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  1. Thanks for the support and suggestions. I'm strongly considering the revision surgery. Even though the thought of having to go through the entire process deters me, the benefits of having the revision outweighs the lifetime of GERD, I will surely endure.
  2. Greetings, If anyone relates to my story, I welcome any suggestion that could help me. Thanks. I'm having a hard time believing I have a Very, Very large Hiatal Hernia(HH) nearly 6 years after my Sleeve. Its been a year since I've been experiencing, GERD and nausea. I visited a New Surgeon who recommended an Endoscopy, and the results showed Very, Very large HH and a tight sleeve. The doctor suggested to repaired it ASAP. Well, I asked the doctor time to reflect on it as I have a 3 kids, 2 jobs and 2 cats. ASAP is not an option. Then my Bariatric Surgeons stated: "You can have it repaired, but it would keep reoccurring because it is the pressure from the sleeve that causes it or you can have a Bypass and eradicated it for good" its either all or nothing." Then, he goes: " the irony of your situation is that with your medical history, you'd think both of your insurances, BCBS & Aetna will cover the bypass, but they may not. They will cover the repair, even if we do it multiple times." he then adds: " we can submit for a revision, after all, the HH is a medical complication resulting from the Sleeve, therefore is considered medically necessary, but they may not approve it because you still need to have 2 co-morbid condition, which you do not. Your blood pressure is well controlled with the current meds as the dilated cardiomyopathyhe is incurable. I suggest you continue taking your hb meds in addition to the Famotidine 40mg and Protonix 40mg and Zofram 8mg for Nausea to deal with GERD until you decide what you want to do? Oh My!!! .. The thought of a bypass scares me anyways, but I surely do not want to be dealing with a re-occurring hernia and I do not see myself taking extra meds for the rest of my life to control GERD. During my last pregnancy 3 years ago, I gained 36 lbs. I went from 140-176 lbs. Today, I'm 155. at times I gain/ lose 5 lbs on average. I still have restriction when I eat. I don't exercise and sadly enough drink my calories which has contributed to my weight gain. Even though the Bypass will help me lose weight, having it does not motivates me. 6 years ago I did not opt for it when I was approved and my reasons were health related. The revision, will not improve my blood pressure, gaining weight will not help the cardiomyopathy but it will not make it worse. The bypass will will get rid of the GERD and the HH and its re-occurrences, which means no more PPI's meds for GERD. 'Im caught between a rock and a hard place. What do I do? Do I continue taking PPi's for GERD? Do I repair it each time it reoccurs? Submit the request for a bypass to both insurances knowing that if denied, I must appeal the decisions each time they deny it? thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  3. Hi, I would defenetly contact them. Kelly is amazing. I contacted them after all my appeal were exhausted and the final was the external review. By the time they got my denial letters and medical record showing a years of hypertension and a Dilated cardiomyopathy, Kelly called me and was like "Are you kidding. you are getting approved." 3 days later, she sent me what I call the " Rebutal letter" and " BAM" 5 days later I was approved. I would highly recommended. Im thinking about using their services to appeal my reconstructive surgery. after all, Insurance cover the "Apron" removal. Here is their information. I wish you the BEST. CAN'T WISH YOU LUCK. As luck if for the unprepared, and you are preparing for this. Go for it. Kelley Brown Lindstrom VICE-PRESIDENT LINDSTROM OBESITY ADVOCACY 601-C East Palomar Street, #480 Chula Vista, CA 91911 WWW.WLSAPPEALS.COM Tel: 619-656-5251 Fax: 888-992-1188
  4. Greetings!! On the 7th of April I will be 23 months post VSG. Today I am 10 wks pregnant with my third child. This is my first pregnancy after the VSG. My OB/GYN expects me to gain between 25-30 lbs. I find that to be scary. I lost nearly 90lbs and I have gained nearly 8lbs in this 10 weeks. I went from 148 lbs to 156. Other VGS's tell me that by the time the second trimester hits, my restriction will increase so much as the baby growth will push up my organs and I will consume less than what I am consuming now. Others tell me that by the time I see my OB/GYN for my post partum check up, I will lose more than half of gained weight. I want to believe that's true, but right now i feel like I fell off the wagon, returned to my old habits and i feel I have lost control. I need help, advise and a reality check. Please know that I had medical clearance to become pregnant 12 months post op, I did not start trying until 4-5 months ago. I have no energy to exercise. I used to work out, swim, do zumba and yoga 3-5x a week. I am tired all the time. All I want to do is sleep I eat carelessly. I am an emotional eater. cant stand protein shakes no more. i crave carbs and sweets. I still suffer from Hypertension. Despite of having the surgery 22 months ago, I still take medications to control my pressure 3x a day, plus a baby aspirin. I had pre-eclampsia with my two previous pregnancy. and eclampsia with my first. both pregnancy resulted in c-sections at 36 and 32 weeks gestation. This pregnancy is already considered High Risk, a c-section is expected and so is the return of pre-eclampsia. I am 41 years old. Please advise and Please be Honest.
