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    1 million posts!

    Thank you, John and Cinwa for all your hard work. This forum is a refuge on so many days! All the best wishes for the future too!
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    Newbie - Counting Down to Surgery

    Welcome to the forum. It's a super place to find information, get tips and ask questions. The members are super, too, and are always willing to offer their experiences for the benefit of others. I also want to congratulate you on your decision to pursue a healthier you! Very best wishes...
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    Power's out.

    It's fascinating how the weather works. Sometimes it's actually lovely (or lovely for the season, anyways) while other times it's down right miserable. I am grateful that we are having no power problems, though, as its meant to go down to 10 below 0 tonight. It's our first real winter storm this season but waking up to a foot of snow with temperatures this cold is no treat. My brother's home in Florida is sounding better and better... Good luck with your power, Dees! Hope it gets better for you sooner rather than later!! Glad, too, that you didn't get the brunt of the storms.
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    Hi, I am new to this forum

    Welcome to the forum, Gayle. Congratulations, too, on your recent surgery and weight loss. Doesn't feel terrific?! This is a great site for general information, support and to ask questions. The members are super friendly and are more than eager to answer any questions you might have. Sometimes, it's even a good place to vent as others usually can relate to what you might be feeling. Very best wishes as you continue down the scale on your route to a healthier you!!
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    Calories to maintain

    Hi there I was told, by my dietician, that it is possible for them to calculate what your "resting" metabolic rate would be giving you your base calories for the day. Adding to this would be any additional exercise you get resulting in what should be maintenance calories. This suggests, naturally, that it could change from day to day which does seem logical. I hope what I'm saying makes sense. It is something I'm going to take her up on in the near future. If you come up with something else, though, I would be grateful to hear. The last thing any of us want is to start gaining weight again!!
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    newby from Connecticut

    Welcome to the TT forum. You will find this site a great place for support, recipes and to get questions answered. The people here are super helpful and often willing to share their personal experiences for the benefit of others. I want to wish you all the very best as you begin, once again, to go down on the scales. Please check in occasionally and let us know how you're doing.
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    Bonfire last night.

    Just stopping in again to share a photo of our beautiful landscape. It's Christmas card pretty outside--dastardly cold but gorgeous! I' d have preferred it on the 24th of December but... Enjoy!
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    Ok not at my personal goal BUT! :)

    Totally adorable--congratulations! You've chosen a beautiful name too!!
  9. GrannyHomeJames

    Energy level

    Hi there One of the things I try to do (when walking on my treadmill) is think about my lost 100 pounds in terms of sacks of potatoes. When you think about carrying around 5x 20 pound bags of potatoes full time, it's not surprising that life (energy wise) is so much easier. I'm sure that some people feel much more energetic than others but, all in all, things have to be easier--barring some other type of medical problem, of course. I feel certain that you will notice the difference! Very best wishes...
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    Really? 24s?

    Hi Jolls Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was standardized sizing? I find it's a bit of a hit and miss sort of thing when purchasing new clothing. Since I've done a fair bit online as my size has changed every few months, I've found I tend to stick to brands I have an accurate sense of their size. I personally prefer to wear clothing on the loose side so only give up things when they're at the falling off or "where ever did you find that?" stage. Still I can wear size 10's and mediums but still buy some XL's. In fact, my new winter coat sized small so I purchased an XXL so I could wear sweaters underneath. Go figure... Frustrating--yes; exasperating--yes; solution--haven't got one yet! If you think of something that will motivate manufacturer's to change (that involves mass input), please let me know--I'll be on board for sure!
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    Bonfire last night.

    It sounds like you had a glorious time! I'm so envious as we had an arctic front come down from Alaska and now have a good 2-3 feet of snow everywhere. It's one of those "do not drive if you do not have to" days. Myrtle Beach, Florida and Hawaii all sound heavenly today...
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    Groin issues.

