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  1. Hello everybody.... Just wanting to share some of my thoughts for the day... It has been a long journey since my surgery on 9 April 2013. Maybe not very long in time but in intensity. Up and downs, good and bad days, tears and laughs but most important than anything is that I'm getting where I want to be. This past weekend my scale surprised me by showing me I'm down to 167 lbs. I can't even remember when was the last time I was 167 lbs... I feel good about it and very good with myself. I'm way much closer to reaching my big goal...40 lbs more to go!!!! My life is now different and I'm enjoying every second of it. Motivation is A+ and I'm exercising on a daily basis getting ready for my first 5K run on 26 October. I don't know if I will be able to run the whole thing but I promise you I will finish....that's for sure!!! My only concern right now is that my glucose level is low. I hope I don't develop diabetes... :-( Other than that life is good and I'm embracing it!!!! xoxo Damarys
  2. Wohoooooooooooooo!!!!! You go girl!!!! I'm sooooooooooo proud of your success!!! Keep the hard work and keep my own experience...even if they are just little things it will keep you happy and motivated!!!!
  3. Take one day at a time... Live day by day my by day!!! Do the best you can in your present, forget about what you did wrong yesterday and focus on how great you are gonna make it tomorrow. And then...just make it happen by doing the best you can and so on and on and on.... xoxo
  4. This past weekend I went camping to the Lake of the Ozarks with my husband and my 11 y/o son and some friends. I wasn't sure of wanting to do that yet but my son was excited with the idea and so my husband so I decided to give it a shot. The big question was what I would wear since I don't even have a pair of shorts in my drawers...well I do but they don't fit me yet since they were from prior to having gain all that weight I'm getting rid off. The point is that how I would dress in a camping when I don't have the appropriate clothing? After looking for a while into my full walking of those that you can actually walk in it, I decided to take some capris and some spaguetti stripes shirts as my outfits for the adventure. I wanted to look nice for my husband and of course to feel more secure and in order to help myself to be in a confort zone everything I picked was matching to include my bag, my sunglasses, my slippers and my tennis shoes. Now...the other thing was the excitment my son was having with the idea of getting into the lake and asking me if I would get in there with him. I told him that maybe I would but I was internally dying since I would have to wear a swimsuit and I have no shorts to put on with it. My oldest son has recently buy for me this beautiful suwimsuit in my favorite color which is purple and a pair of slippers in the same colors to go with it and I love it but I wasn't sure I was going to feel comfortable in it. After evaluating the situation I decided this was not going to ruin my weekend neither my lil son's wish so I looked in my drawer for my purple sarong and decided I was going to wear it with it. We got there Friday night and after finishing putting our tent together we had great time with our friends. Saturday was the great day...the day to go to the lake!!! Husbands were going fishing and wifes and kids would have fun in the lake. Oh LORD...time to put my swimsuit on and so I did!!!! It is one of those that are one piece but only because the bottom and the top are attached by a common portion of material in the front. I had tried it at home and my daughter and husband has approved it stating I look beautiful on it but I wasn't sure if it was for real or if it is their love that makes them see me as beautiful as they said I look. Either way there I was with my swimsuit on and feeling so exposed like I have not feel in years. For the last 6 years all I had wear are swimsuits that would only expose my shoulders. The kind that has a skirt attached to the bottom part of it. I wrapped myself from waist down in the sarong and by mid day my legs were sweating like if I was in a sauna. I wanted to take that sarong off so bad!!! But how I would dear to do that??? I was sitting at the camping bench and pulled my sarong up halfway up to my thighs and as I was looking to my sweatty legs a great idea crossed my mind...folding the sarong in half and so I did!!!! OMG ...that idea was a life saver to me. I took it off and real quick folded in half and put it back on. It was now only down to half of my thighs and I really like the effect it caused on my attire. I felt comfortable and sexy in front of my husband...something I have not experience in a while. Eventually I decided it was time to get a suntan and I removed the sarong to lay on it and be exposed to the sun. It was a great feeling and as the islander I am I felt I had finally go back to those days where I would do this as part of my daily routine before gaining all that weight and not been comfortable doing it anymore. After a while we went back to the camping site and the kids discovered a path to the lake right by our site. They started getting their feet wet but before we knew they were jumping in the lake. The other females were kind of skeptical but I decided to seat by the lake and read my book while watching my son having fun at the lake. All of the sudden my husband joined me and so the rest of our friends and in a heartbeat all of them were jumping in, too. My son invited me to jump in but I was still fighting my fears of taking the sarong off and exposing myself to everybody in there. After a few more invitations from my son and my husband I closed my eyes, took off the sarong and jumped in!!! It was a refreshing experience in every single aspect of my life. There I was swimming, floating in my back, holding my son like if he was a baby while he was hugging and kissing me. We had great time and a lot of fun at the lake playing and doing some acrobatics in the water as I used to do before with my other children and when he was little. Overweight was not a barrier this time in my life to spend great and quality time with my son and my husband. I walked and walked with my son as I have not done it for the longest without having to stop to catch my breath. We went all over the place with flashlights looking forward for some adventure between us and the wild life and even when we didn't find anything we play, we talked and enjoy the walk and the fresh air. I slept in the middle, berween my son and my husband...the three of us in the same air mat and nobody felI from it in the middle of the night. I was able to turn around and hug them both as I pleased and it filled me with an amazing feeling. I embraced and enjoyed every second of that camping and I can't wait for the next one to come. As I'm telling you all about my experience tears are coming to my eyes but different from other times these are tears of joy.
