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  1. Aweeee! Thank you all so very much for your advice and helpful suggestions. I truly appreciate it as I finally feel a small sense of hope as I have felt so alone in this for over a year! I have felt so helpless and devestated, so it helps to see others offering soem friendly comments. I was unfilled back in Nov. 2012 up until I had the last fill put in March 2013 and as CRAZY and insane as this sounds, being unfilled I STILL had problems getting basic food(s) down, again, even coffee would get "stuck" and for some unknown reason after a few months of NO fill, I went back and got a fill in simply because I thought AGAIN, maybe it would be different, but when I am filled or unfilled it seems to be the same, I just cannot seem to eat food w/out getting "stuck" and feeling constant discomfort.....and truth is, I am just tired and hungry & frustated..... and I am going to make plans to see a baratric Dr here in WV, its about 2 1/2 hrs away, but it will be so worth it, At this point, I am desperate and willing to try anything to get this corrected. Many times too, I feel constant burning, almost like heartburn and sometimes its so unbearable I want to go to an ER just to get it to stop. I definately feel I have done damage as I waited to soooo long and because I force myself to throw up anytime I eat food because it gets "stuck" and I try to remove it because it hurts so bad. Thank you again so very much!
  2. Ok, its a bit complicated and hectic to say the least, but I despise my band. I was banded 2 yrs ago and I have had nothing but problems. TRUTH be known, I have let things slide because I just assumed they would "go away"....or it would get better, but for over 1 yr, I have just delt with the discomfort, pain, being miserable and the INABILITY to eat but maybe twice a week. I drink copious amounts of coffee to attempt to stay "full", majority of ANYTHING I try to eat gets stuck, its been this way for nearly 1+ yrs, I can never eat in mornings or afternoons and many of the times even in the evening, I usually have to wait until dark/night time to try to eat anything. And its never a meal, just little bites here & there. Again, the pattern has been that I can get lucky & eat maybe 2 days out of the week, and the rest of the days its just coffee as coffee seems to be the one thing that doesnt get stuck (too much-although it does a lot) Even water "sticks" me, or ONE skittle, or a small tspn of peanut butter! Im hungry 90% of the time, but this is how I have lived and its not getting better. I am here on these forums because I am desperate and not sure where to turn. I had a fill put in Feb. (Gosh knows why, I just thought AGAIN, this time around would be different) But that was back in New York. I have since moved to West Virgina and do not have a Dr. yet. I know some would say "why did I never say anything to my Dr. about this and thats out of my own stupidity, I was nieve, I just thought it was something I was doing so I remained silent for over 1 yr and even up to my last fill. Again, I just had it in my head all this would go away, but I have endured more than an average person would allow themselves to "suffer" this way, my sister thinks I have gone bonkers because I never said a word.....but now you know my reason. I am so sick & tired of NOT being able to swallow or eat food, last week I got to eat a bowl of gravy on a Saturday and 4 days later I was able to eat some sauted shrimp, this is a typical week for me, going w/out food for days and then getting "lucky" as I call it and being able to get something(anything) down because I am so desperate to eat! I have hadnt anything all day to eat, its been 6 hrs since I woke up, I had coffee a few cups, I tried to take one measley bite of popcorn piece and I have been stuck for over 20 mins, this is so typical of everyday life. What should I do. Is there anybody else who has experienced this nightmare?
  3. Amazing! You look Great! Way to go!!~