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  1. I am finding that "snacking" on dehydrated protein (think chicken breast) is GREAT! My jaw is working, the input is protein! Energy level is goooood! I may down 1 lb of this in a day (dehydrated it weighs less than that, but for calorie/protein measurements, I call it a lb), but feel that this is a better solution than the snacking "solution" (from my NUT) of putting a little protein (think peanut butter) on a cracker, so it's more filling (and so I don't eat 25 crackers). I LOooove PB, so that method doesn't help much as I put too much (calorically) on the cacker! Any experiences here, folks? Recipes? opinions?
  2. Hey Dawnelle - I have not been on the forum for months.. life is GREAT.. I had my RNY a few days before you had yours and we are much in the same range! Woo hoo! it has been too easy to believe... and I am feeling sooooooo goooooooood... Life is not perfect, but my bod is so much more what I love it as! Keep at it! Or lives are going to be unlike sooo many other peoples'!
  3. oh boy! progress! 217... over 100 down... less than 4.5 months. life is gooooooood...
  4. I added some pics.. wearing the same shorts as in my original pics... but holding them up! Woo hoo!
  5. pics of me from before, during, and "after" (will that ever be were I am??)
  6. I have an answer. Blame the dog. . And if you don't have one, get one (rescue it, so it can rescue you!)
  7. OMG! PB2 arrived! All I hiad to mix it into was a marinaded chicken breast... It was balsamic Vinagrette - in went a little PB2 (my first ever) and: YUMMY!! I can't wait to keep trying it! Woo hoo!
  8. Julie I am so proud of you... Congrats on the milestone... (I go back to work today too, but I have not been through what you have!) Love, B
  9. Heidi_ I had the exact same question today... as I passed a Wendy's... but I actually felt a little bit "funny" at the moment, so I am waiting one more week too. Otherwise I feel "ready" for it! (And see my op date?)
  10. I just made the White Albacore Tuna Spread on p 145 of Weight loss surgery for Dummies.... it was SPICEY (I have NEVER had tobasco sauce before), but yummy and smooth into my tummy!
  11. You think RIGHT! I am thrilled for you. I have begun my journey and am really doing well... am looking forward to the day I can start to tighten up some of the sagging skin I am developing CONGRATS to you! You deserve every bit of it.
  12. RELOV - me too (I was the 10th, but now it's TUESDAY the 9th!) I am ready... 'lost 14 lbs so far on the PreopD.. 'may get another few off by Tues... So I am ~35 lbs down from my highest... but I want to "calculate" my goal from my op-day weight! Woo hoo! (I'll still count my losses from my highest tho.. that way I can have my (youknowwhat) and eat it too! )
  13. welcome aboard! lots of wisdom and experience here.
  14. DATE CHANGE! DATE CHANGE! I got a call today.. and.... I can't really believe it.... They are taking me a day EARLY! Oh Hell! why not?? I quickly arranged for the dogs (3) to be taken by the kennel a day early... and in I will go on Dec 9! Hopefully that means I will be home by a week (or less!) from today (gaaak!) !! Lots to do! Lots to do! cheers everyone!