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  1. Hey everyone! I had an upper endoscopy in May and found that my esophagus and upper stomach are chronically inflamed from acid reflux. I had another medication added on to help, but it's only alleviated some of my GERD. I found out from my family doctor that the local hospital that my healthcare is in network with is opening a new bariatric clinic that will be local. My clinic has been jacking me around and I still cannot get an appointment. My PA and dietician left and the last time I was there, I felt like I had to start all over again. So if that is the case, I am moving my records up closer and going to start the WLS process over and see what they recommend for me. The GI doc said he wouldn't be surprised if I had to revise from VSG to by-pass because of the GERD issue alone. Then I got the wonderful news this morning that the MRI I had done on my right knee shows a torn meniscus and a crack/lesion on my femur. So I will need knee surgery as soon as my surgeon can fit me in. UGH!
  2. Chrissy, how are you doing now? It's looking more and more likely that I will have to revise from VSG to by-pass. I had an endoscopy in May and it shows chronic inflammation of the esophagus and upper stomach. Had another medicine added and not too excited about that.
  3. Good to hear about your progress!!! I am looking at maybe having to do the same thing, revise from a sleeve to bypass due to acid reflux. I have more testing next month.
  4. Ditto!! I brew Celestial Seasonings in my Keurig and also have the tea bag version too. Tazo teas also have some good flavored without caffeine too.
  5. Thank you so much for all of your love and understanding! I missed this place so much, but so embarrassed to come back because of the mess I created. I met with my dietitian on Wednesday, She is a brand new one with my clinic, so I had to catch her up to speed. She went through my diet, made some suggestions on what I can change, and wants me to see my local GI doctor to get an endoscopy. My GERD is very bad right and I am having some absorption issues as well. I became anemic due to iron deficiency and my Vitamin D levels tanked as well. They finally came into the low normal range this March. I am going to have to see my ortho surgeon about my right knee since my husband and I are pretty sure that my meniscus is torn based on the fact that my knee is popping in and out of place. OUCH! Depending on what the endoscopy finds and what plan the dietitian and PA come up with, it sounds like I will have surgery of some sort. I am just going to take it slow and not make any rash decisions. The dietitian also said look at the bright side, I am still down about 100 lbs from where I started, so we know I can do it. I just got to get my head around this again. My suspension of my pharmacy license is up on April 28th, the day after my birthday. I can petition to get it back and go on probation with the State Board of Pharmacy any time this summer. I am waiting until the end of summer to do that. I plan to spend the summer gathering up everything I have done to maintain sobriety and make a nice portfolio to show them. I am also in school full time working on a Master's Degree in Health Care Ethics. I plan to teach and work in hospice medicine some day. I have no intentions of going back to full time pharmacy for several years. Financially, I don't need to and I will be only allowed part time work for 1 year as part of my license probation. So things are looking up!!
  6. Let me know how everything goes, Chrissy! I am in the same boat as you right now and start my testing next month with an endoscopy. You are in my prayers for a very smooth surgery and recovery tomorrow.
  7. The past year or so has been absolutely insane and I apologize for not letting anyone in on my struggles. I am learning the hard way that trying to do things on my own is only asking for trouble in the worst way. Sometime around August 2014, I dabbled in taking my husband's leftover pain medication that he had from his knee replacement. I was stressed out at work and was not dealing well with the extreme weight loss. I lost over 200 lbs in 16 months and just could not handle the changes coming at me. I was also having a terrible time with my periods...painful, excessive bleeding, and nothing was helping...changes in birth control pills, IUD insertion, etc...the pain was so bad. I had people at work that were making unwanted advances towards me. There were many other awful things going on that would take all night to talk about. Anyway, my dabbling led to addiction...first with alcohol, then with opiates. I relapsed hard and fast after 10 1/2 years of sobriety. My addiction led to theft of opiates from the pharmacy that I was the director for. Fast forward to January 2015 and I was a hardcore addict, spiraling out of control and facing a hysterectomy to finally alleviate my pain. While I was on medical leave post hysterectomy, my boss and my staff pharmacist figured me out and fired me for possession and theft of narcotics. I lost my dream job, my license to practice pharmacy, my identity...my world crashed in on me. I attempted suicide and spiraled into a deep depression. With the depression and chaos, I gained over 100 lbs over the year. Over the summer, I did get involved with professionals recovery network and on Sept. 11, 2015, I finally admitted that I was powerless over alcohol and drugs and went to my first AA meeting in 23 years. In late October, state DEA pressed charges and I got hit with a serious misdemeanor for possession and a felony charge for theft. I sincerely thought that my life was over. I did get my wits about me, got a lawyer and at the end of February this year, the possession charge was dropped and I received a 3 year deferred judgment with probation for the theft charge. I started serving my probation at the end of March and my record will be expunged at the end of my sentence. I have been clean from opiates since 02/06/15 and alcohol since July 4th. I really started working hard with my therapist to figure things out, then shifted to a new one at the beginning of this year that has drug and alcohol abuse certifications. I had my psych meds changed in March and am feeling so much better and have a better outlook on life. However, my weight gain is driving me bonkers. My diet sucks and I am recovering from a knee surgery and have a probable tear in my meniscus with my other knee. Working out is hard because of that and my running days are over for now. I am also having major GERD symptoms and will being seeing my local GI doc next month. I have an appointment with my dietitian this week to see what I can do with my diet in the meantime. Revision surgery is something I would like to talk to my surgeon about. I am not sure if I want to redo the sleeve or revise to bypass. I have been lurking on the revision boards for ideas. I apologize for such a long note, but it is time to quit hiding, being embarrassed, and actually ask for help instead of doing it all on my own.
  8. I am back! Need to catch up with everyone!