    Just thought I'd chime in briefly. Sorry, Dees, to hear you're having so much trouble. My granddaughter, who has a stick-like body has been dealing with these for the past six months. She's seen a number of doctors ultimately landing at a plastic surgeon's office. She had been on a strong antibiotic for over a month and there was finally some healing so he said he would not do anything further at this time. The one bit of advice her offered her, though, was to use Nair to keep the area hair-free. Since I wasn't at the appointment I can't offer you an explanation but thought it was worth passing on. All the very best!
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    two weeks post-op appt. YAYAYA me :)

    Hi there Congratulations on your work thus far. One of the things that is also worth doing (besides tracking weight) is to track your measurements. Others have often remarked that while they hit stalls every now and again, their measurements will change. It also could be fun (when your goal is met) that you were once a size X with an X sized waist and now are only Y inches. Just a thought anyways... Best of luck to you as you continue on your downward journey. Be careful, too, to have a smaller pair of pants/jeans before the present ones reach the "falling down" stage. I didn't and had more than one uncomfortable moment as a result--humorous, but uncomfortable!
  14. Hi there Whereas it is easier said than done, you need to focus on the things you have control over. If you have gathered the correct and sufficient information for your insurance company, approval will come. If they are requiring something more, you can bet they will let you know. In the meantime, though, fretting about it only adds to your stress level which contributes to the "foggy brain" issue you're dealing with. Maybe try some meditation or deep breathing to settle yourself down... Very best of luck to you!!
  15. GrannyHomeJames

    Semi-New Member. Need some friends. I'm in Georgia.

    Welcome back to the TT forum. It's great you've been able to find a doctor/hospital that will accept your insurance. As far as choosing between procedures, your own personal circumstances will likely dictate which would be best for you. Check to see if your doctor has a recommendation. Failing that, please read through the old threads in the Gastric Bypass section as well as the Vertical Sleeve threads. You'll get a fairly good feel for the successes others have had as well as some of their challenges. Remember, please, that ultimately it will be your choice. All the very best wishes as you re-begin your journey. Please stop by often and share your experiences.
  16. Welcome to the TT forum. This is a great place for questions, tips and general information. Congratulations, too, on your upcoming date--I can understand why you'd be both excited and nervous. I also chuckled at your thread heading given I, too, live in Alberta. My surgeon is through the Edmonton Weight Wise program so not Dr.Osuna. The waits in Edmonton, though, border on ridiculous. Several others that I'm aware of were approved in April and are still waiting for dates. Where are you having your surgery done? Personally, I would be fairly confident with any of the doctors registered through the AMA. All the very best wishes for a quick twelve days, and don't forget to pack lip balm when you go to the hospital. All the very best...
  17. Another article written by Dr. Sharma that I thought you'd find interesting... "Anyone, who believes that losing weight (let alone keeping it off) is easy, simply does not know what he is talking about. It clearly takes a considerable degree of focus and dedication to overcome the intricate, complex, and highly redundant physiology that nature has put in place to defend our body weight (at whatever level it happens to be) – after all, you are trying to get your cortex to run your hypothalamus! Thus, it is no surprise that, in a recent analysis of the Look AHEAD study by Adam Tsai and colleagues published in OBESITY, the level of detail that participants were able to provide in their food records, was strongly predictive of the amount of weight lost at one year. This analysis included 549 participants at four centres, whereby detail and completeness of food records during the screening period for the study, was determined by the number of words and Arabic numerals (numbers) recorded per day, the number of eating episodes per day, and days per week where physical activity was noted. In multivariable analysis, individuals who recorded 20-26, 27-33, and ≥34 words per day lost 9.12%, 11.40%, and 12.08% of initial weight, compared to 8.98% for individuals who recorded less than 20 words per day. These finding are by no means surprising or unexpected – the more you obsess about your food and activity levels the more likely you may be able to reign in your hypothalamus (at least for the time that you are making this a priority). Indeed, there are many “dieters” who take this to extremes, measuring and weighing every morsel they ingest whilst keeping detailed inventories of every step they take. I am sure, we all know people who tweet this information out to the world and post their daily activity levels to social networks – somewhat obsessive-compulsive behaviour if you ask me. On the other hand, if that is what it takes to override and keep in check your physiology, then I guess that’s what it takes. Only, I can see why this may not work for most people – especially for those, for whom obsessing about food records may not be the number one priority in their lives – I may be wrong but my guess is that this may well be the vast majority of people out there. So, if anything, this study once again demonstrates the amount of effort it takes to override your “natural” eating behaviour. As always, I don’t worry too much about those who can do this – they’ll be just fine. I am far more concerned about the many, for who this degree of obsession is simply not an option or part of their character. At least let us recognise food records for what they are – a tool that can make the daunting task of reigning in your hypothalamus somewhat manageable. But, as any tool, it only works if you actually use it – in fact, this study shows what I would call a clear dose-effect relationship – the more effort you put into keeping your records, the better the outcomes." @Dr. Sharma Edmonton, AB
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    New Years Bypass Bound

