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  1. Lizinabin

    Learning Still

    Really hearing the words 'It's not your fault' is so empowering. I'm glad you have a loving husband to stand with you as you work on your emotions and head. You are right. We build layers to keep the hurt out when we really are keeping it inside. Working on the deeper issues helps to tear down the layers and set us free. Good luck and know you are not alone on your journey.
  2. Lizinabin

    Back in the Saddle

    Fell off the horse for a couple of days. Head hunger got the best of me. I am now back to it. I did a week's worth of pre-portioned food prep and my fridge looks like a Tupperware warehouse. If I don't have to think about what I'm eating it will make it easier to stay on plan. I've made some of my favorites so I will have that 'comfort food' feeling to my dinners. I have also committed to reading and posting here at least twice per week so that I can keep my head straight. Thank you everyone for your suggestions and your support. I NEED to be here.
  3. Lizinabin

    New to Thinner Times

    Welcome Austin!! We're glad you are with us.
  4. Lizinabin

    Back in the Saddle

    Today I am struggling with head hunger. I see that in my food log and my attitude. I'm still working my program but it's not easy today. Thank you for being along on the ride with me. I love the company. <3
  5. You know how most of us have tried so many different weight loss programs? Yeah, me too. The one I had most success with was Overeaters Anonymous. I lost 100+ pounds and over the course of time regained everything plus. Don't know how many other people this has happened to but regain is real. Even now. I am 3 1/2 years out from my sleeve surgery and still have so far to go but yep, you guessed it, I regained. Not going to dwell on that though. I did it, I'm not proud of it but I own it. If you''ve ever attended an 'Anonymous' meeting of any kind then you know the mantra of one day at a time. Well, I've strung up 12 of those one days as of this morning and I need to see it in print to remind me of how far I've made it so far. I'm coming back from 30 pounds of regain. Am I perfect? Hell no!! I've had a bad day or two along the way but today is a new day and I am determined to continue with my eating plan and using My Fitness Pal to log my food and do my walking. I have grown lazy but it's time to stand up and get moving again. Thanks for giving me a place I can come to and see I am not alone. Liz
  6. Lizinabin


    Darn. When I lived up in Boston there weren't too many people posting here. Now that I'm down south there are lots LOL. Hope you enjoyed your visit and got to meet some of the cool members from here
  7. Lizinabin


    Lindy, the lack of the salty taste during my liquid phase is what got to me. I went through chicken broth with some spices here.. and other soups that my NUT recommended. That helped me a lot while I waited for the pureed food stage. That was the hardest stage. Pureed foods were heaven! Hang in there... you will get through this and you have us to help.
  8. Lizinabin

    Getting Back to Basics

    It actually hasn't been too hard physically. Doing the 5 Day Pouch Test to bring eating under control and there are enough carbs throughout the day to keep me from ripping someone's head off LOL. I even made it through pasta night at my house as well as watching television snack night.
  9. Lizinabin

    Getting Back to Basics

    Thank you everyone for your welcome. It's been 2 days since I began working with my tool and program and carb withdrawal is real. LOL Thank you Rep Ipsa for the guide. I'm following the stages to get back in touch with my sleeve. I look forward to 'seeing' you all in the Social Forum 'hugs Liz
  10. Lizinabin

    Getting Back to Basics

    Hi Everyone, I have been a member here since just before my sleeve surgery back in 2014. Lost a good bit of my weight and decided I was okay to be on my own so I stopped. Stopped lurking here, stopped recording my meals, eventually stopped my water and eating plan and vitamins and regained about 30 pounds. I have started feeling the way I did before surgery, sluggish, bloated, and tired all the time. However, I am a glass half full kind of girl. I am using these feelings to get myself back on track. Today I am posting for the first time in who-knows-when and taking my vitamins, drinking my water and cleansing my body of carbs. So... with that being said... Hi, I'm Liz and I'm back to keep myself accountable.
  11. Lizinabin

    Why did you have WLS?

    The crisis point for me was when I was hospitalized for chest pain. I thought I was having a heart attack. The ER wanted to get a CT scan on me but the machine could not hold me. They kept me overnight for observation and let me go the next day as they said my EKG showed no signs of a heart attack. Had that been a real emergency, I more than likely would have died. That scared the bejesus out of me! When I went for preop testing, they think I may have actually had a minor heart attack. I had to wear a monitor after surgery while I was in hospital. I bent over a couple of times when I was up walking around and the nurses came running as the monitor set off the alarm. Embarrassing? Oh yeah but since I had already had surgery I knew this would not happen again.
  12. Lizinabin

    Starting a new chapter!

    Fantastic news!!! Congratulations!
  13. Lizinabin

    Last 6 weeks

    Sometimes unexpectedly you realize that you deserve to be happy and I'm happy that you realize this.
  14. Lizinabin

    I'm Baaaaaaaack.. and Some Catching Up.

    Thank you everyone for your kind words. It's good to be back <3
  15. I've been away for a while... work and life have kept me busy. I have missed everyone and over the next few days I will be binge reading to catch up on posts I've missed. While I was away I had 2 scale victories. One, I am now in the 300's and two, I have officially lost over 100 pounds I have also started to dump on food I've eaten. I've had boiled cabbage before and this last week I dumped for the first time after eating it. Oh I did NOT like that LOL. Will not try cabbage again for a while. 'k.. be back later