    1. ✯AprilWine✯


      Great to see you gorgeous!

    2. Njjenny62


      Still waiting for that update!

  9. You do need your TSH to be normal before you do the surgery, otherwise you will not heal properly and you will just be generally sluggish. I have been on Synthroid for 17 years, so I know a lot about this subject. I know it stinks, but you need your thyroid to normalize first...trust me on this one!
  10. I am at home sick today, so definitely no pictures coming from me today. I have my size L yoga pants from Nike, a sz M t- shirt from Target and a size L Gap zip up hoodie on with my black and pink and very comfy and warm Nike socks.
  11. Turns out I might be a pretty sick girl. My hemoglobin dropped from 14.7 in May to 10.2 via finger stick today. Doc also thinks my potassium and magnesium are low too based on how tired and achy I have been, but I won't know anything until tomorrow.

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    2. GettinKinny


      Are you drinking coffee or any caffeine beverages, if so, quit...It can rob your body of vital nutrients and minerals.

    3. Happy-Camper


      ah oh... thinking about you. do you take iron supplements?

    4. Kim M

      Kim M

      I hope you are going well and feeling better. I miss not seeing you here..

  12. I have my University of Iowa T-shirt, men's size medium and University of Iowa jacket on in men's size small. Also have my favorite Sweetheart cut Old Navy jeans in size 12 long, and my Ugg tan slip on shoes size 10 on today. It went from about 75-80 to 44 degrees in a matter of two days, so I am freezing today!
  13. I was picking out a wool coat for this winter and a jacket to wear for fall last weekend. I ended up with a sz 10 Tall wool coat from Lands End (same coat from last year, but it was an 18W Tall) and my fall jacket is a University of Iowa jacket that is a men's size SMALL!!!! My sons didn't believe me that I could wear a small, so I put it on and I think they both fell to the floor in shock!
  14. I drink lots of Crystal light right now and have been for quite sometime. My tummy couldn't handle the acidity of Crystal Light until about 2-3 months out though. I used to LOVE Powerade Zero, but now I dislike it. Daytime TV sucked. I spent more time watching movies, napping, walking, and working from home.
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