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  1. For me I would say the surgery was worth it for the first year. I lost the weight, felt great and was living it up. After that, I turned to alcohol and have struggled with it since. I would rather be fat and happy then skinny-ish and drunk. I have had multiple surgeries since this one, gall bladder removal and ruptured stomach. I cannot ever tell someone not to go for this surgery because thoe months of losing and feeling amazing were irreplaceable but watch out for the long term and substitutions.
  2. I was having problems with dumping BAD. My dr prescribed Welchol. It is a blood pressure med but it causes constipation in normal people, for me it lets me keep foods in long enough to absorb calories and vitamins. I lost constantly for the first year, no stopping, now I am maintaining a size 6 effortlessly
  3. saying get over it sounds nice when you still have a ways to go It sounds like a compliment, but when you feel good and want to look good and get comments like 'watch out for a stiff breeze' and 'soon your husband won't be able to find you in the bed' It starts to belittle all you've been through. This is who you are now and want to own it, not STILL be judged and insulted.
  4. Epiphany moment as I was thinking about this post today. My anit-depressant/anti-anxiety pills ARE time released. It explains my severe dizziness in the first few months and my increasing grumpiness as the day wears on. I always drank when I got super frustrated or flustered. It was my self-medicating happy pill. Thank you again everyone for your input, it is unbelievably helpful in figuring this all out. I am calling my doc first thing in the morning to get this fixed <3
  5. Thank you all for the support. It helps a lot to have other people who have been here give their advice and support. Unfortunately melatonin gives my daughter crazy nightmares so that is a no go. But nightly walks before it gets crazy hot here in the south sounds like a great plan, it is the perfect time for it. And everyone is right, I tried to excuse drinking because it meant I wasn't eating/snacking. But it was one unhealthy addiction for another, neither helping me to become healthy. Now how can I delete this post lol, I feel horrible that there are people who are viewing this who have been sticking to the rules and stalling, not cheating and whining about it.
  6. I would like to start out by saying for the last 4 months I have been known to have a few beers. They don't upset my stomach and sadly, they make me miss food less. I still get that urge to eat until I nearly burst, it makes me feel sleepy and happy (an old feeling) My husband is in Korea and has been since September, I had the surgery in April. I am 100 lbs down and any army wife will understand that it doesn't feel good enough. I have been stalled at 160 for nearly 7 months and haven't been able to shed the last 30 lbs. I suppose I just need some encouragement. I have turned to alcohol to feel 'good' for a minute when I don't get it anywhere else but I understand that I am sabotaging myself ( in my defense my dog just had pups and a $3000 debt incurred) I apologize for asking but what are everyone's opinions? I am on anti-depressants but I am not sure they ate working like they used to. And I took in a 14 yo whose family didn't take care of her, and her and my 5 yo fight like crazy. It is a crazy situation but there is no gym near me that has daycare so I am limited on that front. And my 5 yo is so full of energy she wears me out. It is currently 3 am after a crazy full day and she is still awake! ( in her night light, no tv, story read, quiet room) ANY opinions I would like to hear whether encouraging or otherwise, I will take into consideration and thank you.
  7. I had horrible chest pains but it turned out to be gas bubbles, when something is stuck it is a harder pin-pointed feeling at the top of my chest, the gas bubbles are more general, all over for me. Dr. suggested gas-ex gel caps, I usually poked a hole in it and took it that way to be sure I got all the meds, it's a very minty taste. Sometimes it's better to get bored with eating than to eat until you are full and risk stretching. Full is different for everyone, mine is when I can start to 'feel' my stomach, the tightness in the throat means too much. Regular sized bites just well-chewed all the way. I have a 5 yo, I wouldn't have time to eat like that
  8. congrats. Make sure to get some transition clothes with draw strings and don't get too many clothes now, you will be out of them also before you know it! I know how tempting it is, I am at the same point as you
  9. Very good ideas cinwa I didn't know Fage was good as a dip, I will have to try that now. Just tasted hummus (alone) and wasn't very impressed but as a spread it might be good. Sakura I feel your pain on the salads! I know each doc/nut is different, mine says no straws but I can drink with meals I have to say I tried a deseeded cucumber from a salad the other day and no problems at all My 1 month is today so I will have to let you all know what they say! Thank you for all the ideas, I agree with Cherl I have been doing nothing but cheese, yogurt and chicken for too long, time to change it up some more.
  10. A lot of people even further out have a hard time getting in a 1/2 cup at a sitting, I just had 4 pepperonis with pizza sauce and a bit of mozarella and was full. I also have a hard time w dry food. Chicken and ground turkey is easier to eat and goes down smoother with a little bbq or honey mustard (fat free) My doc also says I can drink while I eat (strange compared to what I've seen on here) Find something to do between bites, it gives more time for the food to work its way down. Im still learning my food limits, just last night I paid for too big a bite of ground turkey 'meatloaf'. You are definitely not alone and shouldn't be embarassed on this site EVER. Surgery is rarely glamorous, especially one that messes with your guts
  11. I have a Sams Club nearby, no CostCo or (sad) Trader Joes. The deli meat doesnt go down well, but I didn't even think of shrimp :0 i love shrimp most fish have been dry but are there any good sauces I can use. I just got Bruschetta today, the World Market asparagus and artichoke one isnt very good. Also tried the beanitos but they take a lot of chewing
  12. You sound like me in the hospital, I posted on this site as soon as I got out of surgery. I was pretty pain free but was on liquid loratab which was gross so I wuit within a couple days out. I am almost a month out (can't believe it) and the pain got a bit worse for about a week, a general ouch and blah feeling. Getting a handle on food was the worst for me, I still get sick if I go too long without eating and when I eat too fast. I just remember saying I feel amazing, then it turned for about a week. all together not too bad and congrats on the surgery
  13. I am one month out soon and am having a hard time finding a decent variety of meals. I have been over eggfaces website but eggs dont agree with me currently . Post your favorite meals, some of my current ones are Turkey pepperoni with a bit of pizza sauce and mozarella nuked for 30 seconds. refried beans from taco bell with a little extra red sauce. and a couple vegetable soups like sirloin and country vegies. Fingers crossed tomorrow I am cleared for fruits and veggies (not just the really soft kind)
  14. I have to say i love this sight. I am 3 weeks out and still cant eat much, i cant wait for salads and MORE options. Im sick of cheese, yogurt, chicken breast and cooked carrots. It seems like thats all I can eat lately. I love that I can get on here and chat with other people who are going through the same thing and can give honestly good advice.
  15. I know for me it is a mixture of emotional/bored eating, over eating, family revolving food and bad genes. Having broth without the surgery is different, you get hunger pains and you have the option to cheat yourself (like with a steak). After surgery you don't have the same old stomach, it will get full with just a little broth. And it's not allowed to cheat (and usually won't have the desire to once you've tried once and dumped) for health reasons. I was nothing but a cheater, this surgery has its ups and downs but I'm almost 3 weeks out and doing well, I don't regret it but I'm not quite to the jumping for Joy stage . I know I will be there though and it will be worth it. my desire to really live life the way ive been missing out made it worth more than another slice of cake (or 3) . I loved me some carbs n sweets