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  1. I have been dealing with the same things the past couple months. When I realized that I was approaching my one year point and I wasn't coming close to losing all the weight, I freaked out! Saw surgeon yesterday and she said, "Slow and steady is the way to go. You're changing to a healthy lifestyle. Typically it takes 18 - 24 months to lose all the weight." I felt better when I left there. Have I lost during the winter? About 10 pounds. What I learned yesterday is that I have lost 20 inches off my waist! I was shocked and felt motivated. I am going to continue working towards the goal of a healthy BMI, feeling better, moving more easily, and living a full, happy life. Good luck in your journey!
  2. Can I ask why you were wearing the compression socks? Did you think you were retaining water and wanted to try to get rid of it?
  3. Getting back on track feels great! Started taking a kettle bell class and water exercising. Starting to see muscles!!!!

  4. Good luck ladies. I went back to protein shakes diligently for a few weeks but didn't start losing until I increased my exercise. Using the shakes makes meal planning easy that's for sure! Stay away from places that might trigger. The other thing I did was make an appointment with my therapist. I figured that since I was struggling, it was time to get back in and have her work on my head. All the best. I will be watching for your entries on how it is going. Everyone here inspires me to keep on track. Have about 80 more lbs to go and don't want to give up now.
  5. How are things going? Hoping that you were able to mend and are now recovered. All the best!
  6. I agree with Dees. Eat more often but smaller amounts. I was having a lot of trouble in the beginning but now eat breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and sometimes a nightly snack. It's hard to do when you are on the go but find some easy to travel snacks and it works.
  7. I think as long as you use the protein shake is used as a meal replacement, you're ok. I am 8 months out and still use them for breakfast and sometimes lunch (I'm a teacher and don't always have a lot of time for lunch). When I spoke to the surgeon she said as long as I am in calorie, sugar, and protein requirements I can do whatever I want. Good luck!
  8. Thanks for the guidance! Now there are no more excuses!
  9. Good luck on your journey! I hope things go smoothly for you!
  10. BjKahl

    The Journey

  11. I've been struggling to work out these cold winter months and have not lost anything for several months. I started walking again last week and am going back to high protein foods. My weight is centrally located on my stomach. Need some good ab workout suggestions.
  12. Trying to refocus my weight loss endeavors as I have lost my way the past few months. Going back to the things that worked previously, such as TT, logging food, and exercising. Have to remember I will always be a work in progress!