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  1. Ramen is a No No

    I am currently in ramen noodle soup addiction mode; it's all I want to eat for dinner. Nutrionally wise it is not very good but mentally it satisifies something in me so I am just going with it. I am sure it will pass. I went though this phase with pickles, then a few months ago it was a particular Lean Cuisine dinner. It's so weird that we get stuck on certain foods after surgery. My surgeon said it it not uncommon and is a way we cope and keep in control.
  2. Do you change your eating once you hit goal weight?

    I went from 350 to 180 and am very happy where I am. I did not want to loose more weight due to the excess skin i'd be left with. My dr's at UMASS did not give me a goal persay - I told them I wanted to get under 200 and be a size 14 again, which I am I am at 180 now. I uped my intake of food - I now eat three small every three hours - so far I have maintained for a few months now. I expect to loose a little more weight after I get my new bicycle - I'd like to loose another 10 lbs.
  3. Cream of wheat

    I don't eat this much becasue it has very little protein. But it does taste very good and goes down easy. Plus the warmth is so nice on a cold fall morning It's one of those things I have as a snack. Are you able to tolerate oatmeal yet? Quaker Oats makes a good one called "Weight Control" that has added protein.
  4. Dining Out

    thanks everyone for these helpful ideas. I will try an appetizer next time; the thought of scallops is making my mouth water. One thing that is challenging is the whole having a drink before the meal. I usually treat myself to a glass of white wine before eating but then if the food comes to close to my finishing the wine I feel like I ate too much. I should just omit it altogether but it gives me a sense of normalcy. Note: If you have not had wine or alcohol yet please be very, very cautious as you can get very tipsy very quick on a very small amount. We have to be very careful now with alcohol to avoid addiction transfer and health problems. I still can't get over how HUGE my husband's portions seem now. To think I use to eat the same and then some. Times like these really put things into perspective and makes me proud of how far I have come. It also makes me see the light about just how much I was really woofing down.
  5. Dining Out

    So as we all know dining out now is not the same as it used to be. Usually I just get a cup of soup du jour and a small garden salad but I would like to know what others do when they eat out in hopes of getting some tips. Thanks!
  6. Over eating

    "Comparatively, it's really pathetic to call it overeating.....I might eat 3/4 of a cup of cottage cheese instead of 1/2 or something like that." Funny you say that as I feel guilty when I "overeat" but really what did I really eat to much of? Like you said, it's usually some trivial amount of food when compared to the amount we used to eat before. For instant before surgery I ate an entire large bag of potatoe chips with dip without thinking twice..the other day I felt guilty because I ate a handful of chips and about a 1/4 cup of dip at a party. I suppose the important thing is to not let an "overeating" feeling make you feel like you've failed somehow causing you to continue to fail. That was the way it was for me when I dieted before surgery.
  7. Caffeine !

    I suppose as far as addiction goes there is much worse things out there. I am a coffee drinker too and have come to realize that it is not neccesasrily the coffee (caffine) that I like but the ritual that goes along with it. Wether is be making the coffee or visiting my favorite coffee place, it's the ritual involved in these activities that I have come to depend on and look forward to during the day. So if someone were to want to break free of this habit, one would want to find something to replace the ritual too; find something that is meaniful and that one can look forward to. It's important to have things to look forward to doing; whatever those things may be.
  8. I craved lo mein noodles while in the hospital. So much so that I started to make deals with myself in my mind that ended in me eating said noodles at a later date. Silly to think about this now and 8 months later still no lo mein noodles. I saying I said to myself that helped me through those times when I was adjusting to not being able to to eat when and what I wanted was "Even if I wanted to I can't!" which is true as there is physically no where for the food to go. Trust me..when you start eating food you'll come to understand this very quickly. My stomach made some serious noise during the first two weeks home. It was always rumbling, churning, or doing something like that. I had this feeling of gas that I could not shake and I passed some serious wind without advanced warning thank god that didn't stick around. Everything quieted down after the first week.
  9. Buy Smaller Dishes, Bowls, and Cups!

    It's so weird to see people eat now who have not had the surgery. I look at the amount of food on their plate and go holy cow! It is even more sureal to think that I use to eat that much and more AND STILL want more. I am sure we all experienced some degree of this same thing. This surgery has really opened my eyes to how bad things had got with my portions and how I failed to see it for what it was. The weird thing for me is tht I don't miss it; I thougt I be lost without my food but instead I found myself again.
  10. For some this was a no brainer but when I mentioned this to a friend she had not even thought of it so I thoguht I would share. I purchase what are considered "dessert plates" at TJ Maxx and some small bowls that hold about 1 cup. You can find really nice ones that come in a set of four or five. I use them instead of reglar dinner plates and bowls because they hold less food and trick your eyes by making it look like you have more food than you do. 3oz of chicken and a 1/4 cup of vegies on a regular dinner plate (even the small ones) look pretty pathetic but not on a dessert plate. Using these plates and bowls has helped me maintain portions during my now 8 month journey. I also purchased some disposalbe "appetizer" forks and spoons which keep me from shoveling the food in my mouth like I did before. I do the same for cups. I switched out my coffee mugs and glasses for ones that only hold 6oz at a time. And, if you want to go all out, consider buying some pretty dinner placemats, napkins, and flatware that are just for you to make a nice setting for yourself at the table. For you only because your special! I strongly encourage you to try these out sometime.
  11. Why can't we have caffeine?

    My nutrionist is ok with caffine. Seems like there are varying opinions on caffine. I didn't drink coffee though for a good three months as caffine can affect important blood flow to the areas that are still healing. Honestly having a nice cup of coffee is something I look forward to in the morning and afternoon. Mentally this ritual has helped get me through the challanges of not being able to eat like I used to. It's important for us post-oppers to have small things to look forward to, whatever they may be.
  12. How much food do you eat?

    my nutrutionist said that at the end of the 1st year (which I am approaching) a "normal" amount one should eat is what you get in a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner. Also, one thing that has worked well for me is the 1/4 cup rile --- 1/4 cup startch, 1/4 vegie, 1/4 fruit and then 3-4 oz meats, which is about the size of what you get in the lean cuisine meal. The meals are a good way to keep from overeating. Everyone is different and can eat more or less. I am happy where I am; just wish I could digest breads better. I miss eating a sandwhich or a bagle.
  13. How much food do you eat?

    what is the cottage cheese test?
  14. How much food do you eat?

    Hi! I am very curious about something my nutrionist said in response to ... is what I eat too much? She said "everyone's pouch is different" I want to know if the amount of food I am eating at a mealtime is or similar to others. Am I eating too much? Too little? I am 7 months out. Lost 120 lbs. I can comfortably eat about the following (give or take) at an average meal. . Dinners: Tuna Fish Snack Pack (has the small can of tuna and 5 crackers) two medium pickles from jar. Breakfast: 1 Egg 2 Turkey Sausage Links Lunch: 1/2 cup hummus 3 oz chicken 1/4 cup veggie Snack 6oz greek yogurt container or 1.5 oz nuts package Snack Pear
  15. Hunger pains

    I had similar sensastions - but turned out to be just gas. try taking some beano to help reduce all that gas moving around in there. Also, dairy products caused a lot of activity for me the 1st few weeks, which I mistook as hunger - it really is not. The 1st couple of weeks home are tough, the urge to binge is there still but even if you tried you just can't - no where for the food to go but up.