    Welcome to TT msjmyates! This is a super place to get information and ask questions. The members are always eager to share their experiences and offer tips. Congratulations, too, on your choice to pursue a healthier you. Life will become so much easier for you once you begin to lose weight. All the very best of luck and keep us posted on your progress.
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    Hi there I have to admit I did have to squint a little to read your note but want to welcome you with open arms to the forum. This is a great place to get information, tips and ask questions. The members here are super helpful and eager to share experiences when asked. Congratulations, too, on your decision to pursue a healthier you! You will discover a lot of new things once you begin to lose weight, including the way some people respond to you. Some may ask if you've been ill while others will simply offer congratulations while yet others will say nothing. The most important thing to remember is that you're doing this for you, not others. That way, what others do or do not say will have minimal impact. Having said that, you'll find an amazing number of non surgical victories like being more comfortable in a car or not having people stare at you, etc. They will become so numerous you'll eventually lose count, and this will become your new life. That's really exciting and something to look forward to. All the very best wishes...
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    Welcome to TT Daizy2119. You're right in that this is a terrific site with tons of information. Feel free to read through some of the older threads as you'll find a plethora of topics. Be sure, too, to post any questions you might have as there is every probability there are others wondering the same. The members here are very generous in sharing their experiences and offering tips. All the very best wishes to you as you continue your journey to a healthier you!!
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    The Big "My Fitness Pal" List

    Hi kathma My Fitness Pal is a n/c app for journaling your food. It literally has millions of food choices so you can nearly always find what you've eaten or are going to eat. Anything with a bar code can also be added if you happen to find something missing. If you enter your current weight and the amount you're wanting to lose each week, it will calculate your daily calorie goal for you. There is also a component to add your daily exercise. I, personally, have been using this tool for the last eighteen months and it's been invaluable. It can be found on iTunes and (I believe) the app store for Google and Blackberry. Hopefully, this information will be helpful to you. Best of luck!
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    Hi there That is awesome--what a way to start out the new year! Very best wishes to you as you prepare for your WLS journey!
  23. GrannyHomeJames

    Annual physical

    Hi Kim What a great good news story. Congratulations on your successful journey! I hope you're giving yourself a good pat on the back for a job well done. I also want to wish you all the best as you move into the maintenance stage of your journey. May things go exactly as you hope!
  24. GrannyHomeJames

    Surgery tomorrow!

    Just want to wish you all the very best over the next few days/weeks. May things go exactly according to plan with no hiccups along the way! Keep us up-to-date on how you're doing!
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    New from Albuquerque, NM

    Hi there Welcome to the TT forum. This is a great site for motivation, information and just asking questions. The members are super people who are always more than willing to share their experiences. I want to congratulation you, too, on deciding to get a handle on a healthier weight--that will be great! As for losing weight, my thought would be to do the best you can. If you adopt some/all of the recommended eating and exercise habits which will become permanent lifestyle changes now, you will, in all probability, find yourself losing the necessary weight--possibly more. One of the critical issues for me was journaling my food. I use My Fitness Pal app and have found it invaluable. The other critical thing for me was to increase my activity level. I started walking small distances at a slow pace (on a treadmill) increasing it gradually over time until I was up to 10,000 plus steps per day (I also always wear a pedometer.) It's hard for me to imagine that I started out walking for nine minutes a day at less than 1mph while I'm now walking at 3.1mph and looking at increasing it. If fretting was a good way to use up calories, I'd totally recommend that but I've not ever found this to be the case. Given this, I go back to doing the best you can, realizing that slow and steady is more effective in the long run than starvation is for a short time. All the very best wishes to you!!!