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  1. 21 months and 130 lbs later...

  2. She and I were talking about just that when I put the pictures side by side. Our whole household has changed, just as much as I have, in this past year! 99% of the changes have been positive too!!
  3. Thank you all, for the wonderful and encouraging comments!!
  4. All blood work came back that I am right on track!! "Perfect" is what my Dr. said :)

  5. One month and 24 lbs later, no regrets...

  6. Having the same difficulties.... I've gone walking 3 times today just to avoid eating and it seemed to help some...
  7. Hi Ms Independent! So glad you responded, and YES THAT SUCKS that they are messing with your surgery date like that!! But the benefit of it being this month is you don't have to think to long about it lol It's the knowing way in advance that gives you to much time to drive yourself crazy! Mercy San Juan is the hospital in Sacramento that BCBS approves (that I was told) and it is a AWESOME hospital to have surgery in. My surgeon said he loves operating there, also told me the private rooms are like mini-suites. Unfortunately, from what I read on here, we won't even care about the room when we are out of surgery lol I hope they settle on a date soon for you, and look forward to seeing you on the loser's bench!!