  5. Wonderful!!!!! So proud of you!!!!
  6. Yesterday I decided there is no reason to keep using and treasuring my XL pants since as of right now they are so huge for me that I look awful wearing them. Well...I guess that is what is supposed to happen after having lost almost 40 lbs!!! Also... I don't know why it took me so long since it is not like I don't have others cuz I have plenty in size L. It was exciting though to do the clean up. I wish I can do the same with the size L pretty soon!!!! lol I kept one for myself to remind me I can't let myself go back to that point ever again.
  7. Wohooooooooooooooo!!!! Fabulousssssssssssssssss!!!!!! Love it!!!! Keep the hard work!!!!
  8. Katie... I'm really very sorry you are going thru so many difficulties. I can't tell you much in regards to the meds you are taking or your condition but something I can tell you for sure is that the less you need are complications for which it is very important for your doctors to find out what is wrong or going on and how to put it back under control prior to the surgery. Please be honest with the doctor and make sure that your conditions are stable and well taken care for the best of your health and success in this new endeavor of your life. Best wishes xoxo
  9. Good for you!!!! I'm very proud of you!!! I have been procrastinating my visits to the gym for a while and it is about time I follow your example and do something about it!!! Thanks for the boost. I hope I follow thru with it very soon!!! I know my life is going to be way much easier and that the results are going to be amazing... Keep the hard work!!!
  10. Hang in there my friend. Everything willl be fine and you will be able to move on to the next level!!! For some reason this precise moment is not the right one. When it is the right time God will put it for you in a silver platter!!!
  11. I completely agree with you and if time go back I will do it all over again. It is easy for other people to speak of acceptance and all that bull s@#$ when they are not the ones struggling. In addition this is a subject in which we are the ones who day by day are becoming the subject matter expert in our own personal way and for our own unique case since the results on each step of the process may vary due to the fact that everyone is diferent. No one should be judging decisions, reasons neither results. And we all need to be supportive of each other since we are all on the same boat fighting the same battle regardless of the type of surgery used for the purpose. I've found myself talking to people that is not in agreement with this type of surgery, to include my mother who was terrified and willing to go the extra mile to convincing me of chickening out from the surgery. She was thinking I was doing this to save my marriage since my husband has not been attracted to me since I gained all this weight. After thinking about it I realized my husband was the last name on my list of the reasons why I wanted to get the surgery and at some point I had to comfront her to make her understand I had a lot of reasons and that he was not even part of my top 5 and that it was my choice and she has nothing to say about it. That I needed positive support and that if she was not able to provide me with that this subject between she and I was to be a hard limit one. I wasn't willing to continue listening to her or anyone else critizicing, discouraging or putting me down. And with all this I'm just saying that we all need to draw a line between what is acceptable and not from others to say regardless of who it is because at the end of the day it is our life, it is our health, it is our body, it is our decision to make, it is our goals, it is our responsibility, it is our commitment and for FAILURE or SUCCESS it is our DREAM.
  12. It is just a matter of time. Don't panic....everything will get better. I'm on my week #9 and I still have some days that eating or keeping something down is almost impossible. When that happens it is usually some gas fighting over the space in my stomach with the food that is coming down. When that happens my life turns miserable and the chest pain is sharp and unbereable. Puking is my best friend during those times. Then I just wait until my stomach settles down and eat. Most of the time it works and I'm able to keep it down. My doctor recommended me to take some Gas-X to help me with that and it does help. Also, papaya enzymes will help you digesting the food if you get that sensation of the food going up and down your track. During my week #1 all I felt comfortable eating and that was very well tolerated by my stomach was chicken soup. I was very afraid of eating other things thinking I would get the dumping syndrome or something. Just listen to your body because it will be the one telling you for sure what is ok and what is not yet. At week #1 your stomach is like a baby so treat it as gentle as you can and just be patient. Good luck my friend...xoxo