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  1. I feel ridiculous for feeling this way.

    Ok, I just read the last sentence.... don't EVER say or think you took the easy way out. I'm going to be brutally honest with you - this is one of the hardest things you will ever do in your lifetime. There are going to be a lot of difficult days that a lot of people will never understand or be able to relate to. People have no idea. You are doing the right thing for yourself and taking control of a situation where there are addictions and dependencies involved. If a smoker decided to take Chantix or wears a patch, are they taking the easy way out? If someone with chronic depression takes antidepressants, are they taking the easy way out? No. There are tools out there for a reason and we are entitled to take advantage of them. We also have a responsibility to use the tool wisely and take care of ourselves, as there are so many people out there suffering from obesity that don't have the option of WLS. Hope that helps.
  2. I feel ridiculous for feeling this way.

    So normal!!!! You WILL hit several plateaus over the next 6-9 months before the honeymoon phase kicks out from you - your body will take some "pauses" and there is nothing you can do about it, no matter how badly you want that scale to move. Keep doing what you're doing - you are only a few weeks out, so there is no way you could be doing hefty physical activity and I doubt you're getting in more than 400 calories a day. Don't get discouraged because that will make you want to change something up and at this point (so early out) you don't want to change anything. So, let it go and just keep following the rules for food/protein stages. Ride it out; it will pick back up. Patience, grasshopper. PS - Don't forget the reason why we have psych evals before surgery. WLS will mess with you so badly... and this is one of the MANYways it happens! You stop losing weight... first day, ok no biggie. After a week of not losing weight, you want to throw the scale at the wall. It is such a mental game for especially the first 6 months! After you've plateaued once or twice, you know that it's a plateau and you know you'll get past it, and you become more patient.
  3. Hello from Cali

    Welcome! Congrats on your weight loss so far and keep it up!
  4. I struggled with a goal weight for a very long time because I've been overweight all my life - to this day, I don't know what 150 looks like. 150 was my goal simply because at one point during one of many diets (Jenny Craig, I think), I got down to 165, and thought - hmmm, I'd think I'd be happy if I lost just 15 more pounds. Well, that never happened.... that weight eventually came back on and I went through this vicious cycle a few more times before bypass. So, I think it's 100% A-Okay to not really know what your goal is. Your goal really could be a clothing size, a BMI number, body fat %, or a delta (i.e. 10 less than my previous lowest). Or it could simply be being comfortable in your own skin and feeling healthy and beautiful. Whatever you decide - you got it! PS - I still leave my goal at 150 because at some point in my life I would like to know what 150 feels like... and not because of old age or illness. I want to be able to get to a healthy 150 and decide if I want to stay there. How amazing would it be to have that kind of choice?!
  5. The Reset - Part II

    Day 4 of the 5DPT: I woke up this morning and I was 207.2. This means I've lost 6.4 lbs in 3 days. I know the 5DPT isn't about losing weight (although it goes hand in hand with eating correctly), but it's always nice to see the scale go down. I will say that today has been the hardest so far - not because i'm hungry, but I didn't have a lot of time to do prep last night for "firm proteins", so I've been living off low-sodium lunch meat and chopped chicken breast IN chicken salad so it's more dense than chicken salad alone. At this rate, a turkey burger tonight sounds amazing. So, I have to say - I'm not hungry. I'm not craving any carbs. I've been able to manage my 30-minute liquid cutoff before and after meals. And the 6.4 lbs has been just enough to see some of my clothes actually fit, which is always a motivator. For me, so far the 5DPT has been more of a mental reset than a physical reset, and I actually do feel like I have more confidence that my pouch still works, and that I can stick to the pouch rules and have success again. We'll see how day 5 goes, but dare I say I'm optimistic. MORE MOTIVATION: Interesting fact recent posted on Science Daily: "Obesity resulted in as much as 47 percent more life-years lost than tobacco, and tobacco caused similar life-years lost as high blood pressure, new research has shown."
  6. Am I eating enough ,too much ?

