGE move in the right direction!
  14. Exercise DVD... for those snowy days when we can't get outside to exercise