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  1. You look absolutely wonderful! They are the right size for you!! Your kids are precious!!!!
  2. AU_Chick

    3 days! Starting to panic!

    They had to give me versed 3 times!!!! I was so nervous!!! I was approved to take a Xanax before I arrived, also. Once I settled in I was ready to get it over with. Make sure to tell them you need some calming medicine. Good Luck!!! It was the best decision I ever made!
  3. AU_Chick

    From Fat to Famous!

    I love your red hair!!!!! I have always wanted to be a redhead! You look AMAZING!!!
  4. AU_Chick

    NSV of my lifetime <3

    That is awesome!!!! Congrats!!!!
  5. AU_Chick

    Syntrax Nectar

    I don't like them either!!! Yuck!!!! I thought I was the only one!!! Ha!!!!
  6. AU_Chick

    My journey

    At least you are going scale went up yesterday!!!! I can tell I am losing inches, but I want to see a "1"!!!! Ha!!!!!
  7. AU_Chick

    My journey

    YAY!!! Congratulations!!!! I am a couple of pounds away, too!!!
  8. AU_Chick

    Quest Protein Bars

    I pay $28 a box at GNC with a membership. I only like 3 flavors. GNC is right behind my house so it's very convienent. I am a librarian at an elementary school and can't sit down and eat lunch, so I take one daily.
  9. No, they did not. I weighed 135 pounds in 2004 when I moved to the beach. People were commenting I was too thin and needed to gain a few pounds. Being healthy and feeling well is my personal goal.
  10. My surgeon set my goal at 135, but I will be happy at 150. I am only 5'4, but I have bigger bones. I want to be healthy not skin and bones. Do what makes you happy and where you feel great! Who knows? I might change my mind. I still have about 50 pounds to go!
  11. AU_Chick

    "on the go" foods after RNY

    Quest Protein Bars! I just found a new flavor I like. Brownie, Cookie Dough, & Chocolate Chip Chunk. You might have to wait a month or two before your stomach can handle them.
  12. AU_Chick


  13. AU_Chick

    Just had my first pureed meal!

    I never had to do the purée stage in a blender. I used my teeth & it worked out perfectly!
  14. AU_Chick

    Having surgery on wednsday

    That is odd. I had a hiatal hernia repair during my Gastric Bypass procedure. Why did they change your surgery to the Sleeve? My surgeon performs Gastric Bypass unless there are specific reasons, such as scar tissue build up, and then he will do the Sleeve. But only because Gastric Bypass isn't an option. If I was you, I would want to know why????
  15. AU_Chick

    Packing for the hospital:-)

    Good Luck!!! Once it is all over with, you will be so glad you followed through with it. A body pillow & Gas-X Strips were a lifesaver for me! Good Luck!!!