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  1. I originally took 4 weeks off but close to four weeks I was still so weak that my doctor gave me two more weeks. I work in a fast paced field that you have to be on the ball in a minutes notice and my thinking process just wasn't firing well. I am glad I took the extra week. I am 10 weeks out and I am just now starting to get my energy back up and adjusting to the foods I eat. So if you can take 6 weeks I would suggest doing that.
  2. taylor921

    Not feeling too good!

    I went to the doctor today and had some tests run. He believes I have an infection in my colon. He told me that I should be feeling better by now and the problems I have had are not typical and do not to hesitate if anything else happens! I really like and trust my doctor and I appreciate all the answers and first hand experience everyone is giving me. It helps me get through these times. I am waiting for him to call back once he receives the results from the lab. He had asked for it to be STAT. Thank you everyone and God Bless!
  3. taylor921

    Not feeling too good!

    I called the doctors office waiting for them to call me back. I have been looking over the forum to see if anyone has had or has the same problem but so for not so good. Thank you
  4. taylor921

    Not feeling too good!

    I had my Bypass on March 6, 2013, I seem to have a lot of problems that other people I know that had the surgery are not having. I started early out having an ulcer at the beginning of my pouch (a month out of surgery) I was only eating the strict diet my doctors office gave me and I couldn't understand why it happened. I am faithfully taking all my vitamins and supplements plus my protein intake is where it is suppose to be, Two weeks ago I was ok'd to try seafood and I tried shrimp, I was so excited to have grilled shrimp. I managed to eat three small shrimp and I was full! A few hours later I had a severe allergic reaction to them, couldn't breath and was taken to the ER. They pumped me full of steroids, benedryl and breathing treatments, sent me home after 5 hours with prednisone to take heavy doses for three days. Apparently this messed my stomach up and I vomited for three days straight until I went to ER and they pumped me full of fluids, sent me home stating I had a "Stomach Bug", I would be better in a few hours. I was not! I called my surgeons office the next day because I was still so sick, couldn't lift my head off the pillow. After they fussed at me for not coming to them first they scheduled me to be "Scoped" the next morning. I went in first thing, was scoped, found nothing out of the ordinarly but my doctor would not let me go until I had two bags of fluids and a Banana Bag of nutrients. I am no longer vomiting from this happening three days ago but I have severe diarrea. I don't want to be an alarmist and call my doctors office for everything but I can hardly function! I am trying to work and feel like crud. Can anyone advise me what I need to do now? What may be the problem? At this junction of my surgery I am regretting the surgery but I know it gets better. I started at 253 pounds a week before my surgery and I am at 202 pounds today so that's the only thing that makes me smile. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. I am from Quitman, La and had my surgery 5 weeks go so I am a newborn at all this! I have had several dumping issues and wish never again! I am still on liquids and very soft foods. Weight loss is ok but I am so TIRED. I am ready for that to get better. Walking everyday and just started Yoga, don't know how that will go.