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  1. Holy Smokes!!! That is one of the most incredible transformations I've seen. You look awesome!
  2. Bravo - you are off to a running start. Can't wait to see how you look 6 months from now.
  3. The caterpillar has turned into a butterfly. Congrats. You look incredible!
  4. Congrats on maintaining for 6 years! You look terrific!
  5. I eat pretty much what I want, I just don't want the same stuff I did pre-surgery. I stay away from sugar, fried foods, and do my darndest to keep carbs very low. I learned quickly that when I eat carbs I get VERY hungry. I still am unable to eat bread, rice, pasta, etc. No biggie - I don't mind that at all. Oddly enough I can eat orzo. Of course it is LOADED with carbs, so I only have 1/2 cup about once a month. Still drinking my protein shake every morning for breakfast, and get lots of protein. My 2 weaknesses are sweet tea and Cheetos. Odd - when I drink sweet tea I don't dump, but if I eat anything sweet I will dump about 90% of the time. My husband asked me if that bothered me - uh, NO. It keeps me on track. I am very glad I still experience dumping. Otherwise I would be eating lots of things that would lead to trouble.
  6. oops - don't know how I messed up my weight loss ticker. It should have been on my original post. Sorry.
  7. Hi everyone. Been away for a long time, but thought I would check in and see what new things I can learn and remind myself of things I have forgotten. Still very happy with my RNY and have zero regrets. I have been very fortunate to keep my weight off, but it's something I have to work at every single day. I have had some health issues unrelated to RNY, and my dr put me on prednisone. I was terrified it would make me gain weight, but I have been on it for 14 months and no issues with weight gain. It HAS caused me to have steroid induced rage, which I hadn't even thought about. It's an incredibly serious issue for me and I had to go to a psychiatrist and he put me on Depakote. He told me it would make me gain weight and cause me to lose hair, neither of which was acceptable to me. In less than 2 weeks I gained 12 pounds, and I haven't gained 12 pounds in the last 3.5 years. I was startled and very concerned, so I went back to the dr and told him to get me off that stuff. He replaced it with Wellbutrin, and told me it wouldn't make me gain weight. Sure enough, after a week I had lost all 12 pounds. WHEW - what a relief! I go back next week for my check up. I haven't seen the dr in almost 2 years, so I am interested in what he says. One thing I am very proud of is the fact that I have managed to keep this off, especially when my dr tells me every time I see him that I WILL gain 20 pounds back. So far so good - just hope I can keep it up. Hope you are all doing well Health and happiness to all!
  8. Only 2 years out, but no problems. I can't eat rice, pasta, or bread, but those are easy give-ups considering I am healthier than ever.
  9. My favorite snacks are either string cheese or a slice of swiss cheese (or Havarti) with thin sliced turkey. Great protein and delicious!
  10. I can't eat like a normal person, and I doubt I will ever be able to. But it's ok with me. I don't NEED to go back to eating like a normal person. That's what caused my weight problems to begin with. Stick with what you are comfortable with and everything else will fall into place.
  11. I have zero regrets. My dr (Primary Care) told me that if I didn't lose weight, one of my weight-related problems would kill me. That got my attention fast. In spite of the struggles at the beginning (body trying to get used to the new changes), it has been worth every minute.
  12. I have been afraid of gaining too. I think it's a normal fear for people who were heavy and lost a good deal of weight. I'm very glad to have that fear though, because it forces me to THINK before I eat and make sure I am eating what I should eat and stay away from things that cause me problems. It's a difficult journey for sure, but well worth it.
  13. I had severe sleep apnea, but it has been totally resolved since my gbp surgery. I stopped using it very soon after surgery because I found that I coluldn't sleep with it any longer. It felt like I was suffocating. Never felt that with the CPAP before surgery. Two years later, I still don't use it at all. No more snoring, I sleep like a baby all night long, and no more waking up and being exhausted from lack of sleep. I know I am truly one of the lucky ones. I talked to my dr about this and he told me I didn't need it any more.
  14. I am pretty thin. I wish I could put on some muscle mass, but no matter what I try I just can't seem to build muscle. I am build exactly like my grandfather was, so I know it's in my genes.