  5. You got my support too. I identify with you. You are an inspiration. Thanks for keeping us inspired and motivated!!!
  6. Thank you all for your suggestions. I am receptive to everything that was suggested. I will try the five day pouch test, since I need to detox from sugar and carb. A well as to seek the help I need to end the addiction cycle. Thank you all for your suggestions. I am receptive to everything that was suggested. I will try the five day pouch test, since I need to detox from sugar and carb. A well as to seek the help I need to end the addiction cycle.
  7. This is hard for me. I need your advice/ recommendation. Please excuse me for my typos. I was just letting my feelings out and did not proof read. I guess I can call myself a recovering addict, who has relapsed and continues to be in relapse mode. I have become overtly confident about this journey, foolishly believing that I got this, but the truth is that my food addiction got me. I have lost the motivation to keep going. Im not doing the things I should be doing to continuing to lose weight and to maintain. I went from the action phase of my recovery to relapse. I do not use consequential thinking and don’t exercise delayed gratification. I am my worst enemy to say the least. I knew how hard it was for me to get the surgery, I enjoyed the honeymoon phase, and even though I knew it was going to come to an end, I did not prepare for maintenance. I am struggling with my weight loss. I don’t know where I went wrong and why? Who in God’s name am I fooling? I know where I went wrong, im just in denial. I have not been so diligent or careful. I have eaten the wrong foods. Cannot let go of that ¼-1/2 cup of haggen dazz ice cream and have not committed to my exercise routine. Im overtly tired, and not motivated at doing anything that is related to my weight loss. I cant understand why I want to continue to sabotage what I worked so hard for? Could it be that I was so comfortable being uncomfortable that I want to go back, so I'm sabotaging what is good for me and feel miserable. Instead of dropping from 141-120. I went up from 141 lbs to 150lbs. It may not be much, but at 13 months post op i find it to be a lot. What, how often and how much I should be eating? How do I get the motivation to get back on track ? I am afraid that I have stretch my sleeve, even though at times my sleeve reminds me that it still there.
  8. No regrets for me. I will do it again in a heartbeat!! but I must tell you, once the honeymoon is over and the scale stops moving, that's when the rubber really meets the road. Tin the sense that the surgery is not an easy fix, but a tool; as you start to realize that keeping the weight off through lifestyle changes are the hardest part of this lifelong process. but while you're at it, embrace it!! i would love to go back to that HONEYMOON PHASE again!!. I wish you the Best!!
  9. Greetings. I must say that I at 10 months out, I have hit the longest stall ever. I guess I am stabilizing. I cannot get past 140Lbs. Although my Dr. and nutritionist are okay with it. they both agree that i am at the highest of my weight loss. Meaning that I cannot gain from this point onward. My surgeon prefers that I get to the 120 mark, this way I would have a 10-20lbs to gain and lose. I must admit that I've been naughty. I haven't been exercising as much mostly because I hate the cold, But I am hopeful that once I jump start my exercise those lbs will melt right off.