    If you feel hungry only 7 days out, you probably need more protein. Protein shakes are key, and your other fluids are to not only help with overall hydration, but to help flush your kidneys and balance out the protein intake. Greek or other high protein yogurts are good, but yogurt typically has more carbs and sugar then the lean protein shakes. More carbs + more sugar = more work for your gastrointestinal tract to digest. Obviously I'm not a doctor, but my thought is that yogurt might be a secondary source of protein, not the primary source at this point. I've been drinking the EAS Advantage Shakes since Day one, and they're fabulous. Because you're only able to physically eat so much at this early stage, the protein shakes are critical. you're not going to get 65+ grams of protein a day from food alone for a long time. My advice to really find a protein shake that works for you (I always look for whey protein), because even though you transition to food, having at least one shake a day will be a staple in your diet for awhile.
  7. Brand New and Trying to Decide..

    Welcome to the forum and great job researching your different options before coming to a decision. I originally wanted the lap-band when I went to the see my surgeon for first time and he told me I would be wasting my time. I ended up having GP-RNY. At the time it was the most advanced procedure available. You lose about 20-25% more weight with GP compared to LB, and the long-term success rate is very low. About 2 years after I had bypass, a good friend was struggling with the same question you have today. I told her about my surgeon's comments and why I decided GP over LB. She ended up going with the LB.... she only lost about 50% of her goal weight and gained everything back within a year. Now, it's fair to say there are several factors as to why someone succeeds or fails after WLS, but it lined up perfectly with his comments. At the end of the day you will find what works for you, and regardless of what option you choose, YOU have control over your success. Choosing your WLS tool is really a combination of personal preference and surgeon's recommendation based on success/failure or amount of weight you need to lose. If you decide on lapband, your surgeon has a responsibility to tell you if they don't think it's appropriate and provide all potential options. Goodluck and keep us up to date
  8. Help!

    How are BOTH of you feeling now? I don't remember every single detail from the first few weeks but happy to answer any questions and provide support, of course! The first 2 weeks is the hardest... there are huge physical, emotional, and psychological adjustments all happening, while we're nervous about doing something wrong and losing your go-to security blanket... food. Hang in there and just keep posting and hanging around the forum- you will find SO many people that have been in your shoes. You'll get through it- temporary... the long term benefit is life changing.
  9. new clothes?

    At first I bought "skinny" clothes the way I bought maternity clothes... a pair of pants here, a shirt there... just bought a couple things as I needed them. I didn't buy anything expensive and kept it simple so that it was easy to mix and match. For my skinny clothes, when I would actually go out and get something I would pick the size that more snug so that in a few weeks it would loosen up as I lost more weight and I could wear it longer. So if it was between the L and the XL, if the L was close to fitting I just got that lol. I started real shopping about 9 months out. Goodluck and happy shopping soon!!!
  10. Surgery Scheduled - Newbie / 1st Post

    Congratulations on the great news and welcome to the forum! I'm in Dallas so we're just down the street.... kinda, sorta.
  11. I'm... back

    Welcome back! I just got back on the forum recently too... I had surgery in 2008 and went through the same ups and downs that it seems you've been through. I knew I needed to get my support group back to lose the 55 pounds I've gained back. Not sure what your plan is to get back on track but I started a 5 Day Pouch Test on Sunday... I'm already almost 6 pounds down and my cravings are suppressed. I feel like there is hope for my pouch! Goodluck and we're here to lean on each other- LETS DO IT!
  12. New. I have questions

    The infusers are amazing! Plain water was awful for me after surgery so I would either do a diluted crystal light (before Mio existed lol) or do the fruit infused water. The infused water is actually really good for you- a great way to some antioxidants while you're not able to eat fruit.
  13. New and a little overwhelmed by it all.