  10. THAN YOU ALL for your words of encouragement. I am glad and relieved to have posted my feelings. I was motivated, willing and able to take the steps to emotional healing. thanks you
  11. Greetings. As a Social Worker who deals with addicts and people with co-occurring disorders, Im well aware of the sign and symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as addiction. The irony, is that I suffer from depression and food addiction. I found it difficult to deal with the fact that I counsel patients on how to use relapse prevention tools during high risk situations as well as to remain compliant to their psychotropics. The truth is, that I do not the same for my emotional well being. I'm 8 months post op. I'm 140 lbs. My Surgeon left it up to me to continue with the weight loss or to start maintaining. I like what I see, but at the same time I keep relapsing to my old eating habits. I pretty much drink my calories. Im addicted to haagen dazz Icecream, with crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate covered raisins, cinnabons (mini), and anything that is sweet. I am on Wellbutrin xl 300mg once a day along with Amlodipine-Benazapril 5/10 for my Hypertension. I know I am a functional addict. I get remorseful after I eat sliders or the wrong foods,and I am mentally relapsing, i do not utilize consequential thinking or play the tape on my mind. I know im not where I would like to be, but I thank God that Im not where I used to be and I know that I do not want to be there again, but at the rate Im going, I will be back to sqare 1. I am entertaining the thought of seeking professional help. My nutritionist don't counsel me, like I counsel my patients/clients. I don't have a therapist. My PCP prescribes me my wellbutrin. Please advise, Any help you can render is greatly appreciated. thanks
  12. You are absolutely right. I'm not on target with my protein. I should consume more. Thanks.
  13. I was sleeved on 5/7/2014. 28 weeks later and 60 pounds lighter, my surgeon states that I should lose another 25-30 lbs to be at my goal. In other words, he would like for me to be between 101-125 lbs. My registered Dietitian, who specializes in Bariatrics, was shocked to hear that he would like me to go as low as 101 or to stay at the highest of 125. She agrees that I must lose more weight, but she recommends that I stay between 130 to 140. I'm currently 149 lbs and still on blood pressure medicines. I feel and look great. I work out 2-3x per week and swim laps for 90 minutes once weekly. -My eating sucks. I must confess! mostly protein shakes, instant oatmeal, salads and a few far and between vegetables and fruits. My weight loss has slow down and my stalls are getting longer and longer between loss. Now I feel confused/ conflicted. I would like to go to down to 101, cause the last time I was between 101-125 was 3 decades ago. But really, How realistic is that? I see my Registered Dietitian once monthly. I see my surgeon for 5 minutes every 2 months. my dilemma is : Who in heaven's name am I supposed to believe? Help please!!! thanks
  14. Goodness gracious, I thought I was the only one who felt hungry, but to be honest, it is like I need to be munching on something, constantly. What a scary feeling. Is that normal? Bad, because, I love chocolate covered raisins and anything crunchy, like almonds, walnuts and cashews, but my RD, asked me to please stop. tons of calories and little nutritional value. What do we do, when that "time of the Month" is fast approaching and the munchies get the best of our psych?
  15. It is normal to feel that way. But is even scarier to go through the emotional and physical co-morbid conditions caused by obesity. I am 5 months out, and I regret not making the decision earlier. Literally, I was born again!!!. I have resuscitated and the thing that amazes me the most is that after losing 60lbs, some people are shocked at the transformation. It is rewarding to see how the self confidence comes back to the psych. Don't go by the numbers on the scale, but by the way clothes begin to fit. That my dear is the propelling motivation that pushes u to keep going because it is the REALIZATION of knowing that you/we are winning the WAR against Obesity. In the process you will have your ups and downs, but you will learn: The 5 stages of change along with the 5 stages of GRIEF How to respect Foods. How to make healthier choices How to plan your meals, After all u can will only be able to eat but so much, Decision making will become a skill. How to say NO to POISONOUS/DEVIL foods. ( carbs, icecream, all the bad stuff that taste so delicious) How to relapse and how to utilize relapse prevention strategies to avoid future relapses How to identify high risk situations ( emotions, get togethers, social events, stressful situations ) HOW to appreciate the changes in your Body How to accept compliments from other people. How not to feel emotionally deprived. HOW TO rediscover and know THE PERSON WITHIN YOU THAT has HIDING FOR SO MANY YEARS. YOU ARE MAKING THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION of YOUR LIFE. YOU WONT REGRET IT. PS.. go on you tube, and see the before and after pictures, videos, documentary of people who had bariatric surgery as well as the weeks, days, month by month and years by years post ops. It is really gratifying. You are not alone. U have an entire community supporting you!!