    Congratulations and welcome! If you need support, have questions, or just need to vent a little bit, everyone on this forum is wonderful. I'm nine years post op and I still get online and check in to the forum. I definitely found the "search" bar to be my best friend the first few months. If I didn't want to start a thread but just get some insight I would search some keywords and instantly get threads on all sorts of stuff. It's like Wikipedia for WLS :). Congratulations again on this huge step in becoming a better version of you. It's quite the journey!
  14. The Reset

    My Issue: I was 273 pounds before GP-RNY, got down to 163 pounds at my lowest in January 2014, and currently sitting at sturdy 213. I’m basically fed up with my weight and the way I feel, and I’m frustrated that I let myself get to this point. My Motivation: 1) I want to be healthy for myself and my family – I want to live a long time and watch my daughter grow up. 2) I need to feel good in my skin again – I’m a 32 year woman, and I want to feel confident in my body. 3) I don’t want my daughter to have the “fat mom” that can’t chase her around and keep up with her For the past two weeks I’ve sat in a quandary trying to figure out HOW to go about my mission to get back on track and head for my goal weight. I know it’s all easier said than done, but I really thought coming up with a game plan would be a piece of cake. No, actually. I did my research online, dusted off some old WLS materials from my surgeon, and read success stories of other patients who regained control. My fear was (still is) that my pouch had stopped working; what if I went through ALL this effort to lose weight, and then to gain some back and find out that my stomach has stretched and my pouch is non-existent? I started to think of all the unconditional love and support I received from my family, have I let them down? I spent so much money on multiple new wardrobes and now none of those clothes fit; have I just wasted a bunch of money? All the “what if’s” have weighed on me heavily for quite some time, and I haven’t wanted to come to terms with the possible answers to these questions. I think I subconsciously convinced myself my pouch didn’t exist - I thought of going back to Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. I pulled out all my portion cups and DVDs from the last time I did the 21 Day Fix and thought I could start that up again. My next door neighbor does “Insanity” and offered to do a full 60 day program with me. I thought about Slim Fast because it’s relatively easy and minimal prep. Trying to think of what program I could do to lose weight, while working more than full time (my job is not the standard 40 hour work week), and being a new mom to my 6-month old daughter… Ugggghhhh. It was too much to take. It finally hit me – “Marina, get it together. You have this AMAZING tool… your pouch; You need to RESET. You’ll never know if it works if you don’t get back to basics and try.” That brings me to starting the 5 Day Pouch Test and re-teaching myself all the basics that I lived and breathed many moons ago. I started the 5-Day Pouch Test on Sunday, April 23rd. My first goal is to finish the 5DPT all the way through – no cheating, no exceptions. Day 1 – Full Liquids (Weight: 213.6) Breakfast – Slim Fast Advanced Shake (higher protein, lower carbs & sugar than regular SF drinks) Snack – N/A Lunch – 8 oz low sodium chicken broth Snack – EAS Advantage Shake Dinner – ½ can of cream of broccoli soup (so gross, couldn’t finish it) Snack - 1.5 servings sugar-free chocolate pudding Total Water Intake: 66 oz. Feeling: Very hungry by the end of the night and felt out of touch. My total calorie intake was only about 650 calories, which has to be the lowest calorie day I’ve had in years. I think I’ve been permanently scarred from low sodium cream soups and broths due to my 2 week pre-op liquid diet, and my first two weeks post-op. Just the thought makes me gag, so finding stuff that works for me during day 1 and 2 is pretty limited. Day 2 – Full Liquids (Weight: N/A) Breakfast – Slim Fast Advantage Shake (higher protein, lower carbs & sugar than regular SF drinks) Snack – 1.5 servings Sugar-Free chocolate pudding Lunch – Cream of Chicken Soup Snack – 1 serving sugar-free jello Dinner – EAS Advantage Shake Snack – N/A Total Water Intake: 72 oz. Feeling: Much more energy on Day 2 and wasn’t quite as hungry. I went to sleep feeling satisfied but woke up in the middle of the night feeling pretty hungry – I was able to chug some water and felt better, but it’s still not the same as a midnight snack ::sigh:: Day 3 – Soft Protein (Weight: 209 – Woot!) Breakfast – 2 egg muffins* Snack – None Lunch – 6 oz chicken salad (low fat mayo, mustard, pepper, celery seed, and some chopped green onion and celery) Snack – 2 egg muffins* Dinner – 4 oz baked cod (added lemon juice, garlic, and Mrs. Dash seasoning) Snack – EAS Advantage Shake Total Water Intake: 66 oz so far Feeling: Day started out great, but by 3pm I was starving – which is why I had my afternoon egg muffins! I should have just had a snack even though I wasn’t starving… it has to be better to do that and keep satiety throughout the day. Today was the first day of no drinking before and after meals for 30 minutes… another thing I haven’t really focused on in a long time. I’ve had to really think about when I’m going to eat and actually plan a little bit… I think getting back on track with even just this one rule will really help with my grazing and snacking. It forces you stop and think about what your next move is in the food department. *Egg muffins are my own weird thing… basically a high-protein, low-fat, low-carb, mini crustless quiche. I mix up 6 eggs + 6 egg whites, 1 cup lowfat cottage cheese, chopped white onion, chopped cilantro, ¼ cup of nonfat milk, salt, pepper, and a little bit of ground sausage (usually I add some extra veggies, but I didn’t this time because of the 5DPT - trying to keep it simple). I Put the mixture in a muffin tin and bake them at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. I do this pretty often as part of meal prep for my husband and I – it takes me less than an hour on Sunday, and we both have a healthy, low-carb breakfast for the entire week. Day 4 – Firm Protein (Weight: N/A) We’ll see what day 4 looks like. At a very high level… for food tomorrow I’m planning to have a breakfast scramble (diced ham and Colby jack cheese with only 2 egg whites – just enough to hold it together and still be firm) for breakfast, grilled shrimp for lunch , and a turkey burger for dinner. No idea about snacks in between – probably salmon. Day 5 – Solid Protein (Weight: N/A) No clue - I feel like day 4 and 5 are the hardest to come up with food! I’m guessing it will have something to do chicken breast…. Maybe simmer it in marinara sauce with a little mozzarella and make a chicken Parmesan type deal. J Wish me luck on day 4 and day 5…. I’ll post updates with the final outcome, and then it’s on to “Day 6 and beyond” where I really have to focus on my food choices and fullness, while LISTENING to my pouch. Cheers!
  15. Hi all,

    Welcome, Juliet! WLS is scary... and to be honest, that's a good thing - it means that you're not taking this decision lightly, and that you understand this is a life-changing experience. There will be a lot of sacrifices you'll have to make and in the beginning you'll probably have a few days where you wonder what in the hell you just got yourself into. That's okay... just like any other big decision in life, it takes a little while to digest (no pun intended) and get used to. If you choose WLS, have the confidence that you WILL do great, and know there are plenty of people here to support you! I had surgery when I was 24 years old - I had been very overweight my entire life (my mom took me to Jenny Craig at the age of 12 - yes, seriously), tried every diet and exercise plan possible, took every prescription and OTC weight loss medication out there. I finally realized that it was my RELATIONSHIP with food that had to change - if I didn't change that, it didn't matter what diet I was on. I saw a therapist for 18 months before getting approved and it was a great decision... she diagnosed me with Binge Eating Disorder well before it was acknowledged in the mental health community as a diagnosis of disordered eating, and I was able to spend those 18 months learning how to build a new relationship with food and how to manage binges before they occur. Today, I'm almost 9 years post-op, and while I've had some challenges with weight gain (currently back to basics and working on getting back to my goal weight), it was the BEST decision I've ever made in this life so far, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Stay strong - you got this.