  16. I do, But unfortunately I have develop and aversion to Tuna, and I used to love that. Thanks for the suggestion.
  17. My question is exactly that, How much should I be eating? and What should I be eating? I get full on salads and dense proteins rather quickly. Im struggling with the EVIL cravings. Yeap, tthe ones that made our weight creep to the to be continue side of the scale. I need to know what and how to cook for my sleeve, rather than to graze. it is bad!!! really bad!!! Any suggestions? Thanks everyone.
  18. WOW that's great!!! I'm from Long Island too. Nassau county, the South Shore to be excact, what is the name of that store. I need to go there. I've been to Savers in West Hempstead, Unique in Westbury and Levittown. I don't know of any other thrift shops or consignment stores in the Island. THANKS
  19. I cant start my day without my PROTEIN shake. 8:00am I mix 1 scoop of Isopure Unflavored(26g) 1 cup of fat free milk (8g) 2 spoons of Peanut butter (7g) . 1/2 spoon of unsweetened cocoa powder from Hershey (0). Totaling = 41 one grams of protein to start and I'm set to go for at least 3-4 hours. If not in the mood for peanut butter and chocolate, I mix Yoplait Greek yogurt (raspberry/ strawberry) 1 cup of milk and 1 scoop of Isopure protein powder and I'm set for 3-4 hours. I snack on a hard boiled egg, or yogurt, or 2oz of Honey Maple turkey, either mid morning or mid afternoon. But I must snack.
  20. Greetings I am 4 months out and even though I love the new changes in my body, I must tell you that I am petrified of relapsing.. I crave ice cream, breads, pastries. When I see it, I turn into a monster. Gosh I become like an addict going through withdrawals. I play the tape in my mind of the old me and look at old pictures on my cell of how I used to be and it calms me down, but still, like waves they keep coming back. It scares the hell out of me, that one day I will binge on the "carbs." I thought I was detoxed from it. I thought I was over them. I followed the regimen to the tee, I work out and try to consume my 64oz of water + my 2 protein shakes, my multivitamins and then some, but it is impossible. Why am I going through this mental relapse? Why is this happening to me? did you go through and how do you cope with it? What do I do if I slip? and if I do, how do I prevent it from becoming a full blown relapse? Ice-creams, cakes, donuts, breads, pasta and chocolate candy were my poisonous vices. I don't want to pick up where I left off.!!! I'm scared
  21. I I can relate to you. It is amazing how my eyes and brain have not synchronized to my stomach. Food aversion... Lord. I can no longer tolerate coffee. Milk... I drank lactaid regular, stepped down to 2%, cant stand it. 1% tolerable, but too sweet. My biggest cravings: Yeap; Haggen Daz Icream (Vanilla). carbs, carbs eating habits: I could live on club cracker the most 5 pieces and water. Like you It is a constant fight each day. The rewards of the surgery are really great, but the sacrifices are too great.
  22. I remember feeling weak at first, until I started eating Jello, warm chicken broth, sugar free Popsicle. Your stomach is healing slowly. but is healing. It will eventually hold more than 2 ounces. I bought a magic bullet, that til this day is my everything tool. I would do 8oz and drinking 2oz at a time. I Started centrum liquid and almost died. It was too sweet. I started on Liquid Multivitamins with Iron and no sugar. I tried Geritol and it was a picker upper.